Ain’t No Party Like a CrossFit Party!!!

We started off yesterday doing a CrossFit Total. That was pretty darn impressive. Great job to all of you that came out for that. Please post your scores to the comments. Following on the heels of that great success we had our Grand Opening Gala!
We are blessed to have such a wonderful community of friends and supporters. Thanks to all the friends and family that came and shared in the excitement of our opening party! Thanks to our friends at V2 Vodka that supplied the tasty beverages! Thanks to everybody that brought delicious foodstuffs, especially Avery and her tremendous KettleCake!
Behold! The Queen of Cakes!

Of course, the party always degenerates into chicks flying each other.
And of course there were handstands.
Everybody’s favorite game: shots and squats!
Good food! Good fun!


  • Where’s Waldo? Guess who is in the picture on the main page today?

  • …damn all up in angela harts grill.
    Hey K to the W any place to see some hi-res versions of the pics?

  • Yoon

    Thanks so much for putting this together. I had a great time.

  • Allison

    130 squat + 70 press + 155 DL = 355 total
    And yes, Avery is most def the Queen of Cakes. (But I’m the Cupcake Princess, yo.)

  • Primary finding of the evening:
    Tabata Shots/Squats = Bad, bad idea.

  • avery

    That’s because you squat like a girl.
    Thanks for putting together the party guys! It was good times for sure…when we have a one year anniversary, I’ll have to think of some other radical cake.

  • David Aguasca

    keith, i’ll have you know that i got back to the “24 hour” parking lot at in harlem at 2:00am last night, only to find that it was closed. i had to wait around for someone to come and pick me up.
    while i was waiting at a nearby gas station, i pumped gas for a carload of girls and gave them all some sushi.
    that’s the real secret to picking up girls…carry trays of gourmet food. it’s foolproof!
    thanks for the party! it was def. a good time.

  • Kim

    3 sets of 8 reps each done continuously with a short rest between sets.
    Power Clean
    Front Squat
    Push Jerk
    Thanks, Keith