Olympic Lifting class is cancelled today.

Due to a scheduling issue, the OL class is temporarily canceled for the day (regular WOD classes on schedule). Come back next week Sunday to get some more!


  • A2

    Hey All,
    I want a pull up bar in my apartment. I had one in a doorway when I was a kid but I was a lot lighter at that point.
    Who knows where I can buy one, how to install it, how much weight they can support..blah, blah, blah.
    Needed to catch up on the sleep I missed Friday night so couldn’t get to the Box today. It’s too hot for running anway,,
    I’m going to do my ‘can’t make it to the box workout before it starts raining..
    21, 15, 9 waking lunges, squats, burpees

  • adam

    As Rx’d with a run to Havanna’s and the stairs
    I was only 14 seconds shy of your time Kevin! But great job still. I followed that up with yesterday’s WOD and did 6 rounds even. Ouch!
    Roxanne did the WOD as Rx’d with the same run in:
    She also followed it with yesterday’s WOD subbing band pull-ups and sit-ups with an ab mat and did 6 rounds even too.
    Great work this morning Kevin and Alex!

  • marisela

    too hot to run my ass!!!
    i did 11 miles this morning.
    1:40:00 was going for time
    thats what the sweat is for, so you don’t get too hot 🙂

  • Kevin

    Todays WOD as rx’d
    Yesterdays Wod as Rx’d
    10 rounds
    Great job Adam and Roxanne you guys were awesome. It was great gutting out todays WOD with you alex!! You kicked ass on the rower.
    Those stairs killed me. I was hoping for better times on my running but going down the stairs(slowly) and dragging ass up the stairs slowed me down big time.

  • A2
    I recommend going to amazon.com and searching for chin up bars. I got an everlast for $20. I screwed it into the doorframe and it supports me fine. No kipping but good for dead hangs and Ls.

  • Paul S

    Started with a 2 mile run to the track near my parent’s house. WOD as Rx’d in 12:06. Wasn’t feeling it today. My whole body is still creeky from Friday’s WOD. Finished with a 1.5 mile trail run back home.

  • sarena

    Continued awesome tday. Coach Mike B here as well. Was demo girl for both bench press and power clean. You”ll see me on CF videos.
    Oh and both Coach Rip and Coach Mike said I learn well and am coachable. Eat it Mr Durden!!
    What an awesome opportunity for anyone to experience –both a reg cert and.a specialized one with only 18 trainees–incl some of the best in county.
    Will try to post pics tnight to my flickr acct
    But that will be aft dinner wtih Rip and only CA time!!

  • Hari

    15:40 as RX’d
    (using treadmill, 9.0, 9.0, 9.0, 8.5, 8.0)
    I was sure this would be easy, but it was absolutely brutal.

  • alex

    It looked simple on paper, but of course when you’re actually doing it, thats another story!
    17:53 doing 500 meters on the rower and superman’s on the floor!
    Great job Kevin, Adam, Roxanne and Mike!

  • Court

    Nice work, Sarena! Enjoy your time away, give everyone there our best from CFNYC.

  • sarena

    Wow cert is over. Never did i learn so much and accomplish so much in e days!! Post cert i got some mjr PRs– 10# on my SP fm 70# to 80# and a rope climb too!! Also learnt to kip. Not all the way up to bar but just about!!
    See y’all tues. Will try to post the pics later

  • michelle

    16:20 using treadmill and supermans on floor. kepts kicking some girl off the treadmill bc there were only two and i left mine running. i was like that is MY treadmill get OFF i am not DONE!!! i am DONE when it STOPS MOVING.

  • Court

    Hey A2,
    I have a door pullup system that I’m not using, so you can use it on “indefinite loan”. It won’t work on the doorways in my apartment but it will in standard ones, so give it a try. I’ll bring it to the Box if you like.

  • A2

    That would be awesome Court. I would really appreciate the loan and I’ll make sure to get it back to you. Thank you so much! 🙂

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