Hanging Out

Monday 070716
Hang squat clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.
“The clean is a pure bit of functionality. The clean is simply pulling a load from the ground to the shoulders where frequently the object is being readied for lifting overhead. With the clean we take ourselves from standing over an object pulling it, to under it and supporting. (Compare this to the muscle-up where we take ourselves from under an object to supporting ourselves over it.)
In its finest expression the clean is a process by which the hips and legs launch a weight upwards from the ground to about belly button height and then retreat under the weight with blinding speed to catch it before it has had the time to become a runaway train. The movement finishes with the hips and legs again working by squatting the weight to full extension.
The speed and force with which the clean (and, yes, the snatch) drives loads give it developmental properties that other weight training movements cannot match. Deadlifts, squats, and bench press will never approximate the speed and force and consequently the power required of a clean at larger loads and for this simple reason, while important movements, are not the clean‚Äôs peers. Power is that important.”
Coach Greg Glassman


  • michael

    hang squat cleans. can anyone say Elements?

  • sarena

    or what about Olifting class Sunday?

  • Kevin

    Todays WOD
    Hang squat cleans
    worked on form not weight
    Then did “Diane” to make up for yesterday
    9:19 as rx’d
    My spine felt like it was going to snap in half from the deads

  • A2

    Can I come in early or stay late to make up “Diane”?

  • rob

    I was thinking of making up Diane today too. What time are you going?

  • A2

    Mike said we’ll be able to do it while people are doing cleans. I’m going to the 6 and will probably stay late. I guess it will depend on how many people show up tonight.

  • Dan

    Posted by Skip Chase of Mt.BakerCrossfit on the mothership discussion board. Cut and paste the link at the bottom if you want to read all the questions and comments:
    The class setting has it’s benefits, however I personally have never liked ‘classes’.
    My desire was to train as many clients as possible, and spend as little money as possible. Therefore, we decided to allow members to enter at their convenience. As an example, yesterday morning we opened at 5:30am and remained open till 10 for ‘CrossFit training’. We had 63 members cycle through during those hours.
    The members are not limited to having to be here at a specific time for a class, and I am able to manage resourses (equipment) more efficiently.
    This system helps me manage equipment, people, parking lot, employees, and keep money in the bank. (not having to spend for equipment)
    Imagine having (when we started) 2 C2 rowers, 7 medicine balls, 5 wall ball targets, 3 oly bars with between 3 and 400# of plates, 20-6′ lengths of PVC, a set of parallel bars, one gymnastics high bar for pull-ups, 8 abmats, 2 sets of kettlebells 4-32kg, 10 jump rope, 4 reebok steps with 20 risers, rope to climb and a squat stand.
    If you had 20 clients walk in the door at the same time, what would you do? What would your workout(s) look like?
    Now imagine those same 20 clients walked in at different times during the same hour, say on 15 minute intervals. Would it be any easier to manage/ train those same clients?
    Look at your equipment. What would you do with what you have if 20 people walk in at the same time? 30? 40? Would it be easier for you, managing clients and equipment if they came in at intervals?
    It has worked for us. The equipment I listed is what we had for 6 months, with 60-80 clients. When a client walked in the door the first x# of times (the condition and abilities of each were different) they were taught movement, technique and form. NO COMPROMISE. This is the way it is done, and this is how you will do it. During workouts, for the first 4 months, it was just me on the floor. (Oct.2005-Jan 2006) We added 2 more trainers after the Jan 2006 cert. (2 current clients who were taught proper form and technique)
    How many clients do you have? How much equipment do you have? Now, in your mind, double the clients..what would you do? Create the workouts on paper. If you are a CF trainer who studies the journal, and lives, breathes, walks and talks CrossFit, knows journal 21 backwards and forwards and gives it to every client, it is just a matter of time before your membership increases. Doubles and triples. Train THEM with your existing equipment.
    It seems difficult to explain our business model. For us, it works. New members ‘feel’ as though they are receiving individualized personal training, without having the overhead of having a lot of trainers. We did not have to purchase the equipment necessary to accommodate large ‘classes’.
    Members, as they arrive, will see the times on the board of those who have already performed the WOD and there always seems to be multiple members training at the same time. We still achieve the comradeship, intensity and motivation expressed by those using the ‘class’ model.
    We keep growing and still have not had to add equipment. 200 members, and 5 trainers and 3 trainer assistants. 2 of the assistants help with our kids program only. During 2006, 3 of us managed over 100 members. Having that many members attend during a 10 hour day seems to make it easy, for us.

  • marisela

    i sucked today. i was happy to be there with you guys, though. thanx for the support and recognition.

  • sarena

    First off Marisela you were awesome and are also just coming back aft a break. Dont berate yourself–it doesnt help. Use tday as a learning experience and get some more tmrw thats all!
    62-65-67-68-72-74F-74 (pr fm yesterdat @62)
    Later worked pistols/static holds on rings to dip position
    COurt WOD for time:
    500m row
    Then 4 rounds each
    30 OH sq w 8kg kb
    30 abmat situps
    Then 500m row
    Time slow/ need to really work row technique and the lunchbreak may not have been wise. Pukie was really lurking!
    All in all an awesome day!
    Thanks all!
    Allison u rock on those cleans.

  • Noah

    What’s the difference between a hanging squat clean and a squat clean? I assume you start in a squat but with the bar off the ground?

