Friday 070622
Complete as many rounds as you can in twenty minutes of:
5 Box Jumps
10 L-Pullups
15 Knees-to-Elbows
Post rounds completed to comments.
“Any idiot can get on a treadmill and watch TV and then take great pride in the fact they’ve ‘exercized.’” Mark Rippetoe


  • michael

    is there a sub for l-sit pullups if one has (sigh) flexibility issues?

  • man thats pretty high, i want ups like that.
    are we still doin parkour stuff.

  • sarena

    OMG that was the fastest 20min of my life!
    3 rnds plus box jumps and Lpullups.(Which were abt half reverse pullups in a pushup position)
    KNE were not even knees to chest.
    Great meeting ya Lucas. Fun finally working alongside you Allison. You guys rocked.
    Awesome seeing you Kim after all these months.

  • alex

    This is from Crossfit HQ,
    This one sentence on TMZ.com created enough traffic to shut down the Petranek Fitness and Brand X Martial Arts websites for an entire day! Bootyful!
    Wondering just how Jessica Biel gets her badonkadonk so badonkaluscious? While at Renee’s Courtyard in Santa Monica recently, Lady Timberlake was overheard going on and on about the bootyful Cross Fit workout at Petranek Fitness.

  • Looks like we’re getting some RESPECT out in Ann Arbor:

  • With today’s WOD I started out doing real L-sit pull-ups. That lasted for about 6 of them before I had to switch to the sub, which was doing them with your feet on a plyobox, butt on the ground, hands on the rings (sorry if that doesn’t make sense).
    Got 4 rounds plus 5 box jumps and 3 pull-ups.
    I couldn’t believe how much I was sweating considering how slow my progress was.

  • Court just asked me to cover the 7pm class tonight, so I’ll see you guys then!

  • Kevin

    Ahhh Jessica Biel… and now she’s into Crossfit too 🙂

  • A2

    I’ve been doing Crossfit for a month and a half and my booty has been getting SMALLER everday! WTF?! Does this mean if I stick with it one day it will reverse and transform into a Bootylicious Badonkadonk like Jessicas?? If that’s the case I’m even more in LOVE with Crossfit than I was before, if that’s possible.
    I hope I’m well enough to come to Fight Club tomorrow so I can start breaking in my new gloves. Being stuck inside is really getting to me. I feel stiff and I’m going through Crossfit withdrawls.

  • michael

    Please tell me we’re not doing 46″ boxes! 😐 Seriously as vertically challenged as I am, I’d kill to be able to do that by end of year.
    I’ll se y’all at 7:00.

  • Kevin

    A2 I here you about being stiff and going through the withdrawals. I’m starting to feel better and would like to go to class tomorrow as well.

  • speaking of gloves for fight club.
    is this an ok set??

  • Dan O

    Those are open fingered and designed more for grappling. I’ve owned a ton of Ringside equipment and never gone wrong.
    This is a much better deal: http://www.ringside.com/detail.aspx?ID=25907
    I’ll look for some other good possibilities later and post here.

  • As Rx’d 24″ box
    5 rounds plus 5 box jumps.
    Feeling the burn.

    Anybody who has “borrowed” stuff from the gym, like my printout of this months Journal, please bring it back. We are glad to lend you stuff, but please be considerate and return the stuff you borrow.
    [insert inflammatory comment here]

  • marisela

    5 24″ box jumps
    10 incline body rows
    15 knees up
    6 rounds + 5 jumps 7 body rows
    and i ripped a blister in my palm.

  • brett_nyc

    Actually made it out to the Box for Lunch today! Hooray!
    Jumps to a 24″ Box, L pullups, KTE
    4 rounds + 5 box jumps + 1 L-Pullup
    L-Pullups quickly turned into knees tucked, half kipped. 2 new blood blisters, but no spectacular blowouts.

  • michelle

    unfortunately about the only workout to do in the hotel in Israel where I am is to run on the treadmill and watch tv! total bummer.

  • dan

    Keith– excellent quote.

  • michelle

    yes dan but a sad reminder just how much i miss my kettlebell; the jumprope I took with me just isnt giving me the box vibe over here!

