Get Up. Stand Up.

As many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of:
5 Turkish Get Ups each arm
10 KB Snatches each arm
Men use 24kg. Women use 16kg. Others use 12kg.
Post load and rounds to comments.
“Historically, the TGU was a staple exercise for old-time strongmen and wrestlers. It‚Äôs been said that in the days of old, this was the first and only exercise taught to many aspiring weightlifters to practice. Supposedly, no other exercises were taught or practiced until the pupil could perform the TGU with a 100-pound weight in either hand. At first, I thought this might have been just weightlifting folklore. However, I decided to make the 100-pound TGU a personal goal. After reaching this goal, I quickly realized the wisdom behind the methodology. First, it takes tenacity and commitment to conquer this feat of strength. Second, it slowly yet steadily builds a solid foundation of strength that nearly ‚Äúinjury proofs‚Äù the body, making it ready for more demanding training. Third, it significantly strengthens the major muscle groups, small stabilizing muscles, and connective tissues.” Jeff Martone


  • Dan L.

    Can someone remind me what time the “teaching” WOD is? I’m unsure how to do a turkish getup properly and would like to focus on form for tomorrow.

  • Greg aka The Dark One

    Thanks for Cort the KB class and Dammit for the cool Fight Club workout. Gave the shoulders the only workout man! And to show how insane I was, I stayed with Cort and we did the Linda after doing fight club. It was a horrible experience but I didn’t want to not join my Crossfit NYC bros and sisters in the pain-and that shit was real!
    KB pushups-190lbs
    DL-225 lbs
    Power cleans-95lbs

  • marisela

    i don’t even know what this means

  • marisela

    i don’t even know what this means

  • this working?

  • Ewen


  • made up linda today
    bodyweight 175lbs, as rx’d:
    175lbs bench press
    260lbs deadlift
    135lbs power clean
    time: 27:10

  • Paul S

    Nice job Dammit!
    Very impressive stuff to do it as Rx’d.

  • well as Linda managed to majorly tweak my lower back on Friday, i only today got back into working out, and had to play it safe, which sucks, but was probably the wise thing to do, as i seem to feel ok:
    8kg KB instead of 16kg
    10-ish minutes instead of 20
    3 rounds of TGUs
    2 rounds of snatches
    stopped after 10-ish minutes as the snatches were hurting my lower back.

  • tyler durden

    dammit, you are the shit, damn it
    i’m glad this is finally working
    keith decided it would be fun to start me on squats cause he was bored, so worked up to heavy with about 4 rounds of 5 then did 4 rounds with 105lbs. learned a lot
    8kg KB
    4 rounds 9 turkish get ups
    this was my first KB WOD
    then i did my first 500m row in 2:04
    it f***in killed me. i was non campos mentes for a while afterward. startin to feel the achy now.

  • marisela

    that wasn’t mr. durden on that last post, it was me. looks like i didn’t change his name from using my computer at crossfit today. sorry to all that wanted to believe he could only do 105lb squat, 8kg KB and 2:04 row.

  • michael

    hey marisela durden, i’m planning on a reservoir run tonight if you are up for it. call me at 917 684 9226 if so.

  • michael

    hey marisela durden, i’m planning on a reservoir run tonight if you are up for it. call me at 917 684 9226 if so.

  • marisela

    i can’t run at night. i turn into a vampire and i’m trying to cut down on my red meat intake. any mornings i’m up for though.

  • michael

    been awol for a week due to slow healing elbow and hammy and feeling soft and slow.
    kevin/sarena, i can swing 2 sem privates starting next week f intersted, todays wod reminds me i want to add tgus to my elements since they are core… email me at to discuss.

  • sarena

    Stoked fm cert this wknd. Got an f***ing 30# PR on my PC fm 62 to now @92#!!
    Oh and learned kipping movt. Not all the way up yet but def near!

  • Cuz I don’t have enough to do already, I decided to start a Facebook profile for the gym. You can find it here:
    If you have a profile on Facebook, please add us as your friend!

  • michelle

    Marisela that is AWESOME TIME. so glad u did it.
    Allison-long time no c. those cupcakes looked mighty fine.:) had no one been around I would have eaten all three.

