In an effort to make life easier for those working out on their own part of the time, and at the gym the rest, we’re sticking closer to the workouts these days, channeling our creativity into what would there be rest days.
So, yesterday, we hit Nasty Girls:
3 Rounds for Time:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
10 Hang cleans
We subbed 21 pullups and pushups for those without muscle-ups.
Today, it’s push press time:
Push Press 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
More jump bands (for assisted pullups), and some fractional plates (for smaller incremental increases on heavy lifts, like today) arrived this morning, and a slew of other odds and ends are on their way. Now all we need is more CrossFitters!


  • Justin

    I was wondering if there were any plans to add some new class times? I know that some of the classes have been pretty full lately and I know there was talk of different times, but wasnt sure where yall stood on this right now.

  • justin

    And another question, is subbing jumping muscle ups for the MU in the WOD from yesterday appropriate?

  • dammit

    hey justin–i think doing a ring pull-up, jumping through the transition, and then doing a ring dip is at least as good a sub as the FAQ-specified 3 pull-ups/3 dips. that’s what i tell myself, anyway.
    i dunno if i’m ever going to be able to get that muscle-up. just doing the jumping transitions yesterday left my elbow with a headache. i was thinking of working on it with the assistance bands today, and if that makes the ache worse, then eff it. there are plenty of other things to work on.

  • Kevin

    Push press 7 x 3
    empty bar worked up to 155 x 1. Did 2 more reps with it but could’nt lock out.

  • justin

    I feel your pain (literally) on trying to nail the MU dammit. I get the same problem with my left elbow. I can only do pull-ups sparingly, but suprisingly enough, ring pull-ups are a but less painful, but eventually tweaks the elbow. The extra few lbs dont help either.

  • dan

    Justin, yesterday I did what I’ll call the “Ill-tempered” girls workout:
    3 rounds
    50 squats to medicine ball
    7 jumping muscle ups
    10 power clean 115 lbs
    I set the rings at a height where the jump ended just by the transition point, giving me a little “kip” so to speak. Even with a jump, the muscle up is a challenge.

  • juan g.

    if we’re gonna attract more crossfitters.
    I’m sayin we should throw more parties.
    …yes i know i’m only looking for excuses to drink.

  • Keith W.

    If you help yourself to the beers in the fridge, then you’ll have to put $3 in the collection jar.
    I got my muscle up back today! :) I got my first muscle up back in September and haven’t been able to get one since. I managed to do a few today. Very exciting.
    Nobody mentioned the nice curtains I put up today.

  • sarena

    I saw u do a muscle up back in midcity a few months ago keith!
    Its tough 4 me recuperating. Had temp tday and hard time breathing.

  • Kim

    Standard WOD for CA
    Weighted pullups.
    Did first set with smallest K’bell then it was down hill from there. Failure on sets 2-5. Negatives to 17-1/2 lbs sets 6-8 (did and extra). 5 count lockoff at full pull, 90 degrees, 120 degrees, full extension.
    People were interested in my new “shoes.” Check out The idea is to force myself to use my toes thereby making them stronger. After two days of wearing them I can feel the exercise my feet are getting. Check out the running links at the bottom of the page.
    Thanks, Keith

  • Avery

    What? No love for the Friday night group?
    I was forced to workout at Crunch and watch dudes watch themselves in the mirror. Needless to say, it was awesome.

  • juan g.

    hey avery are you a member or does crunch have some sorta walk-in fee?

  • avery

    I have a membership that won’t quit. I signed up for it a few years back, thinking I would only be living in NYC, moving, then coming back, so I could break the contract. But that didn’t happen. So, I think it ends next year – I hope!
    They do have a month to month thing now, which is OK in price, but drop ins are pretty expensive – $16 a day? I am sure you can find better deals out there if you don’t care about Crunch classes…
    If you need a treadmill or just a place to get cleaned up – look at the Y’s. You can join for $75 a year!

  • Ewen

    Avery, are you thinking of the City community centers, not the Y?
    City gyms are $75/year (access to all NYC gyms and pools). Some have pretty decent facilities. YMCA gym memberships are closer to $60/month, I believe.








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