Muscling Along

Today’s adventure is 30 muscle ups for time. Various substitutions are 120 pullups and 120 dips, 60 jumping muscle ups and, for the puppies, 30 partner assisted muscle ups.
I chose the puppy workout.
Other workouts today included moving large, heavy rolls of rubber matting and big wooden platforms. I am looking forward to posting some new pics/videos of the Box with all the new toys.


  • Hari

    35:30 Jumping Muscle Ups (Bottom of the Rings even with the top of my head.)
    My plan is to progressively raise the rings, which decreases the contribution from the jump.

  • Paul S

    Couldn’t make it to Xfit, but did the modified WOD tonight: 120 pull ups, 120 dips.
    33min. Slooooooooooow going.

  • juan g.

    is there a no equipment sub for
    both pullups and dips?

  • Kevin

    I misunderstood guys. I ended up doing 120 jumping muscleups. I’m gonna feel this tomorrow. Nice pieces of flesh missing from my wrist/outer palm area. Took my time with this as I was trying to work on the skill and technique of doing the muscleup properly from a dead hang. Lots of hanging. Ouch!! Time unimportant but it was 52minutes something.

  • Adam

    60 jumping muscle ups in 19:55. THe false grip really tore up my wrists. I don’t have calluses there yet.

  • LOL!!! 120 muscleups!!! Kevin, you should learn to read or come into the gym. Clearly you need adult supervision.
    My wrists are torn up too.

  • Justin

    30 assisted Muscle ups in 7:02… My wrists are really screwed up. Pretty soon my whole body will be one big callous.

  • Allison

    Kevin, Adam–TAPE! There’s no way to do these without taping up your wrists, plus lots of chalk.
    I did 30 assisted muscle-ups in 6:29, and I’ve got the matching upper-arm bruises to show for it. I look like some sort of torture victim. (Perhaps I am?)
    Anyway, this didn’t feel like enough of a ‘work-out’ so I also did an hour of vinyasa yoga, some walking, and 2 miles of sprint intervals.

  • Kevin

    I was at the gym when Mike was coaching. I kept hearing 4 to 1 for the pullup/dip to muscleup ratio. I didnt hear about subbing 60 jumping muscleups so it just stuck in there. Oh well.

  • sarena

    Allison, you sure learned well at the cert! Way to go NYC! NYers def have the attitude!

  • Kevin

    Now I see why gymnasts cover their hands in athletic tape and use wristbands.

  • juan g.

    so, no info on the no-equipment subs for
    both pull-ups and dips??

  • Juan if you have nothing to pullup on then you’re kinda screwed. you can do dips off of a chair or bench. maybe you can find something to do body rows on…hanging something off of a door. I’ve seen people do door pullups. Perhaps you should just get your butt into the Box.

  • Kevin

    Like Keith said, door frame pullups are great you just have to make sure its a strong door like the one to enter your home. Or you can do something called doorway or “fingertip” pullups, where you have the entrance to a room and you pullup on the lip of the doorway. You have to make sure you have enough room for your fingertips. This will strengthen your forearms and grip big time along with back and bi’s

  • Ewen

    Doorway pullups can also tear up your doorway over time. At least in crappy appartments like mine.

  • Ewen

    Oh, and assisted muscle ups are almost as good a work out for the assister as for the assistee. Doing 30 weird hang push-curl-presses for time counts for something in my book.

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