CrossFit NYC Field Trip: Midsummer Night Swing

Our use of the term “gymnastics” not only includes the traditional competitive sport that we’ve seen on TV but all activities like climbing, yoga, calisthenics, and dance where the aim is body control. It is within this realm of activities that we can develop extraordinary strength (especially upper body and trunk), flexibility, coordination, balance, agility, and accuracy.
–Coach Glassman, “What Is Fitness?”
As some members have expressed interest in a swing-dance outing for CFNYC, and since Coach himself recommends dance as part of becoming truly fit, I want to organize a field trip to Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing, a month-long event of dance (mostly swing, but also salsa, samba, and a few other types of dance).
Take a look at the calendar (which runs Tuesday through Saturday nights, starting tonight) and let’s try to find a date that will work for most people.
Other important info: tickets are $15 per person, which includes a dance lesson. If you want to attend but not dance, it doesn’t cost a thing to sit outside the dance-floor area and enjoy the music and hang out with people. The whole thing is outdoors in Lincoln Center’s plaza. There are bathrooms and food and drink available.
And if you have any doubts as to whether swing requires all the above-mentioned elements of fitness, then just watch this:


  • Dammit asked that we try to avoid Tuesday or Wednesday nights in scheduling the field trip because he works those nights, so I vote for these dates as good possibilities:
    Thurs., June 28–traditional swing
    Fri., June 29–western swing
    Fri., July 6–small band swing
    Fri., July 20–swing, jump, boogie
    Sat., July 21–swing

  • juan g.

    some members have expressed interest in swing-dance???
    bet it was the damn vegetarians.
    im down though, can i wear my gym shorts for this?

  • rob

    I’m down. I can’t do July 20th though.

  • Despite the fact that the dancers lifted their heels and bent their arms too soon, they posted some great times.

  • Juan G.

    see that was funny.
    hey im thinking we should check this out on rest days.

  • Allan E

    I’m in! Can do any of these dates… I like the sound of “Stompy Jones”

  • marisela

    totally in!
    any fri or sat would work for me

  • marisela

    totally in!
    any fri or sat would work for me

  • marisela

    totally in!
    any fri or sat work for me