Linda Belle

Back in NYC after the weekend cert, we’re armed with new ideas and new enthusiasm for outgrowing our current space on the way towards a facility as great as our hosts’, the beautiful Hyperfit Ann Arbor.
Today, however:
Linda Belle
KB Deadlift
KB Floor Press
KB Clean
Mix up either arm as you fit, and storm through for time.


  • michelle

    ok have any of you actually gained weight since starting crossfit? I mean I like my sweets but I have put on a good 5-6 lbs since starting crossfit. is this “normal”? Or am I just getting old and fat and taking crossfit happens to coincide with the timing of it?

  • dan

    I’ve become quite lean combining Crossfit and following a pretty strict Zone Diet. My carbs come almost exclusively from fruits and veggies. Rarely do grain or other starch products touch my lips (sans a few pints every now and then)
    Hit this link on the crossfit main page under FAQ 7.1. Then go buy and read Enter the Zone by Dr. Sears. I bought it used on ebay for about $5 including shipping.
    Also buy a cloth tape measure. There is a formula in the book to keep track of body fat based upon weight and measurements.

  • Justin

    I have, but its because my diet has been crap the past 6 months. When I first stated crossfit though 1 1/2 years ago, after the first 6 months I was down to 187 lbs and leaner than I had ever been.
    But if you are doing more power and olympic lifting then you did before, the weight gain would be normal as you are burning fat and putting on lean muscle.

  • Cesar.

    Michelle, maybe you’ve put on 5-6lbs of muscle. That’s why is so important to measure your body fat %. to make sure you’re on the right track. You should consider Dan’s advice.

  • josh

    Cesar’s right – it’s very, very common for new CrossFit’ers to add scale pounds due to lost fat but gained muscle.
    Body fat testing is the best way to verify, though I also recommend the mirror test: stand naked in front of one and jump up and down. If, once you stop jumping, parts of you that shouldn’t be are still moving, bad news. ;)

  • juan g.

    yeah im down like 20 pounds..

  • michelle

    Josh-that mirror test just scares me. I don’t even know what to say.

  • michelle

    thanks all for your answers. I am throwing out the scale!

  • Keith W.

    A more useful exercise would be to list all the benefits that have befallen you since starting the program and all the negatives.
    You should list under benefits the strength you’ve acquired, new skills acquired, and other metrics of an improved life.
    Under the negatives you should list weight gain and abuse that you’ve suffered.
    Do not forget to note any unexplained phenomena such as doing poses in yoga that you couldn’t do before or better sex or less back pain or improved social skills.

  • sarena

    Yeah, Michelle didnt you tell me just the other day you dont own a scale and never weigh yourself? What’s up? You said to me the best is to judge how you look and feel in your clothes!!
    But I do know about that snacking every so often–at least you do talk about it. You decide what’s worthwhile for you. Also as Keith said, you are doing so much that you couldnt do just a short while ago.
    You be truthful as your own judge!

  • michelle

    Thanks keith. yes-crow to handstand the other day was a first-and away from the wall! And don’t forget having my son think I am supermom:)
    Sarena-you missed the point of my question completely. It was a question seeking concrete substantive answers and facts. Not an invitation for psychoanalysis. I do not own a scale. I was weighed by a physician yesterday and therefore found out that I had put on weight since my prior visit right before starting crossfit. Since all of my clothing still fit it was perplexing to me how i was able to put on so much weight-5 lbs for a thin person is a lot in a short time- while not having changed my eating habits one iota. I now learned from Keith and others about the early build of muscle mass from the CF workouts. I don’t know what the snacking comment has to do with my question. As for the deicison as to what is “worthwhile” -this is not a question of- do I continue to do crossfit if it means the number on the scale goes up, but rather, why does the number on the scale go up if I am exercising harder and more efficiently than I ever did in my life-including the many years of strict dance training. So I was looking for real answers in the same way I want to make sure I learn the proper form for the exercises. The “throwing away the scale” was for atmospherics.
    Again-thanks guys for ur useful answers. It makes much more sense now.

