I have to apologize for the recent bout of no-shows. Apparently, my partners have all caught a case of “The Flakes.” Mike has a “real job” and doesn’t have time for us anymore. After oversleeping Wednesday morning, Court has fled the State. Joshua is all like, “I’m too busy with my film company.”
Apparently between my 9 weekly yoga classes, 8 regularly-scheduled CrossFit classes and 8 privates, I have to find the time to teach everybody elses classes too.
Have no fear. I will be at the Box on Saturday and Sunday morning. I will be dishing it out.
“So You Think You’re a Spartan?” a/k/a FMT!!!!
25x Pull-ups
50x KB Swings
50x Push-ups
50x Squats
50x Knees to Elbows
50x Walking Lunges
25x Pull-ups
For Time


  • John

    I just hope the Saturday class finishes in time to clear out for the Sunday class.

  • David Aguasca

    hahaha, is that F* Mark Twight?

  • David Aguasca

    p.s. if i lived in the city, i’d totally cover for you, keith ; )

  • Justin

    Well, I would cover, but I dont think anyone is going to get fit doing 25 play resistance fall of mans for time…

  • Kevin

    That 300 workout was brutal. I never looked forward to squats and walking lunges so much in my life. Those knees to elbows totally kicked my ass. Now I have the blisters and broken calluses to prove it. Thanks Keith!!
    Spartan workout,
    time: 20:13
    swings with 24kg bell

  • sarena

    I guess I cud offer 2 cover 4 ya Keith if I was healed LOL!!! Am doing horrible high temp 102 and all.

  • Kim

    F* FMT’s “300”. I went climbing today. Did a problem that I hadn’t been able to do. Fun! Suny got up a 5.8! Two grades higher than she had climbed before.
    Best, Kim

  • Allison

    I finished FMT in 19:09, doing assisted pullups with the mid-sized band, swinging the 1 pood KB, and doing from-the-knee pushups. The knees to elbows was definitely the most challenging part of the workout (I did them 10 x 5). And can I just say how much I love doing air squats to Rage Against the Machine? Seriously…

  • Hahaha. No love. No love at all.
    I take all the time and money I can from my ‘real’ job’ to get CFNYC up and running, and all I get is a call out as a flake on our own site.
    Fret not: I’ll be in action, covering all my classes, for all foreseeable weeks to come.

  • Josh, I’m gonna start calling you, “Hollywood.” 🙂

  • photoman

    that’s not the 300 workout but it’s a decent approximation. the real killer in it is the kettlebell clean and jerks.
    and really boys, do you really not like Mark Twight.
    let’s have CrossfitNYC be a little more free thinking than that.
    best of luck to everyone

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