Hanging Around.

Friday 070427
Complete as many rounds as you can in twenty minutes of:
65 pound Hang squat clean, 12 reps
7 Pull-ups
Post rounds completed to comments.


  • Kevin

    Keith did you check out those lifters on youtube?

  • Post the links again.

  • Ewen

    9 rounds flat. Barely felt like a workout because my grip was the limiting factor and I had to stand around doing nothing after a few reps. Extremely frustrating. Next time I’ll just do box jumps while I wait for my forearms to unseize.

  • Allison

    9 rounds w/45# and slightly jumping on the pullups.

  • Ewen

    Predictably, soccer tonight got cancelled because of the weather. (With no place to keep dry let alone change/shower, the subway ride home would have been interesting.)
    Hmmm. “Got some” this morning, I think I’ll “come again” at 7pm.

  • Hari

    As RX’d: 7 Rounds Plus 4 HSC’s

  • Kevin

    As Rx’ed
    12 rounds
    pullups on thick bar.
    Pretty funny watching my hands shake while I’m “trying” to drink from my water bottle.

  • michelle

    10 rounds at 20lbs and jumping pull ups. I almost threw up.
    kevin-the product I was telling u about is by a company called Advanced First Aid and its called “2nd skin moist burn pads”. they are amazing -they are actually made from sterile water and they don’t stick to the wound. plastic surgeons use them all the time. They really work. If u can’t find any I can bring in some for u next week

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the info Michelle. I will look for those

  • Ewen

    Came back to the Black Box at 7pm since my soccer game was rained/mudded-out.
    10 rounds + 7HSC (1 round and 7HSC more than 12 hours earlier).
    Lesson of the day: moving faster through the motions, relaxing your grip just enough, dipping under the bar instead of curling it – in a nutshell, being smarter – is the easiest path to better performance.
    The less you work against yourself, the more better faster you work for yourself in a positively constructive way. Ramen, brother!

  • overanother happy person who reads. Very helpful. But I do agree with dude – not all rightif ill spend too much time on this??