  • sarena

    Ok got the point. I also found all the posts useful as well. I was trying so hard to lose weight, while CFing and eating strict zone. It was happening but really really slow. It was perplexing to me well. Now that I havent been CFing for 5 weeks I lost 10lbs. I am sure some will come back as I slowly resume and rebuild the muscle mass.
    Michelle–I think it truly makes sense about muscle mass since your clothes fit you well and your build is on the slight side with lots of new muscle–evidenced by your ability to do some many new skills and tricks!

  • michelle

    No problem sarena-actually the physician wanted to make sure there was nothing else “wrong” with me since I have never put on weight that fast-except when i was pregnant with my twins.
    Turns out its just good ol crossfit!

  • juan g.

    just saw some new pics of CFNY at ann arbor on the hyperfit blog, some vids too.

  • michelle

    what are we doing today?

  • Brett_nyc

    In the 14 months I’ve been doing crossfit I’ve seen a steady gain in weight. Probably 15lbs worth, up to 210lbs now. I’m 5’10″, it’s the heaviest I’ve ever been, new PR I suppose. My body fat% is probably the same, maybe a hair lower than since before starting Crossfit. However, I am able to sprint faster, run longer, lift heavier weights, for more reps, in less time. I’ve flirted with eating strictly zone a few times and seen some drop in body fat. I have one of those body fat scales, but it’s often misleading for a number of reasons. I’ve yet to find a good way to stick on a strict Zone diet. I’m rambling, but I’d finish by saying it’s fine to gain weight, probably expected, and by eating Zone-ish, it’ll probably be gaining muscle, losing some bodyfat.

  • sarena

    WU w/
    shoulder dislocates, then 3 reps:
    samson stretch
    10 squats w/pvc
    10 push ups (knee)
    10 ring body rows
    10 8kg rows (each side)
    then did 500m row
    will do 3 mile brisk walk later

  • michelle

    keith what is up for 12

  • juan g.

    who’s going to the next cert, in september?
    The Portland facility, ‘crossfit hel’ looks pretty cool.
    That net looks fun.

  • josh

    Don’t know if we’re doing September or October, but we trainers are trying to make it to two certs a year – both to hone skills and to make sure we’re tied in to the broader CF community.
    In the wake of this past weekend, we’re not only working in a slew of new drills, but are also lining up five or six very cool seminars: rowing technique with Angela Hart, sprint mechanics with Karl Geissler, and various aspects of general CF bad-ass-ness with Eva, Nicole, and Annie. Coach may be passing through as well.
    So, in short, start working hard so you don’t embarrass us. ;)

  • sarena

    Awesome Josh! Looking forward to seeing all our role models (NYC trainers of course incl) on the home front!

  • Hari

    Juan G,
    “who’s going to the next cert, in september?”
    I keep postponing and then getting closed out. After hearing the reviews from Ann Arbor, I’m afraid to let Portland pass. If others from NYC are heading to Portland, then I may want to go as well. Are you (or anyone else)definitely going?

  • Hari

    Linda: 26:53 Scaled to 80% BW. Major form problems, especially with cleans. Keith was wondering where he went wrong with me.

  • juan g.

    im on the fence as well and I want to see who else might go before committing.
    If anything im leaning towards the Portland cert. though because I think they have the bigger gym, but then again Josh said some of the trainers might go to one.
    So it would be cool to roll with them.

  • dammit

    i’m going to portland in september. just put my deposit down.
    yesterday, linda as rx’d, with power cleans: 34:51. VERY TIRED today.

  • Dan O

    I’ll be in Portland as well in Sept.

  • juan g.

    then im in as well,cool.
    just put down my deposit.
    September 15th and 16th Portland Certification Deposit – $250.00

  • Court

    Awesome, guys, you’re going to have an amazing time. And you’ll all have CF NYC T-shirts by then, so you’ll be able to represent, big time.

  • Court

    Michelle, I get queries about weight gain from many of my female clients from weight training and all I can say is that gaining mass is nothing but a good thing…if your clothes still fit the same or you’re even losing inches, that’s a beautiful thing. Nothing helps us to maintain our health like a good strength base…Plus, you can kick ass as “Super-Mom”! The 70′s and 80′s “weight loss” paradigms in the popular media have screwed up our perception of health, big time.

