Suiting Up

After much delay, we’re getting ready to place our first T-Shirt / hoodie /baby T order. And while we’ll be picking up a number of extras of each, to make sure we have enough in your size, please chime in with your size, whether you’d like a T or Hoodie (or both), and whether you’re a founding member (which we have a record of, but I’m lazy).
Shirts will be either grey or black, with ‘Respect’ on the front, the logo (up on the left of this page) on the back, and – for founding member hoodies – ‘Founder’ on the sleeve.
Hoodies will be zippered American Apparel, T’s and baby T’s some other company whose name now escapes me that uses a slightly heavier material less likely to stretch out mid-WOD.


  • Ewen

    I already went the old fashioned way and signed up in writing, but just in case: XL hoodie (founder) + L T-shirt

  • Kim

    For time 21-15-9
    Overhead squats
    2 hand kettlebell swings
    45 pound bar – to much – my form sucked
    1 pood KB
    Thanks, Keith

  • i want one of both, both L. black. founder, please and thank you.
    “respect” on the front, huh? i was pulling for the power formula on the front, and all the rest of the info on the back. oh well.

  • juan g.

    both in large.

  • sarena

    Definitely founding member Josh! What a question.
    Hoodie-size S ? use ur judgement-chocie of color on this? if ye, grey
    baby T-size m-assume this is a girl’s cut?
    Thanks. I wanna play CF soon–real soon.

  • sarena

    I guess this means u guys will all get to wear them for your cert in Ann Arbor–and I didnt get that opportunity. Good thing I had a CF pittsburg T. But in all honesty, I listened to KW and didnt wear it in respect

  • Avery

    I would like both, black please, founding member.
    If the hoodie is american apparel men’s – small. If it is a female apparel – medium.
    Same with the other brand for the tshirts, I suppose. No baby t for me, thanks.

  • Justin

    Both, black, large, founding member…
    For the workout today:
    Kb swing
    4:02, 95lbs, 1.5 pood

  • Leslie

    Grey and black shirts – L
    Founding member – L
    Today’s workout
    65 lb OHS
    1 pood KB

  • The first run of T’s will be “Respect” T’s. I hope to come out with new T’s at regular intervals that have different tag lines: “Power”, “Get Some!”, “Honor”, “FMT!” etc.

  • juan g.

    how about
    CrossFit NYC “3,2,1 GO!”
    from coach glassman’s video a few days ago

  • Allison

    grey baby-T in medium.
    founder member hoodie in women’s medium.

  • Rob E.

    Can I get a grey in Large? Unless you think they size small, then make it an XL. Founder please. Thank You.

  • Paul S

    Founding member.
    Large – grey – hoodie.
    Medium – grey – T shirt.

  • Sunny

    founding member. hoodie + T-shirt both in medium. thx!

  • Kevin

    Founding member
    Medium -black- t-shirt

  • Justin

    So, yeah the motherships WOD for today is the filthy 50s… We doing that today?

  • Joni

    medium black baby-t
    medium black hoodie
    founding member

  • juan g.

    my legs are still feeling like I took a bullet to each major muscle group, the filthy 50 is going to be brutal.
    so is founder money still being accepted?

  • so are they doing the crossfit 500 at the box today? if there aren’t enough medicine balls we can always do thrusters 🙂

  • Paul S

    the 500 is, in fact, the NYC crossfit WOD.
    we staggered the starts and made it through just fine, but there were 4 people. 7pm can get crowded. good luck!

  • Kim

    Sorry, well maybe not, to miss the 500. But I did get some good news from my biannual stress test. For those of you too young to be concerned about such things, dreaded “stress test” measures whether you have any cardiac issues. It’s a standard part of preventative medicine for men over 40 and women over 50.
    At age 50 it was my time to get checked. I also had an outstanding question of my cardiologist about the high heart rates I was experiencing during WOD’s – upwards of 105% of what is considered max for my age. The standard thinking is that it is dangerous to go above 90%.
    There are many ways to determine max heart rate (MRH) – the standard is 220-age. For me that’s 170 – 90% being 153. My doc had warned me that going above MHR is potentially dangerous. But that danger can only be accessed by actually driving my heart to the max and seeing if any abnormalities happened.
    The test is done on a tread mill with you hooked up to a continuously running EKG. The tread mill increases in speed and steepness every three minutes. I was told before I started that at my age I would be able to go for 10 minutes or so.
    I went for 15 minutes and drove my heart rate to 106% (182 BPM) before we called it quits.
    Everything was completely clean. No PVC’s, no missed or extra beats, nothing. No distress. I could have gone on, but there were other people waiting.
    Two other observations: not only was I able to do the workload (they said I had the exercise capacity of a 26 year old – whatever that means) but my heart rate dropped to 120 in first minute after we stopped. Meaning not only could I do the workload, but I recovered quickly. Second; I don’t train to run because of bad knees. But I was able to do the run and excel anyway.
    What does this have to do with CrossFit? The last stress test I had I only lasted 8 minutes and got to 94% of max and I was two years younger.
    My doc and the techs administering the test were flabbergasted. The bottom line is that there is no reason I personally can’t work at 106%. YMMV.
    Best, Kim

