Please Don’t Lift Your Heels
Watching this video, I realized I haven’t been saying “Please.” Now will you PLEASE keep your friggin’ heels down when you squat!?!?!?! Pretty please with sugar on top.
While you are at it, please do this workout and keep your heels down and your lumbar back arched.
Sunday 070617
21-18-15-12- and 9 rep rounds of:
95 pound Deadlift
95 pound Hang clean
95 pound Front squat
95 pound Push jerk
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  • Ewen

    Ok, but I won’t cleant the fuckin’ car.

  • i can’t imagine how bad this is going to suck.

  • Kevin

    Yeah I jut saw it and am very scared.
    See you tomorrow!!

  • A2

    What weight am I going to use?

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  • sarena

    OMG! This is really gone hurt bad–I mean I love it.
    What weight do we scale this down to?

  • The WODs are designed with a 175lbs man in mind. 95lbs is 54% of 175lbs–you can use this percentage calculator to figure out what weight you should use scaled to body weight.,0,7088541.htmlstory

  • sarena

    Dammit thanks! I guess that means I get to use 75# since the calculator tells me 73.98!! I am psyched 🙂 Now I just need to sleep.
    Can we drop weight if we cant clean or push jerk that much?

  • A2

    62lbs for me.. I’m using my weight from a few days ago. I’ve been eating and sleeping so much the last 3 days that I should probably use something more like 70lbs…
    The deadlifts and squats shouldn’t be too bad. Can’t say the same about the cleans and push jerks.

  • sarena

    Actually just checked BrandX and they list the women as 65#. Here’s their breakdown:
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    women 65#
    The Porch:
    21-18-15-12- and 9 rep rounds of:
    75 pound Deadlift
    75 pound Hang clean
    75 pound Front squat
    75 pound Push jerk
    women 55#
    18-15-12- 9 and 6 rep rounds of:
    65 pound Deadlift
    65 pound Hang clean
    65 pound Front squat
    65 pound Push jerk
    women 45#
    15-12- 9 – 6 and 3 rep rounds of:
    34-45 pound Deadlift
    35-45pound Hang clean
    35-45 pound Front squat
    35-45 pound Push jerk

  • sarena

    Brutal but doable!
    55# 31;40
    When I decided to go w 52# instead of 65# b4 starting,I was warned if I finish before Keith I’d be rewarded w/ 100 burpees. I tried to speed thru it in anticipation of those burpees but Keith was actually faster by a few minutes.
    I guess I could still do those burpees 😉

  • As Rx’d 26’13”
    Ouch. Court made us do 5 minutes straight of 1 arm KB swings yesterday and my lower back was screaming today. Glad to have finished this one. I’ll be taking lots of vitamin I for the next few days.

  • alex

    29:00 doing a 40 bar, this is after getting a PR for the 5 mile race in central park less than an hour before. I thought I would come in and “get some”. Stick a fork in me cause I am done!

  • 25:03 as rx’d.

  • some people were asking about the best footwear for fight club. personally, i go with bare feet, but otherwise the best choice is a lightweight wrestling shoe, like these:
    most major brands have their own version. you don’t have to spend a lot of money–the $40 pair is more than adequate. basically, they should just be very light, with a thin, flexible sole, and offer a bit of ankle support.

  • A2


  • hari and a2, here’s a link to that front range crossfit zone article. super useful:

  • Hari

    43:40 (Sub 85 lbs)DFL!
    This was definitely the most brutal WOD for me thsi year. Worse than Linda. Worse than anything.

  • Hari

    Dammit, Thanks for the link.

  • Brett_nyc

    Hey Dammit, What’s the story with Fight Club. MMA type training, with pads?

  • A2

    Thank you Dammit.
    Everyone- Good job today. This one was a B

  • Kevin

    27:39 as rx’d
    Damn that was tough! My warmup was the Olympic lifting class with E.C and Keith which was awesome. I learned a ton. I wonder how I would have done on todays WOD if I had done it pre OL class. Thanks guys. Oh and thanks again Keith for letting me do the WOD and Allison and Jeff for the moral support.
    You guys had an awesome crew today. I wish I could have done it with all of you but I took my cats to the vet and that was work. I was hoping Crossfit would have prepped me for that but no dice.;). So much for the rest day yesterday.

  • Dan O

    After waking up so tired I felt as if I had just hibernated for 9 winters, I decided to take the day off. But see, I’m drinking the kool-aid so I decided to workout at 7:00. Went for the 10 minute kettlebell snatch test determined to beat my previous 1.5 pood best of 117. I had to quit at 95 well on pace to beat 117) with 4 ripped calluses. So with throbbing hamburger hands I decided to go for my 500 meter row record. I got 1:34–a tie. I guess I can live with that. Probably should have stuck with my original impulse.

  • sarena

    Oh I decided to go for the burpees after all–did only 50 though and called that a game. Followed buy O-lifting class and later a Keith yoga class.
    Awesome day and an awesome group to work with today!

  • sarena

    I nearly forgot—I have gorgeous black and blue marks mid quads from the cleans. I wonder what tomorrow will bring!!

  • eva claire (ec)

    great oly class keith!
    nice work on the wod xf nyc – it looked brutal. waay too many reps for me.
    great to meet/visit with everyone – please drop in xf boston when in town!

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