Sunday 080812
135 pound Clean and Jerk, 30 reps
Use 95 pounds, 65 pounds or broomstick as needed and post time and load to comments.

Looks like this will be the focus of the olympic lifting class tomorrow as well as the WOD.


  • A2

    Did this the other day but I posted the wrong weight. I used #75 for a warm up to practice form in a mirror. Used 80# for the workout
    4:45 I always regret resting so long once I’m finished. Someone said on the main site that lots of people can get sub 2min on this! Crazy!

  • Tyler Durden

    I always knew you’d be lured away by a gym with mirrors. BTW, doing olympic lifting in front of the mirror is the worst thing you can do for your form, but if that’s the way they teach you at equinox…enjoy.
    Look at the scores. I have yet to see a sub 2min as Rx’d. People say a lot of things. 4:45 is a great time. I would have made you use 95# though.

  • Brett_nyc

    swam .5 miles today in ~24 min on a 33′ pool.
    I’m pooped

  • Hari

    6:46 Sub 95 lbs.
    This was the first WOD I did at CrossFit NYC, back at Five Points in June of last year. It has not shown up again until today.
    I had been going to the gym 6 days per week without fail for the previous six months, so in theory, I was not a complete wreck, although Josh remembers it differently. He tells me that a heart attack was a near certainty, and my never returning was an absolute given.
    It is interesting to compare the difference between then (7:30 and 55 lbs) and today (6:46 and 95 lbs).
    Using Power = Force x Distance / Time, my power output has increased 91% in just over one year.

  • sarena

    5:39 w/ 62# as per Mike!
    Great group/awesome fun tday!
    Will post pics of post class box jumps and pushup fun!!

  • Adam

    135lbs in 4:33
    I should’ve pushed my self harder but I wasn’t quite awake yet. We all had lot’s of fun afterwards though. see you guys tomorrow

  • Roxanne

    62# in 4:53
    Probably could have done more weight, however this is the first time I have done Grace. My guns are getting stronger since I’ve started crossfit!
    Always room for improvement!
    Had fun watching you guys do box jumps and varying push-ups!
    Enjoy the weather today; its gorgeous outside!
    See ya’ll tomorrow!:)

  • Kevin

    BW 165
    As rx’ed
    135lbs in 6:39 or 6:36 I cant remember
    This kicked my ass today. Didn’t help that my push jerks suck big time. I don’t get enough drive on my first dip. Resorted to a pseudo press- jerk after a while. Not pretty but got it done.
    Great job everyone! Awesome work Adam . You really powered through this WOD. The after WOD stuff was a blast. Thanks for the Oly class Keith. That helps big time. Will definitely do those everyday as part of my warm up.

  • Tyler Durden

    The Oly class today did Sotz Presses, Snatch Balances and Heaving Snatch Balances.
    Thanks to Kevin I got to do Grace. As Rx’d 6:17. Not as competitive as I would have liked. :(
    Kevin and I took a walk down to Pier 40 today and watched the Trapeze School do their thing. This will definitely be a Black Box outing soon. Let us know if you’re interested.

  • rob

    I was just talking about the Trapeze School with some people from work the other day. I’m definetly interested.

  • Allison

    I’ve been wanting to do the trapeze thing for the past year, and now that I’ve gotten stronger in my upper body, I’m totally ready to try it. Definitely count me in.

  • juan g.

    “A2 I always knew you’d be lured away by a gym with mirrors.”

  • sarena

    Have been wanting to do it for a while since I met one of the guides there! Count me in as well pls!

  • Allan E

    Hari — congrats on your 91% bump! I’m an admirer of the methodical way you attack this stuff…. break it down!

  • Hari

    Thanks, Allan.

  • Maximus

    I’m going to be out for the Labor Day weekend, maybe teach a class or two, definitely train with you fine folks again, so I figured I would post.
    Grace: 5:59 as rx’d

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