Friday 070817
Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

In honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael McGreevy, 30, of Portville, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28.
With heavy hearts we offer our prayers and condolences to his wife, Laura, and 14-month-old daughter, Molly.
The price of freedom, and its worth, is found in Michael’s passing. The debt owed to Michael and his family can never be repaid but only honored by remembering Michael and remaining free.

Post time to comments.
Weekend Update:
Kettlebell class and Fight Club are scheduled for this weekend but the Olympic Lifting class is canceled.
Bye, Roxanne! It was great having you around. Good luck in school. Come back and visit often.


  • Kevin

    Take care Roxanne. It was great working out with you. Good luck in school. Hopefully we will see you again soon.

  • alex

    It was great to meet you Roxanne, you are definity a bad ass!

  • marisela

    i am very sad that you are leaving, roxanne. that is one less strong female representing crossfitnyc! have fun at school and come visit often.

  • Hey Roxanne take care and have a great semester! And remember it’s pronounced “Wista” even though it’s spelled “Worcester”. LOL Enjoy the bahs (bars), the dags (dogs), and pahties (parties) out there in the pahks (parks). LOL That accent is going to drive you nuts.
    Stay Foxy.

  • Hari

    Bye, Roxanne. Good luck at school!

  • Brett_nyc

    on a tm, btwn 7.5mph-8.5mph
    pr stands at 22:34
    need to get the run times down. body still tired after ice hockey last

  • How are we running the 800 meters at the Box? Are we going to do lengthening and toning exercises Keith? LOL

  • Ewen

    800m is a full lap around the block. Or 1,000m rowing. Or burpies, double-unders, high knees jump rope…
    Endless possibilities of painful fun!

  • Roxanne

    Thank you for all of your best wishes!
    I hope to see some of you tonight at 7!

  • In honor of Greg and the other Michael we’ll do some lengthening and toning.

  • Michael row your boat ashore. Hallelujah!
    3 rounds of
    1000m row
    50 abmat situps
    50 back extensions

  • “this aligns the chakras and helps oxygenate the blood”–LOL, Tyler.
    bye Roxanne, come visit us often!

  • LMAO yo Keith that was hilarious! You think we could get tights and bandanas too?
    Rowing kid! Block running gets annoying going through all those people. And I’m black-God forbid something goes down as I’m turning the corner the cops will think I’m a suspect on foot. Not getting shot for you people!
    Ewen you better be there tonight! You came in clutch last time. At Crossfit, misery really does love company! LOL
    A-half you don’t have this much fun at Globo Gym do you?

  • alex

    Tyler, I can hardly move my arms today, no rowing for me. I will run!
    Greg you are funny, why did you wuss out yesterday? It was just me and Hari pushing through.

  • Hey Alex I didn’t wuss out. Had a date. LOL What’s the point of killing myself if you can’t show the results off to anyone? LOL
    I’ll be there tonight to tough it out again.

  • marisela

    with deadlifts
    plus i did a 5k this morning
    my hammy’s are like rocks.
    felt better than yesterday.
    good times
    makin memories

  • 31:36, as rx’d, including dodging the requisite pedestrian contingent. damn that GHD machine is torture. made the running and the situps seem like nothing in comparison.
    greg, so how’d that date go? did you “get some, go again”?

  • Hey Allison! What’s good girl? When are you and Marisela going out salsa dancing? Plan B in the Village on Wednesday is the spot and so is Tavern on the Green on Mondays. Check them out-especially on days when you don’t do GH or squats lol.
    Date was fun; didn’t get some per say but got enough “attention” to call again for another date. LOL.
    With Roxanne leaving we need to replenish another hottie in the gym. What are you people doing about this!!!!!

  • sarena

    Marisela–thats hilarious–not deadliftsn good mornings w 45#bar!
    WOD x3
    1000m row
    50 abmat situps
    50back xtensions (1st two GHD, last rnd GMs w 45# bar)
    Had fun after, will post pics later

  • Hari

    21:40 (PR) treadmill (9.0, 8.8, 8.5)

  • marisela

    oops. yea, i meant that other torturous leg thing. i have forgotten what due to the pain in them

  • sarena

    OK here’s the link for the post workout fun pics from today:
    Oh and Derek–we are all watching and making sure you are doing those asst hamstring stretches! Really now man–you gotta do them! Your face is torturous to watch when you squat or do back extensions etc

  • Greg, as one of the trainers at the gym, I’m always looking to add more members to CFNYC, be they female or male, hottie or not. I keep asking the women who HAVE joined how they heard about us so I can work at increasing the female contingent. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can do my part to get more women members, please suggest away.
    Sarena, thanks for posting and taking those pics, they’re awesome! Glad I could inspire you to hang upside down, too.

  • OMG I think I got pregnant just watching this video:

  • sarena

    Allison, that was awesome! But my youngest weighs abt the same as me! I dont think I can….
    Yeah and I was glad he had a spot for those pullups. It nearly looked like the kid was gonna fall out a few times. Thankfully they showed him zipped in tight later! Oh and the toddler really had fun too.

  • alex

    1000 single jumps as a sub for the run
    50 sit ups
    50 good mornings
    ok now my whole body hurts, I may never recover from Murph.

  • adam

    I thought I was going to be dead for this workout since I had an exam this morning and barely slept. Roxanne woke me from a nap to come to the 7:00 class.
    Three rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters (sub 100 Double Unders)
    50 Back Extensions
    50 Sit-ups
    Finished in 23:00 and some change, not exactly sure how much. Roxanne and I will try to make it to the morning class tomorrow but, if not, I’m on break for another two weeks so I’ll see everybody then. I’m going to be training even harder at home so beware when I come back!

  • Roxanne

    Did Michael: 32:15
    1000 single jumps
    50 back extentions
    50 sit-ups
    2 X’s:
    800m run
    50 back extentions
    50 sit-ups
    Should have done the run the first round because 1000 single jumps was not fun and time consuming!
    I had a fun workout though with Court in my face with the camera:)!
    Again thank you for all of your wishes and I will miss everyone. Will definitely visit sometime near in the future!

  • Kevin

    3 rounds for time:
    800m run subbed 100 double unders
    GHD situps
    GHD back extensions.
    Had flashbacks of Monday’s 50-40-30-20-10 workout with the GHD situps and extensions. Big thanks to Adam and Greg for pushing me to get through this. Unfortunately my DU’s stunk again. Amazing how doing certain exercises before or after DU’s affects them so greatly. Wheels are fatigued.

  • Maximus

    18:38 as rx’d

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