Quick Apology, New Backup Plans, Etc.

To those who showed up last night to find the gym closed, my sincere apologies. I managed to get food poisoning, and communicated that mainly with my toilet, rather than Keith, Court or anyone else who might have covered.
That said, all classes are on, the gym is moving at full speed, and we’re now putting into place a handful of backup plans so something like that doesn’t happen again.
Similarly, starting next week, we’ll be adding a 6:00pm class, and sub-dividing Saturday and Sunday mornings into a 10:00 and 11:00 class. Look for details here, and apologies again.
‘Pukie’ Newman


  • Ewen

    The new schedule sounds great, but isn’t puking outside of a WOD context against the rules? I would hate to see the Black Box lose it’s Crossfit affiliation.

  • Kevin

    I know its a rest day but any ideas on what we are working on tomorrow?

  • 11 and 12 would be a little more merciful 🙂

  • Avery

    There’s no mercy in Crossfit. And no crying either for that matter.

  • Dammit – I’m with you. But consensus seems to be there are more people who’d actually attend a 10:00 then a 12:00 class. Still, as we’ve been getting a lot of emails of late from incoming prospective members, I suspect a 12:00 class is coming soon too.

  • justin

    Oh there’s plenty of crying, you just can’t be a baby… Today’s workout was:
    10, 8, 6, 4, 2
    KB snatch
    sott’s press
    KB clean
    push jerk
    overhead KB lunges
    then switch arms
    …After the jumping MUs yesterday and this today, my shoulders are thoroughly fried. Started with the 16k bell, but realized I couldnt keep my arm extended on the lunges so had to drop to the 12k. Cant remember my time, somewhere at 19:00 mins.

  • Kevin

    That was some rest day today with the 10-2rep kb workout. In the 8 to 6 rep range I noticed I wasnt fully extending my arm on the split jerk and overhead lunge. But I found my groove again and was able to lockout the arm .
    I noticed when I got my arm close to my head by my ear and even slightly behind, that helped me with the lockout big time.
    Time 16:15 with 16kg

  • Who’s afraid of Frindy?

  • avery

    Today’s WOD was:
    10 thrusters
    10 pullups
    How many rounds for time.
    The am class subbed jumping pullups with the rings, and I used a ten kilo bar.
    21 rounds

  • Kevin

    Keith awesome workout. Thank you so much for letting me get in there late. It was cool gutting it out along side you too. And great music selection.
    No other way to blast through a brutal workout than with some brutal music.
    Todays WOD
    10 thrusters with 65lbs
    10 pullups
    12 rounds in 20 minutes

  • Brett_nyc

    As RX’d 11 rounds +5 thrusters, last round of pullups was jumping, blew out a callous on round 10.
    1ST MUSCLE UP TODAY!, GOT 4 TOTAL in warmups.

  • Ewen

    Busy appartment hunting these last few days. Rans a mile, did a complete 15 rep CWUx3 today (broken pull-ups and dips), then a few 400 meters, and ran home.
    Conclusion: I suck a$$, and/or that cold is hitting me harder than I thought, ’cause that was a really pathetic showing today.

  • congrats, brett!