Takin’ It Easy

Tuesday 070814
Run 5 K

Post time to comments.
Compare to 070804.


  • Paul S

    Any word on what kind of fun is going on at the Box today?

  • Rowed 5k

  • The usual lengthening and toning type workout, Paul.

  • Brett_nyc

    I smell a Total after the rest day.

  • A2

    My gosh- If I hear another person say they want to “tone up” I’m going to kill myself. The first thing people do when they talk to me is start pinching their fat saying look at this, how do I get rid of this gross fat RIGHT HERE.
    Who knows where I can get a set of rings and some bands? A few trainers have them at the gym but I don’t like to share. It’s an only child thing.

  • Sup A2,
    I got my rings at ringtraining.com (http://ringtraining.com/store/eliterings.html) Good set. And go to performbetter.com for bands.
    And I am sure Keith was being facetious with Paul. People don’t come to Crossfit to tone-they come to suffer. LOL Toning and muscle building are nice byproducts of that. Get some!

  • Hari

    Is it true you’ve gone over to the Dark Side?
    If so, then technically don’t you need to change your name to A-Zero?

  • no, now she can be bizarro-a.
    ugh, i feel like somebody punched me in the gut over and over :(. that was madness yesterday, MADNESS i tell you!
    wah wah wahhhhhhhhh

  • Hari

    A few weeks ago, I did 50 L-pullups and 60 GH Situps in 20 minutes. Yesterdays WOD was 3 times as many pullups, 2.5 times as many GH Situps, plus 150 back extentions and 150 double unders (I can’t do any double unders). I was figuring 75 minutes.
    For some reason, after I did those calculations, I fell back asleep.

  • Dammit is in pain!?? LOL Wow I am so glad that I missed it then. If one of our elite is suffering like that, then a foot soldier like myself would have needed triage!
    I am really scared about what’s going to happen manana if today is a “rest day”. It’s more like the calm before the storm.

  • Greg, I keep telling you we are lengthening and toning. 🙂

  • LOL Whatever MF! Save that BS for the doe-eyed women you teach at your Yoga class man! You’re like Kaiser Soze-you come off as an talkative irritating gimp but what you really are is a mean talkative irritating trainer. LOL.

  • Justin

    Yeah, Im just starting to feel normal after last night (thank god for lunch). When the alarm went off this AM, I felt like the mom from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, as it was hard to move my ass off the bed.

  • sarena

    50 40 30 20 10
    J pullups
    J ring dips
    25# med ball cleans
    Wow that was tuff–mostly the cleans! The pu and dip stuff is happening a lot easier and smoother these days!

  • marisela

    this morning i felt like i had been hit in the head with a shovel, gargled with sand paper, been hit in the stomach with those thorned metal balls on chains from mideval times and shreaded my hammys with a chainsaw…then i remembered the nightnmare wasn’t a dream. hell for a workout, then singing for 3 hours. thanx for coming allison.
    no thanx to keith for the torture.
    had ring-dings as my reward

  • Marisela, you were great last night. Next time I expect to see some fellow crossfitters there, too. (I know A2 wanted to come but she had to go work at Evil Globo Gym at 6am this morning.) If any of you haven’t heard Marisela sing, check out her myspace page:
    Though it doesn’t even do her justice–she’s amazing live.

  • chad c

    a long, toned, first-ever 5000k row took me 19:36

  • chad c

    um, 5k
    so much for those math skills court…

  • Dave C

    Hey All,
    I got a question for anybody who’s knowledgeable about kettlebells. I’d like to buy one (or two) to use at home, but I’m not sure which brands are good in terms of quality, price, and whatever other factors are important to consider. I’ve heard of Dragon Door, Lifeline, Kettlebell Concepts, Power Max, and Power Systems, but I’d like to hear your opinions about them or any others you know of.
    Please email me at dcnyc7@yahoo.com or post on the message board (in case anybody else has the same question).

  • nickbear

    just buy them direct from GymSource. you will save tons. I just bought a 55# KB for $65.00. talk about a deal.

  • Justin

    5k row in 19:58… Still sore from yesterday and this didnt help.

  • Dave C

    Also, does anybody have the travel WOD’s that Sarena sent out a while ago? I’d really appreciate it if you would forward them to me. My email address is dcnyc7@yahoo.com

  • Hari

    24:12 treadmill (PR)

  • Kevin

    5k row 20:31
    Good job today guys. Mikes 200 snatch workout looked like fun but I was already pretty beat from the row. I definitely need a rest day.

  • sarena

    Dave–the travel wods are on their way!