Dating Sage

Wednesday 070815
“Dating Sage”
Five rounds for time of:
95-pound Snatch, 10 reps
15 Pull-ups
75-pound Thruster, 20 reps

Post time to comments.
This workout is named after Coach Mike’s daughter. It first showed up May 2, 2005. I’ve always wanted to try it. As it requires 2 barbells, if there are too many people we will modify it so the snatches and thrusters are the same weight or perhaps use kettlebells for the thrusters. Enjoy!
This is Sage after she tried the workout.


  • this is the single greatest crossfit resource i’ve ever seen:
    on the menus below, select combat fitness program, then exercises, then pick any exercise. clicking on the whistle icon produces a video of greg glassman giving step-by-step of all the major crossfit exercises, with demonstrations by nicole carroll and some dude i don’t recognize. i watched most of them tonight. SO. AWESOME. god, please don’t let the canadian army get pissed about all the bandwidth we’re eating up and take this down.

  • and if you click on the dry erase marker icon you can also see a bunch of short glassman lectures on a variety of topics. the guy’s kind of a genius.

  • Wow! Thanks, Dammit!

  • I’m not going to ask how you found this, but it’s pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Whew! Brian and I were the only early birds today.
    I decided we’d both do 75# on Snatches & Thrusters. That was a good idea in hindsight.
    Brian 28:28
    Keith 28:46

  • Justin

    Great site Dammit, thanks for posting it…

  • posted some new pics.
    someone please fix the blackbox pic, it came out way dark.
    I wanna get on that affiliate site.
    fun as hell to do though, best part was that none of the marines wanted to follow me and said i was insane for even trying.
    ooh-rah crossfit.
    see everyone on sunday

  • alex

    Wow damnit. I love it. I am in the process of printing everything i can, i will make copies for BOX.

  • Brett_nyc

    Great find Dammit. The warm up video is really good.

  • Damn what kind of father makes a workout that destroys his daughter than names it after her for all the world to see? This is why men like Keith and Mike shouldn’t have kids. LOL.
    See you guys later today.

  • marisela

    notice “batman” that the workout is called “dating sage”. i’m pretty sure this was his warning to her not to date anyone, ever. not to mention his warning to her suitors.
    i’m not looking forward to this. just try to remember, keith, that according to your own words, i am injured and shouldn’t be lifting heavy πŸ™‚

  • juan, so glad to hear you’ll be back on Sunday. i took that handstand pic and cleaned up the lighting. check it here:
    do you want me to submit it to HQ or do you want to? lemme know…

  • Marisela, I wouldn’t even take Sage out for ice cream after reading that! LOL. By the way, congrats on the performance. What kind of music do you sing?
    A-half good seeing you. Still got love for ya even though I ran into you on your way home from Globo Gym! Do they pay you in cash or children’s souls?!

  • Paul S

    Great find Dammit.
    Btw, thanks Mike. People at work are horrified by my hands. They’re beat red and covered in new skin.
    Last night, 200 kettlebell snatches with 24kg — 16:50.

  • Kevin

    Thats a great pic Juan! Looks amazing over there.
    Glad you’ll be back soon.

  • alex

    Hey Tyler, I have a question, if you watch this link, Nicole is looking up during her deadlift but i though we should look down the horizon. What is correct?

  • Alex
    IMHO, the head up position is a corrective measure to get people to arch their backs. If and when you are able to maintain a solid back position you should strive to keep your entire spine in its anatomical position and have the chin down.
    Generally the chin/eyes down, pulls the spine out of arch unless you are vigilant.

  • yeah juan g! glad to hear you’ll be home soon.

  • you think sage scaled this??

  • gotta love the workouts in which the pull-ups are the rest period.

  • Dan DeF

    Juan, awesome pix! Can’t wait to see it on the mothership WOD page! Get home safe and soon.
    5 rounds
    75 lb snatch x 10
    Pullups x 15
    75 lb thrusters x 20
    Which means Dammit should be shooting for a sub 20…. unless I’ve finally caught you…..
    It’s good for me and I love it!

  • As a matter of fact Sage did scale it. If you search the main website for “dating sage” you’ll find a couple of threads about the workout and how Sage and Cody both did the workout. I think she was 15 when she did the workout. Cruel. I think the Burgener boys did the workout with 50kg snatches.

  • Justin

    So according to the 2nd link, we are doing power snatches? And I really cant wait to do this tonight.

  • sarena

    Rest day WOD: the bourne ultimatum
    For time: forgot stopwatch, approx 1:45

  • Brian D.

    I can’t safely do snatches in my home or room so I did a buttload of KB snatches with my 1 and 1.5 pood (3×8 l/r with each bell), deadhang pullups (4×10), and swing (3x20sec w/1.5 pood). A few minutes later I got bored so I did some OHS… and taped it. Here’s the product.

  • sarena

    Juan great pics–glad to hear you come back already Sunday!
    Wow, Brian strong work in tight quarters!

  • marisela

    as rx’d
    whose the man now dawg?
    40lb snatch and thruster
    jumping pullups
    let’s see who is really reading πŸ™‚
    this was fun. nice job everyone in the noon class. allison, you make me want to be a better woman!
    i think i’m getting stronger

  • as rx’d, 28 minutes. my gym down here doesn’t have bumpers, just those iron 25lbs plates, so while during the first few sets i was careful to lower the bar to mid-shin height, have a clean second pull, etc, by the fourth set i was just ripping it right off the floor, getting it up there by any means necessary. tough stuff!

