The Horror. The Horror.

Wednesday 070801
For time:
50 Ring Dips
Run 400 meters
50 Push-ups
Run 400 meters
50 Handstand push-ups
Run 400 meters
Push-ups are honest push-ups. Handstand push-ups are “nose to floor”.
Post time to comments.


  • alex

    What? No freaking way!
    Honestly, are they trying to kill us? See you tomorrow!

  • rob

    Some sort of twisted J.T.

  • Justin

    Dear Coach G,
    Did the crossfit nation piss in your cheerios?

  • Denise

    Man, i wish i hadn’t taken today off – now there’s no way out of tomorrow:-P

  • This sounds worth trying: sock “sleeves” for high-rep kettlebell training:

  • michael

    alex that comment sould be the tag line for the gym…

  • sarena

    Well I didnt do todays WOD since my grip is fried and tomorrow is my rest day. I am so sorry!

  • sarena

    Well I didnt do todays WOD (although I did do the KB hell) since my grip is fried and tomorrow is my rest day. I am so sorry!

  • Great post on the AgainFaster CrossFit blog:

  • sarena

    Allison, thanks for posting that article. It is great!

  • Dan DeF

    I’m listening for the Box Subs for this one…..

  • Nick P

    Another use for socks on my hands? Who would have seen that one coming?

  • Nick P

    Was researching and found this great flick for all those with pull up blues. Inspiration Canuck style:

  • marisela

    here’s a funny story about weakness:
    i went tonight to see “i know who killed me” (you know, the new lindsay lohan movie) at my good friends request. i’m not kidding, we were MAYBE 15 minutes into the movie (there is a bit of gore in it including digit removal and amputated limbs) and my friend got up, ran to the stairs and fainted before she could get out of the theater. apparently she has always been a bit squeamish about hospitals and needles.
    thought she might have told me this before we went to see a horror film.
    she is okay, mostly embarrassed but it reminded me that some people’s weakness’ are not musclar. i think we are all lucky to be so strong in the brain that we can even consider handling crossfit.
    go get ’em everyone!!

  • Hari

    29:27 HSPU’s were head to pad 4 inches from floor

  • alex

    I see burpies in my future!

  • Kevin

    Todays WOD
    Really PO’d cause I had a good time and then my handstand pushups took over half of my total time. Reps were mostly singles with 2 reps thrown in for good measure. All nose to floor and I think I paid the price for that, since my last 10 reps were mostly negatives with a half pushup on the upwards movement. Great job this morning everyone! Awesome time Brian.

  • A2

    I just watched the the video of the day on the CF site. Did anyone notice the 2nd place finishers kip? I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it. Maybe it just looked different because it was shot from the back.

  • jacinto

    let’s stop the buuuull s..ting and let’s do it. GET SOME.

  • Dan DeF

    As rx with all runs outside. 30 even.
    I feel Kevin’s pain. I was rolling until HSPU. This was really two workouts: HSPU and everything else.
    Can someone buy Marisela a map?

  • A2, I noticed that as well. His kipping style IS different. He doesn’t “push away” at the top like we’re coached to do. But as he finished in 2nd place, it goes to show that if it works for you and isn’t dangerous and still within the parameters of what’s allowed in competition, then go for it.

  • michael

    wait kevin, you did 50 dips, 50 push-ups and 2 400m sprints in 10 minutes??? holy crap!

  • michelle

    Kevin u r my hero. i did like 6 negatives today and it took me forever. and keith had to explain to me that they were negatives and not actual dips. 🙁

  • Yoon

    On a side note, the Connecticut Open Olympic Weightlifting Championship on Sunday, August 5th is being webcast this year:
    There should be some good lifting (watch for Matt Rue, Ericka Dice, Gary Valentine, etc.) As an added bonus, you can watch me possibly fold into two pieces under a heavy lift…in real time!!

  • Greg aka The Dark Knight

    Yo Kevin the Myth you did not finish that workout in 10 minutes? WTF? My hero! Do you even need to come to crossfit anymore at this point? LOL

  • Paul S

    I think the guy who got second has the Fran record — and if you watch the video for Fran (Brett Marshall) you see from the side how he sort of “snakes” up and down — pretty cool and seems efficient (and obviously fast).
    This workout is goona suck b/c I can barely do HSPUs. I think I can do 3 in a row, when I’m fresh!

  • OMFG!!! The pain is unreal. I did the easy version with 100 jumping ring dips, 50 Honest Pushups, 50 band-assisted HSPU and 500m rows. 26:22
    I can’t believe how much it sucked.
    Hats off to those that did it as Rx’d. I’m not there yet.

