Steve Cotter KB Seminar at CrossFit NYC May 20!

CrossFit NYC is proud to host Steve Cotter’s first ever Kettlebell
seminar in New York City!

Steve is well known as one of the most skillful and accomplished KB
instructors in the US, the author of the outstanding “Encyclopedia of
Kettlebell Lifting” Vol. I & II, as well as a two time full contact
kung fu champion. He is a strength and conditioning consultant for
the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers and other
professional sports teams, as well as to the US Marines at Quantico
Marine Corps Base. He is a renowned expert in leg strength and
stability and was recently featured in the CrossFit Journal and Alwyn
Cosgrove’s article in Men’s Health and MSN frontpage for his ability
to perform one-legged squats (or “pistols”) with two 88 lb
kettlebells, as well as jumping pistols. He was a competitor on the
US National Girevoy Sport team, competing in Latvia this past year at
the World’s GS International. Afterwards, he traveled throughout the
former Eastern Bloc countries to learn from the most advanced
practitioners and now brings us the latest refinements in training

Steve will cover the fundamentals of KB techniques including the
Swing, Clean, Jerk, Snatch and Squat. He will also cover bodyweight
conditioning derived from his years of Chinese Internal Martial Arts
training, as well as his degree in Kinesiology and expertise as a
master BOSU trainer.

This is a rare opportunity to train with Steve on the East Coast, as
he will be a featured lecturer and teacher at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen
Initiative, speaking on a guest panel with Lou Reed, Professor Robert
Thurman and Dr. Vijay Anand on Monday, May 21.

As such, we will be hosting the seminar Sunday, May 20 from 6:30-9:30pm.

Due to the relatively short notice and opportunity of this event, we
are offering this seminar for a one-time only price of $125 ($99 for
CFNYC members). You will never again see the chance to train with
Steve Cotter directly for three hours at such an affordable rate.
Make the most of this opportunity to train with one of the foremost
kettlebell and movement experts in the US.

We are expecting a very high degree of interest in this first time
seminar and space will be limited, so sign up now!

$125 for non-members:

$99 for members: