Get Up!

Today’s workout was
For time
50 Squats
20 Pushups
50 Squats
20 Turkish Get Ups
50 Squats
20 Pushups
50 Squats
Tomorrow’s workout
3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 reps Overhead Squats


  • juan g.

    errr burpees!
    thanks all.

  • Kim

    Off to Mt Washington, NH this weekend for the last winter mountaineering trip of the year. It’s supposed to be 0 degrees and snowing so we might well get shut down because of the avalanche danger. But we’ll take a look at the lines and make a decision. I’m really hoping to be able to climb.
    This is the reason I’m doing CrossFit. The last time we were up there it kicked my ass. So we’ll see if all this training pays off. I’m taking Fri off and will probably need Monday to recover. Back Wed.
    Cheers, Kim

  • juan g.

    16k for the get ups
    I blame the burpees and
    avery you squat to fast..

  • Avery

    12 kg for Turkish fun ( a nice bruise is developing across my sternum as we speak from this)
    KW – I promise next time to do my squats with the punching bag to ensure my butt goes all the way down…thus no squat cheating allowed!
    Good luck with your trip Kim!

  • sarena

    OMG! u guys really had a fun workout!LOL!
    Got into Raleigh last nite for cert way late, flight delyaed leaving JFK. Got to my motel room abt 2:45 this morning. GOnna take CF here at 11am. Keep ya all posted.
    Hey Juan–wassup you dont like burpees? They’re becoming my favorite after all the xtra rounds KW rewards me with.
    Kim –hope your trip is fun.

  • Ewen

    My shin, she hurts!
    The OHS has to be one of the most frustrating exercices out there. At my skill level, it targets everything but the legs, and I have to worry above all about not injuring myself when bailing (see above).
    Irish energy drinks will be on hand tomorrow. 😉

    Tomorrow’s workout, like pretty much all the ones we dream up for the next month, will be making liberal use of it.
    You are officially forewarned.

  • Justin

    Your job if you choose to accept, is to kip so hard that we bring the floor above us down to its knees!!!

  • Paul

    Can’t make it today, so did OHS with 85lbs at the gym next to my place. Finshed with 95lbs thrusters 3 sets 12, 10, 7 reps.
    Couldn’t go heavier on the OHS cause I was scared to bail in the gym, no room. The squat area was filled with these guys doing some sort of partial shoulder shrug type of excercise. That pisses me off, for the record.

  • juan g.

    screw the snow and ice
    i will kip!

  • Ewen

    Damn those liberals and their pullup contraptions! You make baby Jesus cry, Josh.
    Upon reading this announcement, my hands started growing calluses. A foolish psychosomatic defense mechanism — they will be torn to pieces by 11 a.m. tomorrow.

  • CFWUx3 (love the contraption)
    overhead squats
    and then bailed. boom!
    finished off with power cleans.

  • juan g.


  • Kim

    It’s madness, but we’re going anyway. Not doing the technical climb we had hoped for because of avalanche danger. Instead we’ll attempt a none technical route to the Mt. Washington summit.

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