The P’s Have It

Push Ups, Pull ups, Push Presses, and “Pay to Play” are just some of the highlights of the past week that I’ve managed to capture in photos. The ones that look very pretty are courtesy of Moon’s digital SLR. The not-so-pretty ones are from my tiny little digital camera. Enjoy!
Our pull-up technique is unstoppable.

Everybody up!

Are your shoulders this flexible?

Dan and Paul team up for “Pay to Play.”

Homework assignment completed.

Another Dan, doing heavy push presses.

Graham has his way with the AbMat on some back extensions.

A2 is a MONSTER!

Avery and KW do the fireman’s carry.

He has a muscle up, too.

Our fearless leader, Josh, demonstrating his mad HSPU skillz.

Inspired by this.

Putting my client through “Pay to Play.”

Adam’s weight-vest pull-ups: when regular pull ups just aren’t enough.

Many, many more photos on my Flickr photostream, starting here.


  • Allison

    If anyone’s looking for some inspiration, watch this:
    Go Emmy!

  • Allison

    Oh, and it looks like Steve had a good time teaching us on Sunday night:
    Thanks again, Court!

  • juan g.

    these pics alone are pretty inspiring.
    :) our box is awesome.

  • alex

    Do I dare ask what they did in this mornings class or should I just come and be suprised?

  • A2

    We’re a great looking group of stong people!! You got mad picture takin skillz Allison.

  • David Aguasca

    great pictures, guys!
    i wish i could go in and play too. : (

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