New Beginners’ Policy / Class Schedule as of August 2007

If the 7pm classes fill up, we’ll add 8pm classes. If they don’t fill up, then we’ll keep it at one WOD class in the evenings.
Beginners can keep taking Beginners classes as long as they want for free before and during the Elements workshops. After the Elements workshops, beginners need to go to WOD or privates, depending on what they’re ready for after that first month of training and learning. WOD classes are off-limits to beginners, even if they’ve been in WOD classes until now. If you haven’t done a CrossFit Total yet, then it’s Elements and Beginners’ classes only until the month-long Elements classes have been completed at the very least.
If you are considering joining or have recently joined and are still at the beginner level, you need to sign up for the month-long Elements workshop. (Alternatively, you may sign up for private Elements sessions if you cannot make the scheduled classes and/or prefer one-on-one training). To sign up, do not say so in the comments below; rather, please contact Keith Wittenstein (, Court Wing ( and/or Allison Bojarski ( Thanks!


  • Instead of two different classes at 6 p.m., wouldn’t it make sense to have one in the morning and one in the evening? There’s no way I could make a 6 p.m. class, unfortunately.

  • Lisa

    Curious to see what Beginner looks like. Not sure I even hit that level. So sad. Shut up, Keith or next time I’m falling on you.

  • hey everybody–just realized I neglected to put Fight Club onto the schedule. Will need to fix that. For anyone who doesn’t already know, Fight Club meets on Saturdays from 1-2pm and is taught by Dammit and Dan O. Fight Club covers Muay Thai kickboxing technique and requires membership in CrossFit NYC. It is not a drop-in class.

  • Also Fight Club has dues in the realm of $50 per head.

  • I want to come back too, but there’s no way I can make 6pm.

  • Gene

    Does anyone know if the 8AM Elements classes next month(September) is still a go?

  • Brian

    6pm beginners classes are also impossible for me as well since that’s when I leave work. Any chance of doing them at 6am or 8pm? 8am would even be better if not pushing it for me to get to work….

  • Should the schedule read 7 pm for the beginners class on Mondays and Fridays?

  • julie

    who teaches Mondays WOD at 12:30? just curious, JM

  • Josh

    I am headed to NYC for work this weekend and next week, and have to report for work early. Any chance you guys have a really early class (prior to 7am)?

  • Jeanette

    Does anyone know if tonights WOD class is at 6pm or 7pm. Thought I heard 6 at last class.

  • Gabe Valencia

    I wanted to inquire about using Pay Pal for the next Elements Series in November; the only payment option I saw was for the monthly membership. Thx