He jokingly calls it “Abs and Stretching”

My sources tell me that today’s WOD includes lots of ab work (like L sits and knees to elbows) and handstand practice (of course–this is Keith we’re talking about). If you want to know more specifically than that, you’re just going to have to show up to class and find out. Get some!


  • Kim

    2×10 @ 45
    1×5 @ 95
    1×3 @ 135
    1×3 @ 185
    1×5 @ 215
    1×3 @ 215
    1×4 @ 215
    WOD – “Tabata Not”
    8 sets of alternating
    15 squats, 10 sit-ups, no rest between, untimed but 8ish minutes.
    Thanks, Keith

  • rob

    Do you know if NYSC offers day passes?

  • A2

    I think you can get a free 2 week trial membership. I’m not sure but I think you would have to pay for the day pass. I’ll find out later for sure.
    Does anyone want to take a bikram yoga class with me? Every part of my body is sore and stretching would help.

  • Avery

    Where are you planning on taking the class?

  • A2

    I have today and tomorrow off. I have a few things to take care of tomorrow afternoon but other than that I can go anytime to any of the locations. When can you go?

  • d00ds, this is off topic, but i’m working tonight at the hi fi and anyone in the vicinity of the east village who feels like getting their scrabble on should definitely stop by. it would make my night 🙂

  • Kevin

    I’m also working tonight at Payard. Anyone who is in the Upper East side or the vicinty, please feel free to stop by. Thanks
    1032 Lexington Ave between 73 and 74 streets.

  • juan g.

    is scrabble at the hifi anytime after 11pm?

  • any time after 9, really. it’s been quiet the past couple weeks.

  • A2

    What time do the scrabble games begin? scrabble is crossfit for the brain.
    I need CrossFitNYC tshirts (XXS). I just got home from doing some Zone shopping at shopNstop. 3 guys came up to me in the store to say I look like I’m in great shape and wanted to know what I’m training for, where I train and asked how they can get some.
    One of them was a manager/trainer for rhino fight team. He noticed my bruises and guessed they were from KettleBells. Then he stared checking out and criticising my food choices. That was a little annoying but it was by far the most interesting conversation I’ve had on a checkout line.
    He gave me his card and it would have been great to have a CrossFit card to give him. I considered giving up my keychain but I’m too attached to it.
    Think about it guys. Do we want more membership?

  • Justin

    Do you live in Queens A2? CMA (where the rhino guys train) is down a few blocks from me and there is a Stop and Shop (the one we go to when we arent to lazy to hike it to Northern) over there as well.

  • A2

    I live in Maspeth. So you live in LIC??

  • alex

    Past 9? Am I the only one who has to be at work at 8am?

  • brett_nyc

    I am so bored at work right now. I rather be doing burpees and L sits.

  • dan

    While I don’t need an extra extra extra extra extra extra extra extra extra extra small T-shirt, (unless I’m running low on wash cloths) a medium T-shirt would be great.

  • Ewen

    Brett: I hear you man.
    alex: I have to be at the Black Box at 7 am, does that count?
    Dammit et al: Haven’t been to Hi Fi in a while but I’ll be in the neighborhood tonight so maybe I’ll swing by.

  • juan g.

    burpees would be cool.
    failed to get up on time for the morning class again, second time in a row now. I hate working evenings.

  • avery

    I could either do the 7 am tomorrow or 7:45 pm…we could go to Flatiron (22nd/23rd on 5th avenue). If you are feeling saucy we could do CF at 6 pm then head over for the night class, but I don’t know what your day looks like. I haven’t been to their studio – do you know what first time policy is like?

  • A2

    7:45 sounds good. I’m game for the WOD at 6 then we can walk down.
    I haven’t been to the flatiron studio yet so we’ll both have to sign some papers. I’m going to pay for a mat so I don’t have to drag mine around all day. We should try to get there a little early to make sure we get spots

  • michelle

    Kevin when do u work at Payard? I was there last week for lunch!
    (I know I know-but I am really not one of the ladies who lunch-but my friend is and it was her call-)

  • alex

    FYI, Josh made us do Bears tonight then do Keiths routine. Double the fun!

  • Kevin

    I’m at Payard Mondays for lunch and dinner from 11Am to 11PM and Wednesday for dinner @ 5PM. What day did you come in Michelle? I was working alot last week since another bartender was on vacation.

  • michelle

    it was wed i think.

  • thats it, brother

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