Tee’d Off

Bring at least $20 cash and your sweaty ass down to The Box pronto. We’ve got t-shirts (and hoodies)! FINALLY.
And remember, “Respect” t-shirts make a great gift for Father’s Day!
Can YOUR t-shirt do a handstand? I didn’t think so…

Wear this t-shirt, and you, too, will be overhead squatting 135 pounds in no time!


  • Jeff

    I never thought I’d see the day where my “sweaty ass” (along with $20 cash) could conceivably be redeemed for merchandise.

  • Redemption wasn’t part of the deal, Jeff.

  • Justin

    Thank God we have our hoodies now… Thought I might catch a cold going home from the Box tonight.

  • hey, what’s the WOD at the box today??

  • michelle

    well i was going to blow off the workout but now that I know there is shopping involved my sweaty ass will be there!

  • 10 rounds for time:
    10 knees to elbows
    10 good mornings w/45# bar
    10 push ups

  • Moon

    Please. Not only will I be there with $20, but my ass will outsweat anyone else’s in that gym.

  • In an effort to keep better track of scores, weights and times, we’ll be trying to post scores from the sign-in book here.
    Sarah Ahrens – 25:30
    Jacinto – 20:40
    Mike – DNF
    Moon – 23:00
    Dan D – 20:38
    Matthew – 23:39
    Dammit – 13:03
    Rob Egan – 21:11
    Roger – 22:40
    Marhsall – 23:16

  • Justin

    Forgot to write my time in… It was 21:09

  • Mike

    that big ‘ol DNF up there is all the motivation I need…damn.

  • sarena

    Sarena–out of time schedule conflict–
    DNF 10rds–completed 7rds @17:22
    Wow! Ts and hoodies. My ass is comin in Friday!!

  • Jeff

    I’ll be taking about a week off from the Box. Try not to sell out of the shirts in L while I’m away.

  • sarena

    Enjoy ur week Jeff! Rest and recovery?

  • Jeff

    I’ll be spending the upcoming week at Central Park volunteering my time to spot women on their handstand splits.

  • michelle

    I will be there too offering piggyback rides to any men who could use a lift.
    but they cannot weigh more than Josh

  • A2

    A2- 21:4?
    I was peeled off the floor to rush over to bikram yoga.
    Thank heavens for rush hour traffic 🙂 We were too late

  • A2

    Umm.. Dammit, are you human?

  • Moon

    A2 – Stand near Dammit when he moves something heavy. If you listen closely, you will be able to hear the sound of whirring servos. That’s all I’m sayin’ about it.

  • Al

    shallow squats! where is the depth?

  • rob

    I’ll be going climbing Thursday and I’ll be there around 630. Place is City Climbers Club at the Rec Center on 59th between 10th and 11th and the cost is $15.
    This invitation extends to all of the crossfit community, but I know that Yoon was interested inparticular.

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