  • A2

    I can’t come in to do the workout. What can I sub for the ring dips?How can I measure the run/

  • 50 ring dips
    400m run (treadmill, 11mph, 1% incline)
    50 push-ups
    400m run (treadmill, 11mph, 1% incline)
    5 hspu
    30 hspu self-assisted on power rack
    15 hspu negatives
    400m run (treadmill, 11.5mph, 1% incline)
    time: 19min
    i’m with kevin, my split after the second 400m run was 10 min. the hspu were just ridiculous. i haven’t been working on them lately, and it really showed.

  • i actually felt unsafe trying to finish them, i was starting to come on my head pretty hard doing the negatives.

  • screech, you can use this
    to figure out a 400m run in your area. in manhattan, up and down on crosstown block is approx. 400m.
    for the ring dips you could sub diamond push-ups (index fingers and thumbs touching to make a diamond underneath your solar plexus) or bench dips.

  • marisela

    100 jumping ring dips
    50 bag/box incline pushups
    50 modified hspu’s
    with the runs and i happened to go too far on the first run. i think i did double (800m) so i’m hoping my time was a little less than this in reality
    great class today all. it is inspiring to watch you work out sarah! you are the fitness level i wanna be when i grow up!
    dan and rob, you rocked! doing the hardest actual workouts in class today. it would have taken me two weeks to finish at your level.
    (i think i’m getting stronger)

  • Dan L.

    Made up yesterday’s WOD today @ East River. As RX’ed with the running.
    Good splits on the running, but the pull ups after the first set of L’s finished me off. 28:17.

  • A2
    I’d vote for bench dips if you can’t find rings or a set of parallel bars. Or put yourself between two chairs or tables. I wouldn’t do diamond pushups because one of the joys of this workout is to do pushups around 180 degrees: body upright, horizontal then upside down. Coach is a big fan of that.

  • A2

    That means I’ll have to walk to the park so I can have a bench to do the dips. I should do 100 right?

  • A2

    Dammit I tried to figure out how to use that site but finally gave up ater 15 minutes. Grrrr.. I’m just going to run around the block.

  • Denise

    Keith — I’m going to try this on my own in/around Riverside Park/70s/80s/90s. Is there a good place where I can find a sub for the ring dips and some configuation for the HSPUs?

  • marisela

    A2-a 400m run should average you, if you are running fast, 2:00; slow, 2:30. i you can’t make out exact distance, go for time the first run then do the same distance the next. do “out and back” timing, which means out for 1:02 and back for 1:02 and do that same distance every time (going for a little bit better time, of course) this will give you an idea of what 400m should feel like
    fun fun run in the hot hot sun!!

  • Nick P

    This is a quick and easy site to calculate your runs Hope it works for ya. It helps to get a 100 meter walking pace count. Map 100 meters then walk it, counting each time your left foot hits the pavement. Use a normal stride every time. My 100 meter Pace is 60 steps counting the left foot.

  • screech, all you’ve got to do is type in an address and hit the “+” button to zoom in as necessary. hit “start recording”, double click at any point on the map, and then double click again some distance away. a ling will be drawn between the two points, and it’ll give you the distance.

  • marisela

    seriously, time is easier. pick me pick me pick me!!!

  • A2

    Started out running because I had to go to the park anyway. That took me about 2:30 so I decided to match that for the other 2 rounds. Probably a little more than 400m but whatever.
    Nothing at the park to use for jumping dips so I did 100 park bench dips. Ouch.
    50 pushups chest to the floor 5 sets of 10
    Put my feet on the park bench which is knee level for the HSPU. I wanted to switch to the curb after the first 10 but I heard Keiths voice telling me to finish the way I started.
    Ran home for the hell of it

  • Captain Willard

    “Everyone gets everything he wants. I wanted a WOD, and for my sins they gave me one. Brought it up to me like room service.”
    The Horror. The Horror.

  • SheRa Princess of Power

    Keith, are you going to the IFL event tomorrow night?

  • Michael

    First WOD in awhile.
    Did my last 6 dips as 12 jump-dips
    HSPU on the box.
    Sorely tempted by the Mister Softee truck on the last round but didn’t want to break 23.
    Two apologies;
    grabbed a water mid-WOD, left w/o paying. Will do so tomorrow.
    worse: forgot to GI after myself so there is 1/2 used bottle lying around. Apologies Keith.
    Damn elbow acted up during the shoulder dislocates, sucks this takes so long.
    Oh, doing my first 5K ever, in about 1/2 an hour.

  • alex

    Damn i didnt read the whole thing. I will be honored to try complete it!

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  • Justin

    24:25… Was going good until those damn HSPUs. Did the first 5, then did 10 negatives. Then had to switch back and forth between negatives and ass-up off the box. Took me 10 mins to finish them, and my shoulders are still on fire.

  • Michael

    added in a 5K and a 200m sprint afterwards. my first 5k so a week proud. I thought I had 300m or so left and let loose all out, however I had 1500m or so (wrong bend) and tanked before the end.

  • Ewen

    This sucked. I sucked. Thanks everyone for waiting around (and pointing and laughing) while I finished this abomination of a WOD.

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