Mystery Day at the Box

Tuesday 070515

First off, apologies to any and all who showed up for the 7am class today, which did not happen. (We haven’t heard from Josh yet, but are assuming he’s okay.)
Secondly, as CFHQ has a rest day scheduled today, that means it’s up to the first class of the day to set the WOD. Court will be teaching the lunchtime class, and what he picks will be what’s on tap for the day.
For those of you who like to know the WOD before showing up to class, so that you can mentally prepare (or just agonize over?) it, think of today’s class as being a bit like life: a mystery.
So just show up and take your chances. Get some!


  • Avery

    I must be psychic – I decided to sleep in this morning after total muscle failure from last night’s “muscle-ups”.
    Hope Josh is doing alright….

  • michael

    i didn’t realize how much the muscle-ups (or should i say attempted) took out of me until i tried a boxing class last night and could hardly move my arms…

  • michelle

    Allison-will u be at 6 pm class?

  • Yes, I shall be!

  • Allison? Allie? A2?

    What happened at the 1230 class? I want to know what to expect this evening
    I hope josh is ok

  • alex

    I just want you to know that this workout made me so mad, frustrated and feeling pain. See you tomorrow!

  • michelle

    what WAS it ???

  • Today’s WOD was…
    50 Push presses
    Bear Crawl 3 lengths of the room
    40 1-arm KB Front squats a/k/a Rack Squats
    1-arm Rack Walk 3 lengths each arm
    30 1-arm KB snatches each arm
    1-arm Waiter Walk 3 lengths each arm
    20 pullups
    Wheel barrows 3 lengths with your partner
    10 double KB jerks
    Fireman’s carry 3 lengths
    We did it in teams and each teams had to finish each exercise before moving to the next one.

  • It was tons on fun, and Alex you made a great partner! Good work!
    Where were you, Michelle?

  • Sarena

    – hung around during lunch class 2 clean up a bit–wash toilet etc! Had tons of energy, maybe will make it a regular weekly thing for time! Anyone want to do ot another day for time and we can compare?
    Anywayn just wanted to say u guys @lunch class were awesome. Ihad already played nearly 3 hrs otherwise I would have attempted to join ya and reduced ur scores. U all rock

  • juan g.

    damn i wanted to do bear crawls.

  • Selvin and I took 25:17 to finish.

  • Allison? Allie? A2?

    This was fun stuff. Brian was a great partner. Thanks for helping with my pullups and presses. Our time was 26;18 I think
    I have a bruise on my arm. Thanks for falling on me Keith.

  • Thanks for picking me up then dropping me. 🙂

  • michelle

    Allison-got stuck at work. soo pissed. but honsetly i think i need a Phd to understand any of the workout. what is a BEAR CRAWL? Allison- cu tomorrow if u r around at 10.

  • Michelle a bear crawl is a 4-legged crawl across the floor with your butt up in the air. You’re on hands and feet, not hands and knees.
    Yes, I’ll be there at 10am, I’ve got a private client at 10:30. See you then!

  • ayaz

    i think the wod should be called “the grocery list”. big, big thanks to Moon for being a great partner and pushing me along. I shall sleep well tonight.

  • David