Wow, we’ve been busy! Lots of new faces coming through the door. Our bars are getting quite a lot of hands-on use. These are exciting times.
Today’s workout was “Diane”: 21-15-9 reps of the couplet:225lb Deadlifts and Handstand pushups. For time. We subbed lighter deadlifts for most people and subbed 2 shoulder presses for one HSPU. Also we allowed negatives for the HSPU just to get people upside-down.
I have lots of great new pictures but am waiting to get briefed on the joys of FTP before I load any of them. It’s far too time consuming doing it the way I have been doing thus far. BTW, we have initialized the .com URL. So you can tell your friends to go to www.crossfitnyc.com. It just rolls off the tongue. Try it!
Get signed up ASAP for our $750 Founding Membership. We will only be offering that special discount until the end of the month. We are very proud and excited about all of you that are working out with us and giving your best efforts. This is truly a great community. Thanks for making it happen.


  • julie

    ok…..I want to know how the hell Keith does a handstand push perfectly without use of the wall..i am impressed and now feel like a weak loser! loved the class though and can’t wait to come back! julie

  • Ewen

    Subbing 2 shoulder presses for one HSPU = never again, over my dead body. In fact, I’d rather mess up a HSPU half-way through the workout and break my neck – a quick, painless death – than go through 90 wretched SPs like that again.
    Signed – The Weaklingest Losermeister

  • kim

    Kim’s Diane
    Time: 11:07
    DL: 2*2 pood (140 lb)
    SP: double rep 1 pood (35 lb)
    10 people in class today at noon!!! Fun to work out with a big crew. Thanks Josh & Keith

  • ben

    it seems that “for time” can sometimes mean “no form.” i know i felt that with myself in trying to rush to the end with the dealifts. i hope the instructors will be more strict (possibly using whips) in the future. i know we’ll all be thankful.

  • Ben
    Excellent point. Here is the thing: we sort of expect form to breakdown at a certain point. This is not meant to be malicious, but it is just the way life is. When we push ourselves to the edge, go hard and fast, things will fall apart. It’s up to the athlete, to regulate and learn over time what is acceptable and appropriate.
    For example, I did the workout yesterday with 185# DL and I did full negative handstand pushups from the parallettes with my head all the way to the floor (shoulders to my thumbs). It took me 24:05. Seems long compared to the times you guys posted. However, I was really careful to use the best form I could especially with the SLOW negative handstand pushups. If I were to do my HSPU on the floor and cheat them a little my time would have been much better, however I decided to let my time take a hit so I could really nail the form on the HSPU.
    Were I competing against all of you in class, then I might cheat more and try to get a better time. Is that wrong? No, we sort of encourage “time sluts.” Obviously, the best of both worlds would be to have perfect form as you blasted through the workout AND get the best time. That’s really what we want and eventually we’ll get everybody there.
    I think if you watch how we instruct, we give and take with both hands. While we push you to go faster we also chastise you for bad form. However, at some point you just have to get it done by any means necessary.
    From where we stood, it looked like you did an awesome job, Ben. So sorry if you felt that you didn’t get enough coaching. It’s strange that someone is asking me to be more strict. I’ll see if I can work on that. 🙂

  • kim

    Let me just echo Ben’s observation and add that when I’m losing my form, often I can’t even tell. It’s the “up to your ass in alligator’s problem.” I try to remember to think about the form as I’m going, but my own kinesthetic feedback (or lack there off) can always use a gentle reminder/slap from the coach.
    Thanks and Best, Kim

  • Hari

    Ben, Kim,
    I’ve been trying to stick to the WOD for the last six months and kept a log. I’ve noticed that some of my times improve significantly, but occassionally I’ll have a much worse time. The common denominator is that when my times get worse it is because my form has improved.
    I think Keith is right that initially the object is to get through by any means possible, the most common being to scale the weight or compromise the form. Once you’ve been through these routines a few times and become confident that you will live to finish (don’t get too confident), you will no longer be able to cheat yourself on form.
    In my experience, Keith is pretty good about stressing form. It’s one of the things I hate most about him.

  • Kevin P.

    Diane time: 17:29
    DL: 185
    HSPU and negatives.
    It was going well on the deads but the Hspu’s got ugly real fast. This was the first time I did them “Crossfit” style. I usually face the wall and stay as close to it as possible with strict form and tension. More of a “grind” type exercise. I never did them for reps or time. Trying to kick into the wall was ugly as I was flailing away like a fish out of water. It was pretty funny. Sorry Keith and crew about the hole in the wall. Thats what happens when you have zero coordination or do something for the first time. I’ll get it soon. My form was not the best. I think I tweaked my back because I had this exaggerated arch in my back when I did the hspu’s. I’ll work on it.

  • Ben

    the truth is, i knew when my form took a hit, but i was rushing. the instructor can only do so much and then the athlete has to know his/her own body. so i was kinda makin an excuse for myself. what really made me learn was my sore lower back this morning! thanks Keith for all you encouragement/help!

  • Kevin P

    I felt like I was doing a hybrid Superman/ HSPU when I was doing my HSPU’s. Thats probably why my mid back and spinal muscles are killing me today.

  • sarena

    Thats sorta a joke–soemone asking keith to stress form more! and be more strict! guys I can tell you all how strict he can actually be–but then again thats what helped whip me into shape these last few months! Its what I love and hate the most about working with Keith too!
    HSPU negative (mostly–few were just kick ups)
    I think time was 9:42
    Coulve gone higher on the weight but worked form!

  • michelle

    Court great class today and our visitor from santa cruz made it all the more awesome! anyway Court nice work-my friend is for sure hooked to come back for more!
    did 13 rounds and used 12 kg kettlebell and subbed “girly pushups” for real ones. it was great-thanks again for making my friend feel welcome!

  • sarena

    Today–Sunday Frb 25 we did Cindy
    5 High pulls (sub for pullups)
    10 pushups
    15 squats
    as many reps as poss in 20 min
    I did 15 reps. Used empty med bar for HP, rounds 3-15 were knee pushups!
    great class Court! I liked your thoughts to rather do girly pushyps or use lighter weight and work on strict form. That seems to be good for me as a change than blasting thru a workout with deteriorated form.

  • kim

    FS: 65
    FP: 65
    DL: 165
    Thanks for the gentle reminders/slaps, Keith. 😉 Good class!

  • sarena

    Great class Feb 26. 5×5 fr sq 52#. 5×5 shoulder press 52#. 5×5 DL 155#

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