“Don’t Push It, Jerk”

Tuesday 070724
Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps
Post loads to comments.

You can watch a demo of the push jerk on the main site here in Quicktime or here in Windows Media Player. Also check out this tri-panel of shoulder press vs. push press vs. push jerk, to see how the three are similar but also how they are different.
The Push Jerk:
a. Set up: The set up is the same as for the shoulder press and push press.
b. Dip: The dip is identical to the push press
c. Drive: The drive is identical to the push press
d. Press and Dip: This time instead of just pressing, you press and dip a second time simultaneously, catching the bar in a partial squat with the arms fully extended overhead.
e. Finish: Stand or Squat to fully erect with bar directly overhead identical to terminal position in push press and shoulder press.
The second dip on the push jerk will become lower and lower as you both master the technique and increase the load. At some point in your development, the loads will become so substantial that the upper body cannot contribute but a fraction to the movement at which point the catch becomes very low and an increasing amount of the lift is accomplished by the overhead squat.
On both the push press and jerk the ‚Äúdip‚Äù is critical to the entire movement. It may come as a surprise to some that the dip is not a relaxed fall but an explosive dive. The stomach is held very tightly and the resultant turn around from dip to drive is sudden, explosive, and violent.–January 2003 CrossFit Journal


  • I’ll be teaching the 7am class tomorrow, hope to see a bunch of you there!

  • Adam

    Allison, do you know if yourself or any of the other trainers will be in the gym around 1:15 and if they would mind if I was there doing the WOD. I have a pretty packed day today and wouldn’t be able to make it at any other time. Thanks ahead of time

  • marisela

    brian, i will be there tomorrow. 12:30 at east track, right??

  • Brett_nyc

    165×3 2 fault, tiny step back, late lockout
    165×3 1 fault, late lockout
    165×3 all clean
    195×2 2 faults, late lockout, big step back
    195×3 2 clean, last rep was late lockout
    been forcing myself to do cfwux3 lately, it’s good stuff

  • Ewen

    Worked slowly up to 2x155x3. Not the prettiest of push jerks even though I was trying to focus on my form. Much, much work to do.

  • Nick P

    I’m catching up on yesterday’s WOD (Helen). How many reps of 55lb dumbell swings per set? I will adjust from there.

  • A2

    21 swings

  • Nick P

    Killing me through fitness:) thanx A2.

  • Gene

    Had my first modified CF workout last night. I must say I loved it. Can’t wait to build it up to full intensity again after this damn leg heals up completely. Thanks to Court for some great guidance last night.

  • Jeff

    I love reading mainstream media fitness articles.

  • Jeff
  • marisela

    this was my first time ever push jerk wk out:
    55, 57, 65, 67, 69, 71, 75
    now i have somewhere to work from!

  • Court

    hey everyone,
    our computer at the Box is having some hard-drive issues (those of you downloading porn during class know who you are) so we will temporarily be unable to see your posts unless we are at home or elsewhere. Keep that in mind if you are trying to reach us (so much for a web-only presence).

  • Dan O

    Court. I thnk I just lost my arm in a thresher. It’s bleeding a little bit. Can you come take me to the hospital?

  • Ewen

    Desperately bored at work – as usual – so I got to thinkin’ and now I’m wonderin’:
    I think someone else brought it up recently, but I’m a big fan of videotaping workouts to take a look at people’s form. Maybe not the metcon’s, but definitely the lifting-only or Kbell workouts. Not everyone can benefit from seeing themselves on a screen, but I know it’s helped me in the past. Sometimes you have to see it to believe it -‘But I AM arching my back!’ vs. ‘Um, no you’re not’.
    I realize there would be some logistics involved (do we use the webcam or another camera? do we edit/archive the videos for future use or throw them away as we go along? who has time to set up a camera and look at the video afterwards anyway?) but I just wanted to put it out there.
    Also, maybe a CFNYC leaderboard would help members connect (morning vs noon vs evening vs weekends vs hardly ever drop by). Just a big whiteboard with top 3 male/female in the standard exercises and workouts (CFT, Fran, max push-ups, whatever), doesn’t have to be like what they have in Vancouver (http://www.crossfit.com/cf-affiliates/VancouverScoreboard.html). I think we have a wide enough variety of athletes coming to the Box that there would be many different names up there. Just some friendly competition and benchmarks to aim for?

  • Lecav

    Dan O,
    It’s only a flesh wound, don’t worry about it.

  • A2

    Ewen, it was me.
    I’ve asked a bunch of times about the videos. I’d really like to see all of the videos that have been taken. What happens to them and whats the point of taping if they’re never going to be viewed.
    I think we would benefit from seeing our form. I think video is better than mirrors because we wouldn’t be distracted.
    I think Keith or Court said something about the videos being too long to download. Maybe we should take advantage of that webcam Moon donated and I’ll bring in my video camera if that would help.

  • juan g.

    yeah videos would require a server for anyghitn high quiality. But youtube for starters isnt a bad idea.
    We so need a leaderboard.

  • Ewen

    As far as downloading or having a server, one option is to leave them at the gym on a HD or burn some DVDs (yes, more $$$). You can also watch yourself during/right after the workout by plugging the camcorder straight into the TV. Not all videos need or deserve to be kept forever, IMHO.

