We have squat stands getting delivered tomorrow. That means that there will be back squats in the near future. We have ordered a custom built pullup station. That means pullups and ring dips in the near future. Be forewarned.
Yesterdays WOD:
Tabata Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Pushups
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Squats
Score the lowest amount of reps from any of the 8 sets. Add the scores for all three exercises and post to comments.
Todays workout
3 rounds of
8 Power Cleans (from the floor)
8 Front Squats
8 Push Jerks
Start warming up with an empty bar gradually move up to your working weight. Try to complete all 24 reps unbroken. If you are able to complete all reps unbroken, then move up in weight. If you are unable to complete the reps unbroken, then stay at the same weight.
Post load to comments and whether sets were broken or not.


  • And by ‘pullup station’, Keith means giant welded metal contraption that will fit ten twelve people all kipping at the same time.
    Here comes the pain.

  • Ewen

    *adds pull-ups to list of things he [sucks] will need to work at*

  • Allison

    Squat racks! Squat Racks! SQUAT RACKS!!!!!!!

  • sarena

    Wow! I just love those burpee punishments. 2 sets of 25 each for not listening to my coach and following his instructions! say after me–I LUV BURPEES 100x!

  • 95lbs 8x8x8
    115lbs 8x8x8
    135lbs 8×8, break, pjx8

  • and also, ##*&%!! yeah! squat racks!

  • Justin

    Squat racks!!! So we are pretty much official now.. I dont know whether to be happy or scared.

  • michelle

    ok what IS a squat rack??????

  • sarena

    dont worry michelle. we need the squat racks so I can get punished with more back squats instead of burpees! Oh sorry I luv burpees….

  • Ben

    after tabata yesterday i am more sore than i have EVER been. i hope that means i worked harder than i have have. either way i got rocked and i can’t wait to try out the new gear!

  • michelle

    but i still dont know what a squat rack is/???

  • kim

    A squat rack is an iron rack that holds a loaded bar off the floor so that you can take it directly onto your shoulders. This way you don’t have to take the weight off the floor and get it up to your shoulders before doing a squat.
    For example see:
    Best, Kim

  • Keith

    Today’s workout
    21-15-9 reps for time of the couplet
    Renegade Row (each arm)
    Snatches should be done from the floor with a comfortable weight.
    Renegade Rows should be done with one 16kg KB placed between the hands. Do a half pushup touching your chest to the KB handle. Grab the bell and pull it to your armpit in a rowing motion. Replace it to the ground between your hands, do a half pushup and row the KB with the other arm. That’s ONE rep.

  • kim

    Renegade Row
    Baby load of 31#, 3/4 pood
    I’m feeling run down and I’m trying to peak for a trip to Mt. Washington on 3/17. So following my own good advice and Josh’s observation about one week off out of eight (I think he said that) I’m going to take next week – my eighth week doing XFit – off. I’m sure I’ll do “active recovery” rather than sit on the couch.
    Hope this works.
    Best, Kim

  • sarena

    Used a baby load 31#/8kg
    Needed to work on form. Still need work there!
    Am psyched for back squats.

  • dan

    8 weeks one one week off??? Never heard of it. If this is a real crossfit philosophy, can someone hit us with a link?

  • Ewen

    Just off the top of my head, I would recommend taking it easy (active recovery is a good way of putting it) the week prior to your trip, but not stop now and start training again in a week. You would risk defeating the purpose of tapering off your training to peak for your event.
    Crossfit is pretty intense, and depending on what else you have been doing for training the last 7 weeks (rest days?) it would be normal to be tired. You could start easing up a bit next week (2-3 Xfit workouts tops, easier stuff on the other days) and not lose any of your gains.
    That’s my .02 cents
    PS to Josh/Keith: Is there a reason our email addresses don’t link in the comments page? Not that I plan on spamming viagra ads to other posters, just curious.

  • kim

    That’s a good point. Trouble is I’m pretty fried right now and REALLY want to avoid injury just before that last winter mountaineering trip of the season. I’m usually MWF with XFit and climb T&Th. I guess I’ll wait till Monday and see how I feel – Just had a nap and feel better.
    Dan, I did a search on and someone else recommended 1/2 load every three weeks with 1 week off per 12. I guess people are different.

  • Every body is a little different. You have to listen to the signs and do what works for you. The great thing about CrossFit is that we keep score. So if you notice that your scores are getting worse, that is an excellent indicator that you are not 100%. We believe that there is no such thing as over training, just under-recovery. Rest days are to be taken seriously. You should endeavour to do everything between workouts that will return you to 100% by your next workout. That means some people should only workout every other day and others should follow a 3/1 split. It’s personal.
    Things to consider for recovery:
    Fish oils
    Contrast baths
    Foam rollers
    Dancing, yoga, stretching

  • I forgot SLEEP!!!

  • kim

    I’m finding that 1500mg of the supplement L-Glutamine/day is useful for muscle recovery. It’s the most common amino acid in the body, and you often don’t have enough of it ergo your muscles can’t rebuild without it.
    Keith, what’s a contrast bath? Hot followed by cold shower?
    Best, Kim

  • michelle

    Kim I would like to see you start dancing!

  • I have tried L-Glutamine and also lots of Glucosamine. I find that their effects are negligible (but I still take glucosamine regularly and occassionally L-glutamine). The best thing I have found are diet and sleep.
    The Contrast is a hot shower/bath/sauna followed by an ice cold shower/bath. 3 to 5 rounds of that and your body will feel great.

  • kim

    Michelle said: “Kim I would like to see you start dancing!”
    But Keith is always after me to not plie in my squat. I’m trying to forget those years of ballet.
    I was in the farmers market this morning and we met some old friends who remarked about how *thin I’m looking. We saw them just a month ago, so there must be a big change.
    Best, Kim

  • michelle

    Kim-now with Keith’s sound system you just can’t help but dance! 🙂
    c u next week?

  • kim

    I don’t know. Let me see how I feel on Monday. I feel better after a good nights sleep. I’m practicing “active recovery.” My car is in the shop so I put a case of mineral water into my knapsack and carried it home – probably about a half mile. I weighted it when I got home – just over 45lbs.
    What kind of law do you practice?
    Best, Kim

  • michelle

    I am a trademark lawyer. Do you need a lawyer for something>?

  • kim

    No, all’s well. Just wondering.
    Well actually….if my current client doesn’t pay me, I may need a lawyer letter. Though I think they’ll pay.
    Do you do 12:30’s anymore? Haven’t seen you for weeks.

  • michelle

    have been doing privates bc of schedule conflicts. went to class yesterday. I hope to be there at the 12:30 tomorrow if my neck heals up. am on vicodin:)
    having surgery on thursday so i wont be around for a good 2-3 weeks and I am sure when i return won’t even recognize you from all your plies and squatting!

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