Now With Pull Ups!!!!

After many weeks of patiently waiting, we finally have our pullup bars up. They frikkin’ rock! Get in and get some! We’ll get some pics up soon. As you can imagine, programming will involve a lot of pullups, dips and knees-to-elbows for the foreseeable future.
Have a great weekend and a fun St. Patrick’s Day.


  • Kevin

    Check this out!
    Awesome Olympic full squats

  • Keith W.

    I have that video at the gym. Awesome!

  • Avery

    National – NY Times
    Florida Girls Learn to Lift Weights, and Gold Medals
    Published: March 17, 2007
    Girls’ weightlifting, a high school sport sanctioned only in one state, is embraced by girls of all shapes, sizes and athletic abilities.
    Pretty interesting read on the main nytimes site this morning. I won’t make it today because of snow/bus complications, but plan to run as many miles on a treadmill until my eyes roll to the back of my head in lieu of a long run.
    I hope the weather is clear enough to come Sunday am!

  • chad

    the weather’s already clear.
    and ewen is already knocking back the guinness.

  • sarena

    Awsome first day at cert guys! Coach Glassman said the longer it takes u to learn a skill the more u need that time and the more u need that skill. Hey KW, mayne that explains it! Patience!
    Had a great WOD at day’s end–400m run, 50 SDLHP, 50 front squats with med ball, 50 push press. In groups of four, alternating stations!
    See ya guys back in NYC on Tues!
    More news Sunday! Lovin every minute

  • David Aguasca

    awesome sarena, keep us posted!
    also awesome, good to hear the pull-up bar is up!
    keith, can i mail some flyers to the gym for my circus performance?

  • Keith W.

    Yes, David please send some flyers and post the info here as well.
    Great job, Sarena. Glad you are having a good time. Bring back some t-shirts and fun stories.
    Today’s workout:
    With a clock running continuously, do 1 pullup the first minute, 2 95lb thrusters the second minute, 3 pullups the third minute, 4 thrusters the fourth minute, etc.
    I made it through 13 minutes.

  • sarena

    Will do Keith-what size T for you -XL?
    Plan to work on that pull-up tomorrow. Wanna get one at least b4 surgery. Got a blessing from Coach Glassman tnite for the surgery. He said I should def go for it! He was amazed at my pics and stories and said to send his best (Nicole too) to you Keith and all of Crossfitnyc! He is an amazing person!!
    We’re gonna do a Parkour workshop pre-cert tmorrow from 7-9 optional with the guys from primal Fitness/American parkour DC! Plan to go..
    Showed off your cake Avery! Everyone loved it!

  • sarena

    Finally learned to kip and I think I got it! Did tons of jumping pullups on bar and rings today at cert! It was awesome. The GHD is one rock solid great piece of apparatus.
    Imagine doing clean and jerks in a circle in the AM with abt 45 ppl outdoors all with varying weighted med balls. The drill was a warm up–we had to do 25 as a group and everytime someone had to be corrected and brought into the center, we had to restart from 1! It was actually fun and noone wanted to screw up but we were learning so it was inevitable!
    Now I understand totally the meaning of group effort and after much drilling–midline stabilization.
    BTW–I was told my overhead squat was excellent! Thanks CFNYC!
    See ya all on Tues or else when I am able to get back after surgery! Will def be thinking of you and checking out the site!

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