Still Hanging Around

Tuesday 070717
Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads and body weight to comments.
Compare to 070323.


  • Brian D.

    You mean Tuesday, not Thurs.
    Schweet, just the workout I need to do after Dianne and HSQC with a giant hole in my hand!

  • love me some weighted pullups

  • sarena

    OMG but I cant do pullups???

  • sarena

    Looks like a fun time was had by us all today and Sat too!

  • A2

    I have lots of bruises to show off
    CFWU x 3 managed to get 5 pullups in a row from a hang. Then they were broken but I kept going.
    Clean PR 95
    tonight-75, 85, 95 FAILED in a bad way! I couldn’t grip the bar because of the huge lump on my thumb to finish the rest of the sets.
    My mind and nerves were working against me that time. I have to learn how to get rid of the bar safely.
    Made up “Diane”. I would have been bummed if I left the gym after the cleans.
    Body Weight Deadlifts 115
    regular pushups
    The DL bruised my shins. Is that part of the deal or is it because something was wrong with my form? It wasn’t easy holding the bar without being able to use my thumb.
    I look like I was in a fight and lost but I feel great. I’m using the forced 2 week break as a new start. I’m getting serious and staying focused on my training starting tonight. That includes mastering the Zone and doing the CFWUx3 every WOD

  • A2

    I haven’t met everyone in the world .. Yet.. but I agree that Dan is pretty darn smart.

  • Brian D.

    A2, you ought to see my legs, they’re pretty beat up from Dianne too. It just seems that every time I touch a barbell I start bleeding….

  • justin

    Yeah, Diane and the Cleans today beat everyone up pretty good… Battle scars are always fun. I didnt realize how f’ed up my shins and thighs are. And Leslie’s big bruise on her neck has everyone looking at me like I have so ‘splainin to do.

  • I’m so excited for this WOD, as the last time we did it I maxed out at 7 pounds, and recently I’ve been working these on my own and getting as high as 26 pounds (i.e., 12kg KB)!

  • michael

    i thik this was my 2nd WOD… goal is 20 lb vest.

  • alex

    Since I cant make tonights class and I cant do a pull up yet, I did a double workout this morning:
    10 rounds of the following:
    200 meter row
    15lb dumbbell thrusters
    This was not one of my better ideas, I dont recommend this.
    5 rounds of the following
    2 minutes dumbbell swings 20lbs
    5 dumbbell hang cleans 15lbs
    10 dumbbell rebel rows each arm 15lbs
    15 dumbbell dead lifts 20lbs
    Good luck tonight!

  • sarena

    Alex talk abt being a monster! U rock thats tuff stuff.

  • Brett_nyc

    bwt 209lbs
    45×2 overhand
    45×2 underhand
    55×1 o
    55×1 u
    65×1 o
    65×1 u
    75xFail o
    75×1 u

  • is there a chain belt at the box??

  • Wow! Look at these pics of Chinese weightlifters.

  • 5, 10, 15, 20, 26.4 (12kg), 30.4 (12kg + 4#), 35.2 (16kg)(failed)
    after breakfast, tried the 35.2 pounds again and got it.

  • Dammit, we have the IronMind dipping belt. That’s what I used, it’s awesome.

  • marisela

    sorry, today is a run day for me. so sad i can’t do it. guess i’ll have to make it up when i can actually do a pull-up. ya’ll are awesome, btw. i admire you all

  • Brian D.

    Yeah, those pix of the Chinese weightlifters I showed Keith inspired me to do some OHS today. Keith wanted me to do the WOD pictured in the vid today but I opted for 15 BWT OHS instead. So I loaded 157lbs on the bar and did broken sets up to 15 reps. Afterwards I did some singles with 70lbs on weighted pullups and some planches afterwards. Fun stuff.
    Tomorrow if the weather holds up I’ll still be in the park at noon.

  • Moon

    Alex – Wow…when I miss a WOD, I find myself doing 1 rep of couch squats, resting on bottom. I can hold that position for hours.
    Allison/Brett – Great showings and very inspiring for the later classfolk.
    A2 – Am hoping your mom doesn’t call the police on us when she sees your battledamage.
    All – kinda bummed. This new fitness system turns out not inspired by Belushi. And they have such small balls…

  • Kevin

    Weighted pullups
    26# x 1
    35# x 1
    53# x 1
    70# x 1
    88# x 1
    106#x 1
    106#x 1 (this set was chin to the bar not over it)
    Fun WOD. Got to keep working on weighted pullups

  • michael

    that’s the second time you slipped one past me with the dry humor moon, damn. couchh squats indeed..
    kevin, awesome #s. in light of the weights posted i think i’ll have to up my 20 lb vest goal. hoping i can do bw actually as i strained some muscle near my elbow ‘somehow’ and couldnt get one pu monday. see y’all at 7.

  • sarena

    Keith had an awsome workout planned 4 me tday! AMRAP 20min w 62#:
    DL, power clean, FS, PP, OHS, lower back, BS, PP, lower to rackn hang position, DL to floor!
    9 reps
    Then we played w 8#medball on GHD
    Pistol practice
    Then WOD–did 7×1 PUs w 5# on waistbelt. Unreal since just got that deadhand PU 4 days ago!
    It was great watching ya all @the lunch class. Stellar work guys. Brian ur dismount was cool!!
    Will post pics to my flickr acct later!

  • Sean


  • Moon

    1, 1, 1, 1(f), 1, 2, 2(f)
    No I’m not kidding. My “abilities” earned me a slot on the remedial bar straight away. I can kip my way through multiple pullups just fine but in the strict variant, I have a long way to go. Or put another way, I have come a long way but I am not where I am going to end up yet.
    Special thanks to Mike who helped me do some needed (if brief) negatives, to Keith who gave great illustration to the whole chest-first concept, Sean for the rowing help, Rob for offering to time me, and to Sunny who demonstrated that the 2:00 minute handstand was entirely possible by us “little people” and so inspired me to push through that barrier. And also to everyone who loaded their waistbelts with weight loads that ranged from “silly” to “ridiculous” (metric units) for the inspiration. I’ll be with y’all soon. 🙂

  • Hari

    35, 45, 55, 60(f), 60, 65(f), 62(f)

  • michael

    15, 65 (f), 25, 40, 56 (f), 45
    caveat is i coud not underhand due to sterained forearm. + think i could have gotten the 56.
    did a 500m in 1:46.5 beating my first row by 4 seconds. i tanked for about 10 secs so i think sub 140 is in my near future.
    watched everyone do handstands i need to figure those out soon.
    and d-amn sean those were big boy #s u put up

  • Allan E

    12 16 20 30 35(f) 30 35(f)
    This WOD was a lot of fun to watch for some reason; surprised the bets didn’t start flying…!