The official WOD is
Run 5 K
Post time to comments.
Compare to 070626.
For those of you that venture into The Box:
Since we only have one rower, we’ll be doing 1000m rows. If we have time we’ll do multiple attempts.
As an additional workout you’ll also do a 1 minute back squat test.
As many reps as you can in one minute of back squats.
Men 95#/Women 62#
Post your best 1000m row time to comments as well as your reps on the back squat.


  • Hari

    I’m setting the following goal for myself:
    50 consecutive pullups by my 50th birthday (next May 29). As of today, I’m at 15, with 44 weeks to go.

  • Brian D.

    Keither, how many did I do when we tested me like my first X-fit day? Was it 39?

  • michelle

    awesome hari-my goal is two by my 38th birthday which is one week from sunday 🙂

  • Kevin

    You can totally do that Hari. Do pullups every day.
    Check out Pavel Tsatsouline’s book the Naked Warrior. We have a copy at the Box. He has a section on “Greasing the Groove” which is taking one or two exercises and perfrorming them everyday throughout the day. Like taking exercise breaks. Do pullups everyday 1 to 2 reps short of failure with lots of rest in between vary the sets,reps and time and always stay fresh. Basically its pullup practice. It helped me alot. If your consistent, you can hit 50 in half the time.

  • Ewen

    I was planning on resting, but how can I resist this workout? Arrrghh…
    Hari: Hope you reach (0,0), good luck!

  • marisela

    😉 i like today

  • Ewen

    For those doing the 1000m rows today, here’s a basic link on erg technique.
    My only comment is that the animated GIF dude pauses a bit too much at the end of the stroke and rushes the recovery, IMHO.
    This link on the CF message board has some good info too:

  • Nick P

    5.55k @ 29:45 will have to do back squats later.

  • michael

    is anyone up to joining me for the 5k at the reservoir at 630 or 7 tonight?
    call me at 917 684 9226 if so.

  • kouvenhowen

    I was thinking about doing the reservoir this weekend, because i’ve never seen it. two laps is 5k on the nose isn’t it?
    (probably not tonight)

  • A2

    So if you guys are going to be in Central Park around 530-630 you should run by and laugh at me trying to play softball.
    Keith, Justin and Dammit are not invited. You guys laughed at me enough last night.

  • Kevin

    5K run
    second time ever running 5k. Was hoping for a time closer to 20 minutes but my legs were dead by the last three laps .
    It was great running at the East River track. Thanks for timekeeping Marisela and thanks to Brian and Serge for keeping things entertaining.

  • jacinto

    hari count me in I’ll do them with you to give some support

  • 5k (on treadmill @ 1% incline): 21:25, a full minute slower than i’d hoped. my back was feeling pretty stiff.
    i had to take the squat test twice! the first time, the newb at the smith machine beside the power rack dropped the bar directly in my bar’s line of travel; with 10 seconds to go, i was knocked off balance, and my cry of “what the f—–n g——m m—–f—k!” reverberated throughout the gym.
    on my second attempt i got a 31.

  • Ewen

    1000m row: 3:09.5
    Reasonably satisfied with my time, but I got a wicked headache and nearly passed out/puked afterwards. Not quite sure why I bonked so bad, even FGB has never done that to me. Heavy mid-afternoon lunch, not enough sleep?
    then: 32 squats/1 min
    Drifted back home in a slight daze.
    Definitely resting tomorrow.

  • (first ever) 1000m row: 4:16.9
    65# squats: 29 in 1 minute
    a couple hours later, for shits and giggles, decided to try the boy version:
    95# squats: 24 in 1 minute

  • alex

    My right lat is still hurting…
    slow poke run 31:26 this morning
    15 deadlifts 5×75 5×95 5×115
    15 back extensions on the unstable thing in the box
    45 SDHP with 16 kettlebell
    21 reps with 65 in 1 minute.

  • marisela

    though i didn’t do a straight 5k, i did my 1/4 mile splits@2:00 for 3 miles. this push killed me. no sprinting for me. but i did work on hand-stands, push-ups and pull-ups. thanks kevin and brian d for the pointers.
    my goal is to have a pull up by aug 25th. and a free-standing hand-stand by then as well.
    today was a good day 🙂