Pressing Matters

Thursday 070517
Push press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps
Post loads to comments.
Interview with Glenn Pendlay:
“Glenn is a big scary bastard. He runs about 6’2” and 330 these days, down from 370 at his peak in Olympic strength. After training, Glenn offered to give me a ride to a pizza joint where we planned to put the place out of business.
He had an enormous pickup truck (as you would expect from most 300lb+ Olympic weightlifting coaches from Texas.) Inside the truck sat a 357 magnum in a holster on the passenger seat. On the console was a can of Copenhagen. The stereo was playing Waylon Jennings. And Glenn had a handwritten note to himself on the driver’s side sun visor. It read “DON’T BE A PUSSY!”


  • Black Box Homework:
    Write a note for yourself that says, “DON’T BE A PUSSY!” and display it in a prominent place.

  • Brett_nyc

    Love it. Happy lifting folks!

  • juan g.

    hmmm where though?
    oviously NSFW, so it has is has to be displayed at home…..
    where is good though?
    maybe lame dry-erase board on my fridge.

  • Moon

    I put mine on my cat’s bed but it does not seem to appreciate the irony.

  • hey, can someone send me court’s email? danke schoen!

  • michelle

    Keith & Allison-maybe we can get that logo on hairbrushes and mirrors? How about it Sarena?

  • Kevin

    Todays WOD
    Push Press
    135 x 3
    145 x 3
    155 x 3
    160 x 2
    160 x 1 shoulder pain from muscleup/power clean WOD
    155 x 2
    155 x 3

  • Brett_nyc

    135×5 warm up
    205xFailed 1st, dumped
    205×3 NEW PR
    205x 2 Failed attempts
    press 135×3
    old 3 rep PR was 175

  • Paul S

    Nice lifting guys!
    I’m fried from HPC and kettlebells, taking a day off.
    Oh, and I was talking to Keith and Allison about this, and Allison mentioned Moon might be interested, but I cannot make the Cotter kettlebell seminar on Sunday. Moon, or someone else, please feel free to take my place. I have to attend to a family matter in Chicago and can’t be there. A gift to you!

  • Moon

    Paul S. – Thanks! I am still uncertain as I’ll be waking up in a campground in far western PA Sunday morning, but I hope to be able to get back in time.
    Free beers for you for some time!

  • Allison? Allie? A2?

    My legs hurt
    I did yesterdays workout at work at NYSC. In the middle of my second round of lunges, some guy decided my path was the perfect place to take his 5min rest and read his newspaper between his sets of seated chest presses. So I yelled “move it, move it, get out of my way”!! I also had to kick someone watching TV off the back extension bench. I must have woke a few people up who were taking a nap on the ellipticals and abductor/adductor machines. Once I was done they came over and asked me to be their trainer.
    Even my boss asked me to run him through what I did and said he never sweat so much in such a short amount of time. He was barely able to finish.
    CrossFit workouts are a spectacle. I told everyone who said this WOD was strange that they should have seen what we were doing the day before.

  • dan

    That’s awesome A2!!! Great story!!!
    I have had NYSC trainers approach me and question what the heck I’m doing. I’m happy to tell them for two reasons:
    *It will help them with their clients (although it is sad they don’t know what I’m doing)
    * It keeps them off my back when I’m doing HSPU against a wall,wallball, or slamming down weights in the squat rack.
    If you really want to see cringing, try doing Linda (the three bars of death) where you set up one bar each for Deadlift, bench press and cleans. People look at you like you belong in Belleview. It’s awesome!

  • dan

    Oh and yeah Keith… Black Box homework!?!?!?
    What’s next…. destroy a piece of corporate art and trash a franchise coffee bar? Start a fight with a complete stranger…. and lose?

  • dan

    Oh and yeah Keith… Black Box homework!?!?!?
    What’s next…. destroy a piece of corporate art and trash a franchise coffee bar? Start a fight with a complete stranger…. and lose?

  • michelle

    Keith-is there any extra credit?

  • Jeff

    Hey guys, my company is giving me a free week pass to some select chain gyms like NYSC and Equinox to promote the corporate fitness program.
    Any opinions on which gym I should pick to take advantage of? I suppose I could check out all of them, but splitting my workout time between the Black Box and 2 or more other places might be overkill.

  • do some crossfit at planet fitness!
    “your assignment…is to trash a franchise big box gym.”

  • Jeff

    Is there a Planet Fitness in Manhattan?
    Normally I’d leave the other gym goers alone, but knowing that I’m “Forging Elite Fitness” now, I might be emboldened to do swings while facing treadmills or over people doing crunches on the mats.

  • Dan, I’m glad you picked up on the Fight Club (or shall we say Fit Club) reference.
    I was just mentioning that I wanted to assign homework like: trash a corporate franchise gym; pick a race with someone running in the park…and lose; and commit random acts of fitness.
    Seems like we could come up with some devious stuff if we tried.
    Michelle, extra credit would be to actually do what the sign says.

  • justin

    Back at the box tonight after my grandma passed away this weekend…
    Does it count that Leslie and I were basically kicked out of NYSC? I mean they didnt take to kindly on all our missed PR snatches and cleans and dropping the weight (they obviously dont have rubber plates). Or the time I almost took some guys head off in the leg press machine. Oh well.
    And I think we should all get “DON’T BE A PUSSY” tats.

  • Dan O

    Would those tats be worn with hip irony or would they come with a gun rack and KC lights?

  • Hari

    Sorry for your loss.

  • Hari

    95, 105, 115, 125, 125, 125, 130(PR)

  • juan g.

    CFWU (x3)
    Beer (x2)

  • Did the 7am class. Clocked myself on the chin during my 2nd rep of my 1st set. After a momentary freak-out from that, managed to get my head back in the game and worked my way up from 80 to 97 pounds. I only got one rep @97# and then I proceeded to fail at that weight several times. But 3 pounds shy of triple digits? Can’t complain. And much, much better than I did back on 070501, which is less than a month ago. Goddamn this CrossFit seems to be working!
    Also was there to assist with the evening classes, and I must say I was very impressed with everyone’s performances–people were working so hard, it was very motivating!

  • Allison? Allie? A2?

    I’m not worthy of that tat. I was a pussy tonight. What the hell??
    I think I need a rest day.
    Jeff- I’m a trainer at NYSC. I’ll train you if you come to my gym 🙂

  • Avery

    A few people have asked me over the past few weeks about my trail running shoes which are both Inov-8 ( I have two pairs in grey (mudroc 290) and blue (flyroc 345 gtx). They are surprisingly light weight and comfortable for a running shoe, but are heavy enough for the trails, walking around the city all day, and I wear them to lift in also – a great multipurpose shoe.
    This is a British shoe brand so finding them stateside can be tricky. My first pair I bought online from a running shop in Kansas (go figure), but now my brother carries the line at his store in Virginia. If you are interested in any of the shoes or would like to order from him and have them shipped to you, let me know and I can give you his info….

  • Allison? Allie? A2?

    I’m still wondering what went wrong for me tonight.
    I think I did
    3 65
    3 70?
    failed 3 times 75??
    I figured I would be able to do more since I did 15 with 65lbs the other night. I’m confused. Disappointed. I’ll be ready next time it comes around!
    You boys were amazing.
    97lbs Allison– You’re the ish

  • carries inov-8, like 13 styles..
    salomon is a pretty cool shoe as well.

  • chad

    “…from a running shop in Kansas (go figure)…”
    go figure?!?!
    go kansas! represent!
    unlike allison, i did no better than 70501. but proly more to do with needing to take it easy than anything else…

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