  • Moon

    Linda Belle – 19:46.
    Deadlifted the big one.
    Pressed the 16kg
    Cleaned the 12kg.

  • Moon

    Anyone use or heard of MBT shoes? I’m hearing strong reviews from lay people but they are indeed pricey. While I was thinking of the more dress shoes for work (IT field – so long as we show up wearing at least pants, everyone is happy), I also idly considered if setting up such imbalances would add/subtract from CF workouts.

  • Rob

    I’m all signed up for Portland too. How many is that so far, four? Five if Hari signs up. I think that’s a good presence so far.

  • juan g.

    they look kinda funky, I passed on trying them out as a crossfit shoe.
    but i guess the idea is you get a workout from using these shoe on a daily basis.
    zappos carries them though.

  • michelle

    Court-thanks for responding-that makes me feel that I am doing something right!

  • sarena

    I nearly bought those MBTs a couple years ago after being conned into them at a shoe store. But they were really uncomfortable

  • michelle

    my good friend who is a yoga teacher and a fitness enthusiast got them. at the end of it all (2 pairs later) she said the only thing they actually did for her was make her taller.

  • Avery

    I own three pairs of the MBTs (My roommate works for Bliss Spa so I get an excellent deal on them). My favorite is the professional-esque clog which I wear in the kitchen at work when I have to stand 12 hours a day. They are comfortable and supportive of my back – much more so than the other professional clogs I have worn in the past (Dansko, Birkenstock, etc.) I do notice a bit of soreness in my hamstrings if I haven’t worn them in a few weeks, but that pretty much disappears after a day or so of regular use.
    The athletic shoes on the otherhand are pretty pointless in my opinion unless you can only walk for exercise or something. They aren’t very stylish (imo) and there’s nothing those are going to do for you that some squats wouldn’t do. I certainly wouldn’t do a Crossfit workout in them as they do not provide any real ankle stability. I guess if your core is very, very weak then these might help a bit, otherwise save your money and buy some sneakers that fit your feet properly.

  • Hari

    “I’m all signed up for Portland too. How many is that so far, four? Five if Hari signs up. I think that’s a good presence so far.”
    Just went to sign up, and it’s closed out. Agghh!

  • justin

    Im just hoping they open up an east coast cert(rumors abound about it) or at least one in Florida so I can go back home for a while.

  • Kevin

    Its awesome that you guys are doing the cert. I would like to hit east coast(Boston?) or West Coast(Oakland or Santa Cruz, Valencia etc. )I can do the cert and visit my sister in Cali.
    I also gained about 5 to 7 pounds on Crossfit. Definitely not a goal. I do think its muscle since I am still lean. When I started Crossfit in January of this year I was 155. Now I am up to 160- 162. My strength-endurance and conditioning has improved greatly. Not sure about max strength though. Since I started Crossfit I havent been working on it as strictly as I used to. I focused most of my effort on max strength for a year before Crossfit. I think I might have lost a bit. Have to continue training my CNS and gain strength proportionately with the weight gain. Or whats the point? ;)
    Joking aside,I have learned a ton from all you guys

  • sarena

    Give HQ a call and see if u can squeeze your self in. ASk, it cant hurt and mention that you wanna join all your NYC buddies who just signed up!

  • michelle

    Kevin that is interesting.And you are so lean.
    I am telling you-I went from around 117/118 to 124. I never saw 124 in my life except when i was pregnant with my three kids. It must have a lot to do with muscle gain-I cant explain it any other way since I am wearing the same size clothing and i happen to be in better shape now at 37 than I probably have been since I danced in college. yay crossfit!
    Guys let me know who is gouing to the next cert. i couldnt do the septmeber one bc its over rosh hashana but would be interested in going to another one. Arizona sounds appealing actually bu tthe gym looks tiny .

  • Justin

    So, um for today, does that mean we have to do 210 jumping MUs????

  • Brett_nyc

    Hey Trainer, i it still possible to order a hoodie? Somehow I never got around ordering one.

  • Hari

    “Give HQ a call and see if u can squeeze your self in.”
    Good idea, Sarena. I sent them an email. We’ll see.

  • Hari

    CrossFit Customer Service responded that I am number one on the wait list and am likely to get in.

  • sarena

    Way to go Hari!

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