Merry Christmakwanzikah!

We got a beautiful present today from our man, Glenn Pendlay, in Wichita Falls. Check it out!
Here is tomorrow’s workout.
Deadlift 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Warmup with a lot of reps with the PVC pipe until the form is perfect. Then start with the lightest bar and move up until you get to a good working weight. Do all five work sets with the same weight. Do not go to failure. The bar should keep moving at a good speed and all sets should be unbroken. Focus on perfect form, not going to failure or finding your 5 rep max.
Can you guess what they are?


  • Hari

    Looks like this is getting serious.

  • Allison


  • michelle

    I think i liked the looks of them better when they were all nicely rolled and wrapped up in the brown paper! Perhaps my WOD can be wrapping them up again –for time.

  • Oh, I forgot to post today’s workout. We did the following:
    1-arm shoulder press
    1-arm overhead squat
    1-arm overhead walking lunges left and right
    1-arm high windmill
    That’s ONE rep. Do five reps with one arm and then five reps with the other arm. That’s a set. Do three sets.

  • David Aguasca

    nice kb/db workout, keith.
    when do you think you’ll have your pull-up apparatus up?

  • kim

    Deadlift here I come! See ya tomorrow.

  • I wish it was up to me, it’d be up already. As soon as I can do it, I will.

  • juan g.

    nice bars.
    theyre so harmless lookin.
    we pick out any names for em yet?

  • sarena

    And tomorrow is technically my rest day! What’s a girl to do?
    Oh, Tues WOD used 10#DB, 8KG KB, 12KG KB. 12kg was challenging espec twrd the end!But worth it since afterward I had a great massage with someone Keith W recommended

  • sarena

    Oh, I love the logo. Now we need the Ts etc….We want to spread the worth through our clothes too–not just our physique!

  • Justin

    Looks like I picked the right time to make my triumphant return back to CFNYC!!! Hopefully I won’t be too sore from BJJ tonight. Vacations sure know how to suck the “fit” right out of you.

  • sarena

    Hey who saw what tomorrow’s WOD of the day is on the main crossfit site? Coincidence or great minds think alike!

  • Ewen

    Back from a long week-end of xc skiing and ready to lift various heavy objects off the ground.

  • kim

    132 lbs.

  • michelle

    wow Kim that is great! I used 92 (with two pathetic lifts of 102 lb).

  • kim

    Actually as a precent of body weight we’re exactly even. You did great!
    I thought it was too easy, but Keith really wanted us to work on form. Looking at the pictures that got taken I have some work to do in that vein. I did one rep with the 215 bar – also easy – but best to work on form first.
    Got some good pictures – one with Damnit bleeding on the new bar! Yea Baby! The bars are supposed to have blood on them!
    Best, Kim

  • Brett_nyc

    What’s the turnout like for the 7am classes? Thinking about hitting up this Friday’s.

  • michelle

    what do you mean BLEEDING?
    and my shins are so black and blue u can barely see the underlying pasty white skin!!!!

  • kim

    Just a little color on the Black Box.
    In all seriousness, it got cleaned up and disinfected. And I got a great pic.

  • michelle

    well as long as u got a great pic! 🙂
    and you will be pleased to know that I have refrained from making any additional holes in the lovely (?)white(?) walls.

  • sarena

    It sure looks like I missed fun today! Can’t wait for my private tomorrow. Although I truly love the deadlift!

  • michelle

    ok KW – i need to see some pics!

  • Justin

    205lbs… Could of went for a bit more but still trying to get out of vacation mode.

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