  • Congrats, Kim. That’s really spectacular. Tell your doctor to send his fat, lazy and overstressed patients to our gym. Of course, we may put him out of business.
    We had 17 people in tonight’s class!!!! Plans are officially in the works for adding another (possibly beginners) class. It was really scary tonight. Thanks to everybody that worked out hard without killing each other or breaking anything.

  • Since tomorrow’s WOD is a 5k run, we’ll be focusing on some basics instead. Tomorrow’s Black Box workout will be 5×5 back squats. The focus will be on form and depth.

  • juan g.

    that is awesome kim.
    and an awesome 500 wod tonight.
    larges on both the tee and the sweatshirt
    founder over here as well.
    just awesome, awesome and awesome.

  • sarena

    Kim–just awesome. You are capable of men much younger than yourself! I am sorry I never got back to you earlier but things were a bit hectic tonite!
    I am so envious of you all working out and playing CF. Maybe I would heal faster if I could figure out a way to sleep more than 1.5hrs at a shot but i guess fevers will do that to you. I am so exhausted and weak…..and not used to not doing ANYTHING

  • the 500 was chaos, but it was a blast. cheers to everybody for gutting it out.

  • Dave C.

    Both, black, medium, founding member –thanks!

  • Rob E.

    Can you add a large black tee to my order

  • jalgera

    My CNS thanks you for the basics today… The FF last night was crazy. How we finished in any decent times at all is beyond me but great job all!!!

  • Jamal

    The hoodie, black please and medium. The t small and grey. Founding member. New logo after the 500 should read: “Crossfit, Carnival of Pain”

  • michelle

    Hi Josh-Black hoodie in small-founding member and baby t shirt in medium also black. thanks!

  • Kim

    5×5 Back Squat
    Thanks, Keith.
    Best, Kim

  • Kevin

    5×5 back squat

  • Ewen

    Soccer yesterday + screwed up both feet somehow and felt tired this morning + soccer tomorrow = back in the saddle Sunday.
    Would have loved to do the 500 and 5×5 back squat, though. Oh well, my loss.
    See you Sunday

  • ah, dang, i had cleans for my ME black box today. maybe i’ll come in tomorrow and do them again anyway.

  • juan g.

    so me blackbox is done every middle wod.
    like this?
    for how long are ya supposed to keep this up?

  • as long as you want to keep getting stronger, i guess. send me an email, juan, to, and i’ll send you a copy of the performance menu issue in which coach rutherford details his black box concept.

  • Jamal

    Guys I’m not familair with the term (acronym?) ‘ME,’ what’s that mean? I further don’t know what ‘performance menu’ is. Can I find this all on the main site?

  • here’s a thread from the CF messageboards that has lots of good info:

  • oh, and also, “ME” stands for “max effort,” and performance menu is an online magazine (in pdf format) produced by crossfit norcal (although actually, i believe they’ve severed their formal crossfit affiliation):

  • juan
  • Jamal

    Thanks for the info. Two more questions if I’m not being annoying: What’s the black box thing mean (I forgot to ask)? And does anyone have any idea about crossfitters in Denmark, specifically Copenhagen? I’m going there soon and would like to train. Thanks

  • Jamal

    Sorry I was silly. I’ll just email for a copy of the article on the black box concept. Thanks

  • From Wilkipedia:
    Black box is technical jargon for a device or system or object when it is viewed primarily in terms of its input and output characteristics. Almost anything might occasionally be referred to as a black box: a transistor, an algorithm, the Internet.
    The opposite of a black box, a system where the innards are available for inspection (such as a free software/open source program) is sometimes known as a white box, a glass box, or a clear box. Points of view such as interactive computation may see a black box as a useful fiction.
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  • Kevin

    Hey all. Any idea on the WOD for Sunday morning. I wanted to do cleans today but woke up late. Felt great.

  • ron

    Large for both

  • Allan E

    Medium black hoodie & medium grey T for me, thanks!
    (founder member)

  • Allan E

    Medium black hoodie & medium grey T for me, thanks!
    (founder member)

  • John

    Medium black hoody

  • Dan B

    Sign me up for a medium t-shirt and large (founder) hoodie. Thanks

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