  • used 42# as i’m not super-confident in my snatching abilities and still worried about my lower back. did it sub-30 (i think it was 29:48?) and was extremely happy when it was over. never looked forward to kipping as much as i did with today’s WOD.
    marisela, glad to be an inspiration.
    brian d., you’re my inspiration with those 95# OHS’s (and with a clean grip? WTF?). beautiful. now clean your room young man!

  • hey guys, our fellow CrossFit affiliate out in Ann Arbor, Michigan–HyperfitUSA, got nominated for best gym in Detroit. Vote for them here (it’s easy):
    I got to do my level 1 CrossFit cert out there and let me tell you, that’s one big, beautiful place of CrossFit wondrousness.

  • Dan deF

    Dammit Dammit!!!!! My slightly faster time is skewed by your doing snatches with 95 lbs vs all of us at the box using 75 lbs.
    Props to the Kipping Queen Allison tearing up the pull up portion of this workout, and to Rob, Marisela,and the other guy (sorry I missed you name) for gritting out this beast of a workout, and to Keith for chosing this WOD.

  • jeez, awesome work, brian d. good to know we have someone who can take down nicole carroll in a head-to-head OHS-off.

  • yeah, and that’s after he did a shitload of other work. next time, brian, make a video of OHS’s when you’re fresh and see how many you can get. i have a feeling it’ll be a long video.

  • Brian D.

    Yeah, I’ll make a vid of me doing those fresh sometime; I have a feeling I’ll bang out God-knows-how-many reps. I do want to go head to head with Nicole tho, just to see who can win. I’m also going to make a vid of me snatching 95lbs with the clean grip as soon as I can do it. That’ll be an accomplishment for me.

  • Justin

    30:58 with 75lbs. for both… I didnt think my body was ever going to cool down.

  • Ewen

    30:08 with 75# snatches. Pretty brutal. 3 torn calluses.
    Great work everyone tonight!
    PS: Don’t hate me Greg, it was for your own good. I swear.

  • A2

    Used one bar with 60# for the snatches and thrusters. Only had enough time to get through 3 rounds because I had to go back to WORK ug.. 15 minutes
    BAd news from the globo gym- got hit on by 5 men in 2 hours. One of them was one of the freaks I used to work with on the floor back in the day. Tried to avoid him so he went to my boss and set up an appointment with me. Jerk.
    I’m already being teased.
    I have a feeling I’m not going to get any clients. Just a lot of phone numbers.

  • A2

    Awwwww Sh!t Its MURPH! Wish I could do this at the box. Don’t think I can make it through alone

  • Brian D.

    Hrm… Trying to think of a place where I can do pullups at the track. Maybe I can try the booth nearby. Gonna have to push myself to beat my time without anyone around me.

  • Kevin

    Great work Brian!! Kicking ass on the OHS! I have a lot of work to do.

  • juan g.

    I would so date sage.
    thanks for fixin the pic Allison.
    send it in for me..

  • A Crossfit Fairy tale.
    One day Little Boy Black left his home of Couchland in search of the fair maiden Sage. He had heard many stories of her beauty and went on a quest to make her his wife. Along the way, Little Boy Black ran into a seemingly kind little Hobbit named Josh. Josh told Little Black where he could find Sage. Elated, LLB followed the hobbit to a place called “The Black Box”.
    Once at the Black Box, the nice hobbit let out a sinister cackle! He transformed in an evil 135lb gnome with clicking red shoes! He chained poor LBB to a bar and said “Sage isn’t a woman-it’s a hideous 3-headed beast!β€šΓ„ΓΉ 1st was called Snatch. The second head was named Pull-ups, and the 3rd most fearsome was called Thruster. The evil gnome Josh told LLB that he could never return to Couchland unless he survived Sage. He took out a rusty stopwatch and screamed in shrill voice “Get some!” LLB had heart and attack Sage with all his might but soon the beast proved too much. He knew he’d never go home. This made him very sad.
    As his vision blurred and his calluses began to rip open, he also felt a new & terrible pain in his stomach. Another demon was at the Box! It was called Puke the Clown! He could hear his evil laughter in his stomach every time he fought Thruster. Few pple escaped his menacing clutches. All was lost for Little Boy Black. πŸ™
    Suddenly a white knight named Ewen appeared. He told LLB (in a rather cool accent) “You can do this Little Black-break it up in sets!” And so he did. With Ewen counting w/ him, he escaped Sage 38:05 later. The evil gnome Josh with the clicking red shoes stomped up in down in anger! LLB thanked Ewen, and hobbled out of the Black Box. He swore an oath that if he ever came across any woman named Sage he would split her fo’head with a KB (16kg of course).
    Little Boy Black was so happy to be home back in Couchland. As he drank the nectar of his home (Gatorade), he felt that pain in his stomach again, and that’s when he knew the frightening truth. That even if he escaped Sage, and the evil gnome with the clicking red shoes, Puke the Clown would always be around.
    Watching. Waiting.
    Little Boy Black wept until he feel asleep.
    The End?

  • Brian D.

    Xavier writing at it’s finest!

  • Damn, Greg. That was some funny shit. πŸ™‚

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  • We just went on a Date with Sage here @ Crossfit Cedar Park. Man, she sucks. I used the Rx weight of 95lb snatches and 75lb thrusters. It took me just over 33 minutes and I had to take resting on the floor breaks. Probably one of the toughest WODs I have done since starting crossfit.

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