We’ve done it again. Thanks to all of your hard work, I’ve been able to compile another video.


  • Kevin

    Awesome vid Keith. Where am I?

  • Your agent told me you were holding out for more money, so until we reach an agreement I’m not allowed to put you in my movies. Sorry, Kev.

  • Allison

    Nice music selection…these videos keep getting better!

  • Tommy A.

    KEITH! I haven’t checked the site in a while… under doctor’s orders to not train at all for four weeks (ending tomorrow). Is it too late to get in on the hoodie order? Size L, “founding member” (who’s only ever been once… but now back in NYC full-time).
    Thank you bro… looking forward to getting back after it.

  • sarena

    great vid keith> nice back squats. whats your weight there?

  • juan g.

    cool video!

  • David Aguasca

    wheeee! the pull-up contraption looks great.
    i have to apologize for forgetting to send the flyers. i messed my knee 10 days before the show and was pretty stressed out about making it through it all.
    the gym looks amazing, anyway. can’t wait to see it again!

  • Moon

    It is said that the camera adds 10 pounds – do we get to account for that in our PR’s when videotaped?