  • Noah

    I got it. I found something on youtube from Crossfit Oakland: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhFMuersBh4&mode=related&search= and also on the main crossfit messageboard. Hang clean but you catch the bar in a squat and then stand up.

  • Michael

    Frustrating day. First I found out I suck at GHD back extensions (Keith was very gentle in breaking the news to me :|) for the same old dumb a** reasons, hamstring/hip inflexibility and lack of core strength.
    Next I maxed out on 85 on the HSC. The only good thing is I finally *got* what the motion/process should be, as I can see I’ve been trying to reverse curl and drop rather then yank up with shoulders and *drop* while curling elbows under and catching weight. At least it makes sense to me now, if form is not there (yet). And sigh, as usual, the limiting factor is yada yada. Can’t get low enough for squat, can’t get elbows high enough, etc. I find it very very frustrating because I think I have the drive/work-ethic/persistence and basic strength/coordination and if I had even average flexibility I think I could rock.
    I had to do double-unders just so I could leave on a high-note.
    Kevin/Sarena, let’s definitly work out a routine to discuss with Keith, I want to overcome my own limitations by the end of this year, whatever it takes. On that note, Brian D., Boy Wonder, is doing outdoor WODs on Wed/Fri at 12:00 at Pinetum. I plan on joining him. How hard can it be to keep up with a sub-10-minute-Diance 16 year old gymnast on the monkey bars and running track?

  • Michael

    Oh and Keith; I totally *understand* when you say ‘arch your back’ or ‘keep your heels down’ I have a good grasp of English and Basic Human Anatomy :), i.e. I am not not paying attention to your instructions. Translating them to my body which has it’s own way of doing things is a whole other story. Trying hard! Thanks for the motivation (seriously). Stick with me, I’ll do you proud by 2008.

  • did a couple at 85 and one at 90, but had to stop before doing all 7 sets as my client showed up (lunchtime class ran kinda long). tried to be happy with what i did but i know if i could just get more aggressive and move past the fear that i could definitely clean more than 90. i’ve front squatted 105 for reps, so i should be able to single-rep clean 100 pounds at least.
    and here’s some good news from the PanAm Games–Melanie Roach got the bronze medal (53kg weight class), clean and jerking more weight than she has in 9 years!

  • Brian D.

    135, 145, 155, 165, 165, 165, 175(F), 165. I should’ve had 175 🙁 and I made up for it by doing 165 once more. And my jaw is still tender. Afterwards I did Diane in 9:15 as Rx’d (take that Kevin! beat you for once in a WOD :P).
    And Michael’s right, I’m going to be at Pinetem Weds and Fri this week for some workouts. Everyone’s welcome to join. The more the merrier! …. hah.. merrier…

  • 105, 115, 135F, 125, 125, 135F, 125
    posting some pics of todays workout and fight club last saturday.
    lemme know if the link works or not

  • michael

    skip’s ideas are interestin. at kingsway they did a privates package (no jokes moon) very reanaqbly as the trainer simply cycled several clients through warm up, footwork, heavy bag, etc.
    i ended up getting 3x per week for aq mont for $250

  • alex

    great post Dan! Something to think about.

  • sarena

    Juan your link isnt working. Why dont you post this to your flickr acct?
    Thanks again!

  • sarena

    Everyone check out this link from Crossfit Boston about the use of chalk in the bym.

  • Michael sorry for all the screaming and yelling at you. I know you’re not thick (like some people). Still it’s frustrating for me since I can’t teach people to do cleans in 10 minutes like Dan DeFillipi (a/k/a the smartest guy ever).

  • Adam

    I have to post my lifts today just because I’m so ecstatic about my final lift. It’s only 10 lbs. less than my PR for full squat cleans!
    Hang Squat cleans 7×1
    I just wanted to give a big “Thank You” to everybody in class today for cheering me on for the 265 lb. lift. I caught the lift a bit too far forward and really had to struggle with the front squat portion. Without everybody cheering me on I probably would’ve just dropped it and called it a day. Thank You everybody. See you tomorrow night.

  • Justin

    145, 155, 155 (failed), 145, 155, 155, 165…
    Came back at 6 to work on muscle-up stuff, handstand push-ups, and pull-ups.

  • Brett_nyc

    nice Adam

  • alex

    a little snarky today?

  • Paul S

    Nice job Adam. That was pretty awsome to watch.
    I have a long way to go, but started at 125 and worked up to 165 twice. My form didn’t feel so good so stopped there.

  • Hari

    95, 105, 115, 115, 115, 120, 125 (PR)
    Last time, I had multiple failures at 115.

  • michael

    keith no problem, how many people in this world are mad if i do ghds or cleans right after all? i’d put the total at two… i
    wonder if mirrors would help? it is *striking* to me how differerent peoples form is from ‘official’and i wonder if they could see it migtht stike them as well? not sure if the reference is lost but it reminds me if ;”‘not ‘de craw!… ‘de CRAW!'” i.e in our mind’s eye we are doing it right…

  • Moon

    Michael – I donated a webcam that could be hooked up to the computer so people could review their form for workouts like this. Maybe next time someone can fire that up and we can capture how we’re really doing.

  • A2

    No mirrors. Way too distracting

  • We have a video camera and a tv here. We can tape you during your one on one session and you can review it. It’s much better than a mirror because you don’t break form to look at yourself while doing the exercises.

  • Kevin

    Welcome back Adam. That was a pretty intense lift on your part. Congrats. I wish I saw it or had you guys document it somehow. Next time.

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