more photos for you

still working out the bugs with uploading photos.


  • Ewen

    Nice pics! So many painful memories…
    Hope you can find a way to resize them, though, because there’s no left-right scroll bar on the main page (for some reason there is one on the comments page). On my screen, the fourth from top is basically a close-up of my ass right now. :-p
    I’ll see the rest of the morning crew Friday.

  • kim

    You need help with this picture thing bro! 😉
    Three Tabata’s
    SDLHP – 12
    PU – 7 (Knees)
    SQ – 15
    Total – 34
    Keith points out that my form for for the SDLHP sucks. And that I would do better to do real PU’s with paralleletts rather than on my knees. The value of the PU is to maintain the core.
    If people wonder why we do this sort of craziness, it’s so we can do things like this:
    Thanks Keith.
    Best, Kim

  • juan g.

    hey any pics of Cil from this past Sunday??
    shes awesome.

  • Justin

    Attack of the CFNYC photos!!!!

  • Apologies to all for the ginormous images. Keith was just trying to show what a BIG deal CFNYC is.
    Er… Anyhow, photos are now down-sized, so the page shouldn’t be choking browsers any longer.

  • michelle

    yeah i was glad there were no photos of me bc the last thing i need is to have my butt enlarged 50 times.

  • sarena

    Wow was that my DL PR? I cant believe it!

  • Your favorite workout just got louder!!!
    I just hooked up some speakers so we can get the tunes pumping! I hope you like the music I pick because if you don’t it’s more burpies!!!!
    Metal m/m/

  • michelle

    Josh-will u be brigning in “The Little Mermaid” CD or shall I?

  • Leslie

    Nothing like a little Metallica and Wittenstein in the morning to get the blood pumping.

  • David Aguasca

    looking pretty relaxed there, sarena! maybe we need to put some more weight on the bar…

  • a

    Let’s see real depth on those OHS!