In Memoriam

As people are off work and all over the place for Monday’s Memorial Day holiday, we’re diverting slightly from our usual schedule. Classes will be:
10:30am in Central Park (as ever, at the Ross Pinetum Playground; Western side of the park at 84th St., just below the reservoir.
6:00pm at The Box (1026 6th Ave.)
Mark your calendars and meet us there.


  • In the event that it rains on Monday, we’ll meet at the Box. Let’s hope for a nice day. 🙂

  • Just checked the forecast–there’s a 40% chance of storms on Monday. So definitely check the blog on Monday morning if you’re unsure of whether or not class will be at the Box or the park, because we’ll post about it.
    Also, anyone who has a CrossFit t-shirt, definitely wear it to the park on Monday–let’s use the class in the park to spread the word!

  • Justin

    Im only going to the park if we can jump on the tables and get bitched at by everyone again. Plus I think tabata squats into a sprint around the circle should be on the agenda as well. Cant post pics, but I have some pics from one of the park workouts from last summer.

  • Justin, thanks for reminding me–people, definitely bring your cameras, I want plenty of documentation of this workout. Maybe we can even get started on that calendar…

  • sarena

    anyone needs a T? I have a few that I can bring. Let me know.

  • sarena

    SO ahould we assume the O-lifting class is off for the holiday??

  • sarena

    Jus thought that whoever leaves Sat and plans to come to the park–bring some keychains to give out to all our admirers. Help spread the word!!

  • Saturday and Sunday’s classes are still the regularly scheduled classes (10am, 11am, noon, with KB on Sat. and O-lifting on Sun.)–it’s only Monday’s that are changed to what’s listed above.

  • Justin

    Looks like I made October (sharing of course) but of course November is the bday and all…

  • sarena

    Thanks Allison. I was really inspired by u–u worked so f-ing hard tday despite the back pain!! Kudos!

  • Hari

    Lynne: Sub 80% BW BP
    (12,12), (12,10), (10,12), (9,9), (8,11) = (51,54)

  • Michael

    Central Park work-out sounds great! Not sure if there is a WOD, but I posted here once asking Keith if there was such a thing as Tabata sprints and lo! there are….

  • Michael

    BW: 160
    135×5 / 10 PU
    155×5 / 10 PU
    155×5/ 10 PU
    165×3 / 11 PU
    175-Fail/155×3 / 10 PU

  • A2

    Bikram yoga kicked my butt.It was way more uncomfortable than I remembered and the teacher was wearing the tarzan style undies Josh requested. Josh you have to come next time to ask him where you can get a pair. You’ll love it.. I promise 😉
    My everything hurts. I’m still in bed at 3pm. . . Deadlifts and drinking didn’t help.

  • Moon

    10 @135# 8 PU
    8 @145# 8 PU
    7 @145# 7 PU
    4 @155# 4 PU
    4 @155# 1 PU (hands were completely gone by then)
    Suggest that the Monday park crew be heavily laden with brochures, keychains, t-shirts (worn), even signage (hung on a picnic table?) etc. Max of whatever park rules allow. One or two people should be on cover to spot potentially interested people, smile and invite onlookers over to see/hear what is going on and then give a pitch and put a brochure in their hand.

  • For today’s “Lynne” WOD I first attempted an almost-bodyweight weight of 135# for the floor presses (which are most definitely harder than bench presses!) and realized there was no FREAKING way that was happening and scaled it back to 95#.
    For pull-ups, I was doing strict pull-ups (except for the last round, which I quasi-kipped–still learning). Here’s how it went:
    10 presses, 4 pull-ups
    10 presses, 5 pull-ups (switch to chin-up grip helped)
    10 presses, 4 pull-ups
    9 presses, 4 pull-ups
    9 presses, 4 pull-ups
    Everyone was very encouraging, and it helped a lot!

  • A2

    Fo Reals Yo Get me a dang Tshirt!!

  • Jeff

    Who’s going to the morning one and who’s going the evening one at the park?

  • sarena

    A2–I will bring you a CF T to wear!

  • Just to clarify Jeff’s comment: morning park, evening gym.

  • Skipped Lynne this morning and I hit up the bikram yoga class instead. Oh the funk of it all! If only I lacked the sense of smell would it be a bit more bearable. That and the militant yoga teacher who talked to me like I had never done yoga in my life made for a great first experience….oh and the guy with the shortest spandex shorts ever.
    But, I do get a whole week free with the intro special so I am determined to get my money’s worth even if I hate it. I will definitely be up for the Monday am park workout outfitted in crossfit paraphenilia…

  • sarena

    Avery–where did u Bikram and who taught? Maybe I will join you if u plan to go again this week. let me know k?

  • I did it at the 5th avenue yoga studio (btwn 22 and 23rd). I can’t remember the teachers name unfortunately, but will definitely be going back this week….

  • sarena

    If ur up to it, Erik is teacing there Mon at 6. He’s a good friend and a great teacher. Let me know if u wanna do that one. I would need to bring right clothes!

  • A2

    I see myself going to the early class in thepark, having a very light lunch , relaxing in the park for bit then heading to yoga for class #2 The location doesn’t matter to me. I don.t mind having a leasurly down time alone but comany would be sweet.

  • Michael

    I plan on going to the park class and then have a very heavy lunch 🙂 I’d go to the pm class too but Aerobox beckons. I’d do the yoga A2 but I tried Bikram for a year in San Francisco and don’t think I could get myself back in one of those rooms for love or money. Plus given I am too tight these days to do simple exercises like Back Squats yoga seems a stretch (pun intended).
    BTW Josh, if you are ever looking for an alternate outdoor location, especially if the workout is sprint/run related, there is a small track/field in Riverside Park at about 72nd Street.

  • All this talk of attending other classes later in the day after CF makes me think we aren’t making you guys work hard enough.
    We can fix that. 😉

  • Michael

    Well Josh, the social aspect of CF is great, but let’s face it, the workouts are a cakewalk. Especially ones like Cindy where I found myself falling asleep half-way through… or was that passing out?
    Disclaimer to visitors: Extreme irony abounds in the above paragraph.

  • Wait, Josh, no two a days this summer? It was almost going to be like Varisty Football pre-season.
    I think a few people are trying to meet up at HiFi tonight to hang out. Allison and Moon seem to have the social networking button on their phones to spread the word? I’m not even sure who’s around this weekend since I didn’t do class yesterday or today.
    Everyone should come out if they are not drowning in BBQ tonight…

  • Michael

    What is HiFi? No BBQ tonight and I could definitley use a respite from the upper west side…

  • HiFi is the bar Dammit works at down in the LES. It’s on 169 Avenue A.
    Indeed, every now again you should have some respite from the UWS.

  • Michael

    Hey good news on the weather forecast for tomorrow;
    “A few clouds in the morning, but mainly sunny for the afternoon. High near 65F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.”
    If we work it out the course right we might even have nice tailwinds for the run to shave a few seconds off our PRs…

  • Mike

    So I’ve been to two classes about a month ago – and havent been able to come since, but I want to atart up again tomorrow…and I would definitely need an on-ramp class as opposed to a WOD class…so which is which tomorrow? Does it even matter? Anyone know?

  • michael

    is tonights class anm indoor version of mugging gone wild?

  • michelle

    hey Josh Keith and Mike-that was really fun. A guy in my building saw us and left a note on my door asking if it was a workout group from my office (:0)or if it is something he could come and join. I gave him all the info.
    and Josh, anytime u need a piggyback ride let me know.

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