Courting Your Favor

Hello all-
I have a minor favor to ask that will both increase traffic to the Box and help increase traffic to my bank account. As many of you know, in addition to being one of the co-owners here at CFNYC, I am also a Certified Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor (RKC). They have recently instituted a review system for their instructors and mine is here. I already included a couple of client reviews in my bio and they brought a decent amount of traffic. Many of the RKC’s underutilized their bio page for client referrals, but I fear that time is ending.
So I am asking everyone at CFNYC to write a review of me, either from my kettlebell class or if any of you have received direct instruction from me on your KB technique. Hopefully this will help increase traffic to the Box and help increase our overall membership.
Thanks everyone,