  • justin

    Only problem with Youtube is that they compress it so much that you can hardly tell whats going on sometimes so its hard to pick out the flaws. Great for showing off whats going on at the gym, but hard to get a guage. Hooking it up to the TV is a good idea though.

  • adam

    I really felt off today. I didn’t sleep well last night because I had an exam this morning. I just couldn’t explode for the lift like I needed too. I’m fairly disappointed today again.
    Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps
    Followed by Back Squat

  • sarena

    DOnt know if you all saw this on the CF message boards, but CF Philly has been nominated for the best gym in Phila. Perhaps as CFers we can all help by casting out votes:
    From Affiliates Blog:
    CrossFit Philly has been nominated for the My FOX Philly Hot List as Best Gym in Philadelphia.
    If they get enough votes in their favor to beat the 12 commercial gyms that are listed as their competition, they will then be listed as part of Philly’s Best for this year!!!
    Please check out the Voting Website and vote for CrossFit Philly!

  • michael

    fyi i have a flashcom server account from an old site i did. vids would have to be converted to flv via a cnversion app and a small sript written but then we could stream. aslo to keep in mind i had a script that would auto detect bandiwdth of connection and serve up one of several compressed versions so user got best popssoible quiality at all times.
    not sure who at box is code savvy but i’d be willing to put heads together so any vids we shoot /digitize would be compressed in sveral qualities and converted. we’d need to pull/modify the code to detect/stream from cfnyc but that might e ideal. we could then add sidebar ala hq with workouts arranged by wod/date and even by peoples names for reference.
    also; sis has vey high quality ($3k) digi camera which ultimately is needed for any kind of serious review; i can see if she’d loan for a few months for free or small rental fee.
    too bad no one can read this :/

  • Dan O

    I don’t know how many of you participated in the Prostate Cancer Fight Gone Bad fund raiser last year, but it was a great event and I just got an email about the 2007 version.
    We should get on this right away. Any of the CFNYC owners who don’t have contact information to setup our affiliate page, let me know, but I suspect they already got a hold of you.
    Here is a link from the 2006 event: http://www.athletesforacure.org/events/archive/crossfit
    The head of the foundation was at the FGB last year in SM and announced that the Crossfit event was their best ever first year event with a new organization!
    Some of these teams raise serious money, so if we want to compete we need to get going! Oh, yeah, and having said that, I’ll be out of town. 🙁

  • Brian D.

    Adam, you’re just a monster. I wanna be jerking over 200lbs one day.
    Worked up to 165lbsx3 before I said, screw it I should’ve focused on form rather than weight. Next time. Afterwards I did some squats up to 225×5 and Kevin and I did some REALLY high box jumps (45.5″ was the highest).
    Tomorrow’s run is at East River (http://www.centralparktc.org/training/eastriver.htm) at 12:30pm. PLEASE drop me an email (briandegennaro08@aol.com) or a txt/call (516-459-1506), that way I can come with a plan for each person.

  • marisela

    brian, i’ll be there. and i do believe that your highest jump was 46.5. i could be wrong though.

  • Kevin

    Push jerks
    115,135,155,165,165,175 x 2,175 x 1
    Need to get under the bar faster and have stronger drive on my 2nd dip. Thanks for the tips Adam.
    Post WOD some back squats up to 225 x3 and box jumps working up to 46.5″ box jumps for reps. Thanks Bri!

  • Kevin

    Adam If I push jerked 205 I would be flipping out. Your too tough on yourself. Watching you lift is very inspiring to watch. Great work!

  • Kevin

    I’ll be at the run. See y’all there.

  • 185-185-185-185-185-185-185-185(x1x1x1)

  • err one too many 185’s, there

  • Push Jerk
    185# x 3 x 7
    Failed on the 3rd reps of sets 4 & 5. Came back strong on sets 6 & 7.
    Finished with some Clean & Jerks at 185. Five singles.

  • Adam

    Kevin, I’m glad to help. Feel free to ask away when I’m there. Also, keep in mind about the percentages of weight we’re both lifting. I’m only lifting 18 lbs. more than bodyweight. I imagine the 175 that you put up today is right along the same lines, maybe a little more. The only reason that I’m so frustrated is that I feel as though I’ve been losing strength recently. And, although my endurance cardio and every one of the other factors of fitness has increased, it’s still a little disconcerting to have my strengthdrop. Overall I’m a better athlete so I’m not too disappointed.

  • marisela

    love tomorrows WOD on the HQ site. ha ha ha…i got this

  • Justin

    …Need to heal my left wrist/elbow up. It just hasn’t felt right since the front squats last week. Feel like I’ve lost a bit of strength the last few weeks as well. Last total I had 155 press, and tonight I struggle with a 165 pound push jerk. I’ve lost 15 lbs and my GPP is better than it has been in a long time, I just hope that I’m not actually losing too much strength.

  • hari

    125, 125, 125, 125, 127, 127, 130

  • A2


  • Kevin

    I am definitely concerned about the strength loss too, but I think we are increasing usable strength and endurance together which is great. Since we are not training for a specific sport I think GPP and work capacity is more important than strength in only one area. I snatched the 40kg bell a couple of times on each arm and I would have never thought that was possible before. You lose strength in some areas and gain it in others. Its all good. Crossfit is working wonders. It is amazing to me that we are actually getting conditioned to handle these WOD’s and then some. When I started this I would be sore for a week. Now I will do the WOD’s and do a post WOD as well. Sometimes 2 depending on how I’m feeling.