  • A2

    Michelle why don’t you do a workout outside? How about 21–15-9 lunges, squats, burpees? It’s what I did when I couldn’t get to the box. Stay away from that treadmill and tv woman!

  • alex

    Stuck at work today! urghh
    I called this the Marriott workout (i’ve done this a few times while on the road):
    5 rounds for time
    1 lap around hotel building or parking lot
    200 turns of a jump rope
    10 curb jumps

  • as rx’d, plus 20lbs weight vest
    6 rounds, plus 5 box jumps and 4 L-pullups
    kids! fight club, tomorrow 1 PM! be there!

  • michael

    Weirest thing; I totally missed the top of the box on the warmups on the 24″ box by a wide margin and for the life of me couldn’t get close. I jump those every time I am at CF for some reason or another without any effort (well after the wall-ball sumos that is not true). So my WOD;
    * Small Box
    ** Modified L-Sit using high-box/butt-on-floor sub
    7 Rounds + 5 Box + 8 L’s
    Shoulders seem to be getting a bit better as I got far closer then I used to on the K2Es
    7Rounds + 5Box + 8 L-Sits

  • Hari

    4 Rounds Minus 6 KTE’s

  • 4 rounds and 5 box jumps
    this was harder than it looked.

  • Justin

    Feeling better, but not 100% yet… Could definitely workout this weekend, but don’t want to come to the box and get anyone sick so going to wait until Monday.
    There is some free MMA on Spike this weekend. The finals of the Ultimate Fighter 5 are on , and X-fitter BJ Penn is fighting in the main event against Jens Pulver. This is an excellent fight, and being that it isnt ppv and free, should check it out.

  • Tereza

    SCORE: 5 rounds + 1 Knee-to Elbow
    Used the rings and lower-legs on the box modification for the L pull ups –I paid for my sin of weakness and inability to do even the regular feet on the box modification with some beautiful bruises all over my calves. That’ll teach me to be WEAK!

  • Kevin

    Justin, I’m dying to try “Fran” tomorrow but I think I should wait til I’m 100% as well. I’m feeling pretty good but my stomachs still not totally there yet.

  • A2

    Uncool Finally Fran comes around and I’m still not 100%. I don’t know what to do. Should I come in and push myself or skip it? #@*!*#%@$

  • A2

    Wow Kevin thats crazy we posted almost the same message at the same time

  • Kevin

    Pretty funny we’re both dying for this WOD.;)

  • Brett_nyc

    Nice Dammit. Nice! This wod tore me up.

  • Kevin

    Nice job dammit! This WOD sounded like fun. I hope it comes around again.

  • Brett_nyc

    go for it A2, Get a time.
    I’m headed to the beach tomorrow!

  • Jeff

    I cancelled my cable package and the only things I miss are the MMA shows (not ALL of them, just TUF and the Pride highlights).

  • michael

    ok there is definitley something wrong with us; i have an am boxing class i love but when i saw fran decided i just had to skip class and do fran. what is it about cf that has me dying to come in and do 50 pullups and thrusts???

  • michelle

    thx for the workout ideas guys-unfortunately in Israel a workout outside is tantamount to heat stroke. its brutally hot here. just being at the pool dehydrates u.
    i think i will opt for several rest days and get my ass kicked next week!

  • Dan O

    As promised earlier:
    These are decent training gloves – http://www.ringside.com/DETAIL.ASPX?ID=25086
    A bit more money for training gloves – http://www.ringside.com/DETAIL.ASPX?ID=25232
    Good bag gloves – http://www.ringside.com/detail.aspx?ID=25856
    Run of the mill bag gloves (these are just fine for lots of pad work) http://www.ringside.com/DETAIL.ASPX?ID=25057
    If you want punching mitts (These last forever)- http://www.ringside.com/DETAIL.ASPX?ID=24633
    Thai pads – http://www.fairtex.com/product_info.php?info=p51_Standard-Thai-Kick-Pads.html
    If you’re going to get just one thing, get a pair of training or bag gloves.

  • Jed

    4 rounds. Need a lot of work on L-pullups.

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