A rest day double header:
1. Max pullups
2. For time, 45 x 1/2BW thruster


  • Ewen

    20 PUs (kipped of course)
    72lb thrusters instead of 95lb x 45: some bleh time that doesn’t really matter. Form was atrocious.

  • Adam

    Shawn, I didn’t get your mail address before you left yesterday so here is that link for o-lifting I was telling you about. It’s more about lifting programs that actual technique but hopefully it will help some. Link is safe for work.
    And as for today’s workout, I’m too beat from O-lifting all Sunday morning and Cindy yesterday. I’m going to enjoy my day of rest. You guys all have fun with this beast!

  • Allison

    Yeah I definitely am glad today was my rest day…
    Adam, great link, through which I found this other link about women and weightlifting:
    here’s an excerpt: “The bottom line is that everyone, regardless of sex, gets out of a correctly designed training program exactly what they put into it. Ineffective ‘firming and toning’ routines have no basis in physiology, and the results obtained from them demonstrate this rather conclusively.”
    Amen to that.

  • Kevin

    My crazy self showed up today to do this Two’fer workout.
    Max pullups 32
    80lb thruster for 45 reps time 3:56

  • Adam

    After rereading the link I posted above, I noticed that the website is written by the co-author for “Starting Strength.” Maybe that’s why I always found it so useful

  • Justin

    10 pull-ups
    115lb thrusters 45 reps 6:29