  • michael

    hmmm, am. i might swing either 930 or 730, i’m aiming for a sub 11 one lap and sub 24 two laps.

  • marisela

    sorry to say, michael that i have work till 12 tomorrow 🙁 but wednesday i am available…

  • Michael

    Hi Marisela, on Wed I am doing my first 5K at 9:00 (after class). Friday?

  • A2

    used 12kg should have used 16
    5 left arm snatches short of 6 rounds

  • marisela

    where are you doing the 5k? and friday is a go.

  • Guys
    A couple of things:
    First, we are trying to maintain order and start the new Elements Workshop. Please do not randomly bring people to classes. Yes we want you to get more people to join, but inviting them to the regular group classes puts us in a bind. Invite them to try the beginner’s class on Wednesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 10am. Other than that they should enlist for the Elements Workshop or take privates.
    The Box has been in pretty good shape lately. However, I’d like to point to a few housekeeping things that have been neglected.
    Please hang your jumpropes and jumpstretch bands up after you use them. Put the weights away, stack the boxes, etc.
    Please keep the little fractional weights (red, grey, blue & black) in order. Someone lost one of them and now I have to tear the gym apart looking for it.
    Crush and throw away your water bottles. Take your sweaty clothes with you. Pick up and throw away used tape and band aids. Don’t leave your shoes at the gym unless they are in a box that closes completely and that has your name on it.
    Most importantly:
    Please DO NOT tear out pages from the journals/sign in books. Over the last week some person or persons have started tearing the pages in the sign-in book and my client journal. These books are not for scrap paper. When I find the person(s) that did it, I will throw them out of the gym. Seriously, I’m not joking. Destruction of gym property is a major offense.
    Keep up the good work.

  • alex

    I found this on one of the blogs that I read:
    Strength and conditioning coach Charles Staley was in the gym doing an Oly lift workout and said this when asked by someone which muscle that lift works.
    “I specifically remember one particular workout “back in the day” at the Dutchess County YMCA in Poughkeepsie.
    I was mid-way through a power clean session when a well-meaning but hapless inhabitant of a nearby Smith machine asked “Hey- could you tell me what muscle that works?”
    “Ya know when you’re, say, on a football field, and someone throws you the ball, and you sprint and catch it?” I replied
    “It works that muscle.”

  • Long, Slow Distance Equals Short, Fast Aging
    By Heather
    How many different ways can I ding endurance sports, you wonder? Think of it as a public service. And it’s not really me. It wasn’t that many years ago that I ran seven miles a day just to chase ‘fitness’ and it always eluded me. I’m still recovering from the muscular imbalances and long, slow toll it took on my mechanics. Though I obviously have strong opinions, I am merely offering examples of experts that are trying to shovel away the knee-deep pile of Gu the public seems to be mired in thanks to modern media (and Cliff).
    This article ‘Training is no guarantee of health’ that discusses the rapid aging experienced by endurance athletes is particularly interesting because it’s written by Mark Sisson, a respected endurance athlete, who reformed his exercise habits to alter the course of his long-term health. This article is also very well written and explains the issue in a clear and direct way. It landed in my in-box thanks to Craig Cooper at NorthWest CrossFit.
    Read the referenced article here:

  • Dan L.

    Two WODS today to catch up after Rock the Bells yesterday.
    15:26 on 5x 500m row / 25 back extensions.
    3 rounds of 16 kg get ups / snatches + 1 get up.

  • Justin

    4 rounds even with the 24k… 2nd and 3rd round felt real good, 1st and 4th were killers.

  • Dan L.

    Did I leave a scientific calculator (black, bulky) at the Box?
    I think when I was in a rush to leave, I forgot it. Let me know so I can pick it up. Thanks.

  • Dan L.

    Nevermind, I’m an idiot and found it

  • Court

    No negative self-talk allowed at the Box, Dan.
    Your affirmations to repeat to yourself 200 times before you go to sleep tonight shall be:
    “I quickly and easily remember where I left my f#@king calculator”…oh, and 50 burpees…for negative reinforcement; yeah.

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