Runaway and Join the Circus

My friends forwarded me this email and I thought some of you might be interested. 🙂
Check out for inspiration
Subject: OPEN JAMS: CircusYoga in Central Park!
Hey friends,
We had a sweet time in Sheep’s Meadow last Sunday, jugging, spinning, and flying. If you are in town this weekend, join us for some CircusYoga community playtime!
OPEN JAM: CircusYoga in the Park
sunday, may 27 from 3-5pm (spread the word and keep it going on sundays at 3pm)
in the middle of sheep’s meadow (around 69th street on the west side of the park)
flying partner yoga, partner acrobatics, juggling, diabolo, spinning poi, and whatever you bring!
your circus stuff, a blanket, a beverage, and your friends & kids
we’ll fly, spin, juggle, and jam. so spread the word and come….


  • sarena

    Glad to see you thought this may be a fun activity for us crossfitters to participate in. SHould we wear our crossfit Ts to spread the word??

  • David Aguasca

    wooo circus!
    Our youth circus, The Amazing Grace Circus, is going to be performing a short (3.5 min) routine with the Big Apple Circus on either June 20th or June 21st. We will be center ring!
    It’ll be at the Palisades Center Mall. Sarena, you should definitely come check it out!
    Also, if any of you get a chance to see the Big Apple Circus, do it! We got to work side-by-side with one of their clowns for our show in march. He is an amazing clown and an amazing guy.

  • Dan O

    It’s Sunday, and for many of you this particular Sunday is special since you don’t have to work tomorrow. These are my favorite kinds of Sundays. They should be your’s too.
    In celebration of this fine event some of us are going to go down to the HiFi bar on Avenue A and 11th street, where Sean, also known as dammit, bar tends. This should be done before Sean joins the ranks of the parvenu and leaves us all behind.
    Moon and Allison were responsible for a rather largish crowd last week–perhaps they can work their magic again. Sean is there at 9:00 I believe.

  • Adam

    So what exactly is going on for tomorrow’s workout in the park? I’m a little behind since I’ve been stuck in the library non-stop. Where exactly is this Ross Pinetum playground? Are we going to do the WOD or something else?
    On a side note, my chest HURTS from Lynne yesterday. I don’t ever bench. I’m going to my school’s gym to try the workout in the video today but I may bump the weight up to 225. I haven’t decided yet. Fill me in on the park info, I would like to join tomorrow.

  • tabata shots!

  • and midnite HSPU contest.

  • Dammit: I am, of course, in for both.
    Adam: As the park workouts are usually light on equipment (we’ll try to bring rings, med balls, etc., but not much else), we usually dream up something ‘special’.
    As we haven’t been there so far this year, odds are good we’ll bring back a CFNYC Central Park classic:
    400m run
    Tabata squats
    400m run
    Mugging Gone Bad
    A multi-station FGB variant, with a 400m run as a timekeeper.
    Directions to the Pinetum are here:
    Easiest way is to enter at 84th street on either side of the park, then head to the southwest corner of the Reservoir. Given the crowd I suspect this will pull, should be easy to find from there.
    But, in short, worth coming just to see people try and run post-Tabata

  • juan g.

    hope to make the park tomorrow…
    uniform of the day will be crossfit Tshirts, Im guessing.
    today at the box:
    Mike’S XX WOD
    KB cleans (2handed) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Knees to Elbows 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
    Pushups 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Pullups 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
    23:04 using the 16k

  • A2

    Josh- perfect oppertunity for our drinking and kickboxing challenge

  • Michael

    Hmm, I see fight gone bad and tabata fight gone bad.
    i can only guess at what mugging gone bad is.
    on a side note;
    Does anyone have any experience with Pavel’s ‘Bullet Proof Abs’? I am looking to add some more ab work, I understand you need his ‘Pavelizer’ or a partner to make most of this book.

  • A2

    ummm… did everyone watch the WOD video??????? I have have a new appreciation for deadlifts and pushups.

  • I think A2 also has a new appreciation for Brendan.

  • Justin

    Will be at the late class tommorrow, so no mugging gone bad and its been a while since we’ve done it so Im a little sad. Just playing around with my new computer and loving it. Just made the switch to Mac so Im discovering all the love it has to offer.
    Also, tommorrow is my 10000th attempt at the zone. I sware Im going to get it down this time or die trying!!!

  • Michael

    Hey Justin, if you mean the zone diet, i found i did way better when i just followed the concepts rather then ‘the blocks’.
    one thing i do now is go to a good market, get a bag of greens/spinach, a bag of slice carrots, sliced cabbage, bag of sprouts, and bag of mix nuts. then i cook 1 lb or so of good meat (Tuna steak or Filet Mignon.) That way when i get home tired, I just take a little from each bag (usually a handful of meat so say 1/4 lb) and toss with dressing.
    the measurements are close enough for ‘governement’ work and I am sure follow the core concepts of the zone and more importantly i dont end up getting frustrated and dropping out completely.
    same with breakfkast, i makek steel cut oatmeal in sunday, bag it, and just microwave it in the am.
    i’d rather just do it 80% well consistently then try 100% and drop out a lot. just a thought…

  • sarena

    Today’s awesome workout with Mike:
    KB cleans (1handed/each side) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Knees to Elbows 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
    Pushups 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Pullups 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
    Used 8kg KB, full pushups, band pullups @18:15
    Thanks Mike and thanks Keith for the OL class!

  • sarena

    CHeck out this dude single arm statching 90kg

  • michelle

    if tomorrow is not too brutal I was thinking of taking a 12:15 vinyasa class at Exhale on the east side-really really good teacher-if anyone is interested.

  • Yoon

    Here’s some vid my friend Mike took of Saturday’s Empire State Games qualifiers for the NYC team selection. I think he got my 2nd Clean and Jerk at 4:19 the 3rd at 5:02.
    Also, here’s the video of Manuel Minginfel I was talking about at O-lifting class today…
    As an FYI, the big red plates=25kg each, blue=20kg, yellow=15kg, green=10kg. This guy’s speed is amazing.

  • sarena

    Michelle, I’ll join ya for Isaac’s class if you decide to go. Havent taken his class since the last time we went together!

  • Yoon, thanks for posting the links to those videos. So great to get to see you compete, and yeah, that guy Manuel is insanely fast!

  • Yoon

    Glad you liked the videos.
    And I’m so glad I bought a new singlet to replace those ultra skimpy, standard-issue orange ones.

  • Kevin

    Great job Yoon!! Good to see you lifting.

  • Kevin

    Michael I dont own BPA by Pavel but I have reead it through many times. There is a copy at the Box which you should check out. The Pavelizer is good if you want to do the Janda situp at home but you can also do it at the Box by putting a pair of heavy kb’s (70’s or 88’s)between your calves and hamstrings while lying on the ground as in a regular situp. Squeeze your hams and glutes when doing the situp and that disengages your hip flexors so you use your abs more fully. Get an ab wheel or use the one at the Box to do ab wheel roll outs which is in BPA as well. There are also Dragon flags and Full contact twists which are in there as well. I use all these exercises to train abs. Will you be at the box at 6 or 7pm. I can stop by and show you them .

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