I Hate that Guy

More than a handful of folks have asked for an instructor schedule – presumably less to attend classes of people you like (say, Court), and more to avoid classes taught by verbose sadistic assholes (say, me).

To that end, here’s our current rotation. Until we finish the redesign of this site (yes, we realize this currently looks like crap), we’ll be similarly posting any substantial updates to this rotation here.

Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Su
7:00am K K K K K
10:30am J C
12:30pm K C K C J
7:00pm C M J M M

[C = Court, J = Josh, K = Keith, M = Mike]


  • hope we’ll see more MJK and/or C 10.30 classes–nothing motivates like getting scolded from three directions at once.

  • sarena

    Hell its been! But a sweet one at that. Took me a longtime to learn an easy lesson–rest day for me tomorrow!

  • michelle

    thx for posting-any chance there will be more than one class offered on saturday and/or sunday ?

  • avery

    An afternoon class on saturday or sunday would be divine – as much as I love getting up early!

  • Actually, chances of more weekend classes – and more classes in general – are quite good.
    As class sizes grow (consistently hitting eight or so people, as weekend mornings frequently have been) we’ll be adding in additional class times before or after the busy class.
    That way, we can keep classes small enough to provide individual torment, er, ‘attention’.
    Similarly, we’ll likely be increasing the number of times we’re doubled up, for more ‘love’.

  • kim

    Josh said: “we realize this (site)currently looks like crap”
    I like the site. It’s old school. Like some of us. 😉

  • michelle

    Kim when are u coming back?

  • sarena

    ye kim we are rooting for u to feel healed and join us in the torture! although i must admit resting is awesome too. Thanks Keith:)

  • kim

    I was in class today at noon. Where were you guys? Tabata KB swings. I got a score of 10 with the one pood.
    Sarena – recovery time is really, really important and should be built into your exercise routine. There’s something called “over-training syndrome” where the bio-chemistry of your body actually changes in unhealthy ways. Taking a day off is not resting. It’s an active time when recovery takes place.
    There are ways to monitor if you’re over training: No exercise during this period and for a couple of days before. You’re trying to establish a baseline. Every morning get up, use the bathroom, get back into bed, take your heart rate. Do that for 5 days and average the reading together. That’s your resting heart rate.
    Every morning take your heart rate. If it’s more than 5% above the resting heart rate, take a recovery day. (e.g., if your resting rate is 50 then 53 is your cutoff point.) Don’t exercise until you drop back to the resting rate or below.
    I’m not the instructor here, so check in with Keith and crew about this. There is a lot on the web about this too. For example, check out

  • kim
  • sarena

    Thanks Kim. I read those articles–very informative! Keith and crew have been trying to knock it into me for a while that I need rest. I was too stubborn to acknowledge though. How right they all were–I was blind. Today feels great.

  • Justin

    Eh, you’ll get plenty of rest when you die… Or when chillin down here in 70 degree plus weather with no clouds on the beach like Les and I are right now. Man I forgot how much I love Florida at this time of the year.

  • kim

    Hi Sarena,
    Glad you liked the articles.
    Exercise is a stress on the body so there are all sorts of stress hormones that get released – cortisol, etc. If you allow those hormones to build up they eventually become toxic. Recovery time allows your body time to flush those chemicals out of the blood stream.
    In addition, it’s important to allow your body time to adapt to any given workload. It’s relatively easy to get stronger muscularly. But your ligaments and tendons take much longer to adapt. If you don’t allow for recovery time you eventually will injure. You get stronger not during exercise, but during rest when the body has time to rebuild itself and adapt. Exercise causes micro-tears in muscles and tendons. During recovery those heal.
    For example, I know from long experience that I can not climb more than twice a week without getting injured. And I can’t climb more than two days in a row. The trick for me is to figure out a schedule that incorporates both CrossFit and climbing. Currently I’m trying M,W,F for CrossFit and T,Th for climbing. That gives me S, Su for recovery. CrossFit is high cardio while climbing is high stress on joints. So I’m hoping that every-other-day for each of them will allow for recovery between in addition to the weekend.
    The problem, of course, is that exercise is addictive. It feels great. It releases all sorts of natural opiates. It’s natural to want to feel that feeling all the time. But it’s important to understand that the addiction is not good for you and is counter productive to performance.
    Lastly, if you‚Äôve been feeling low energy and been experiencing symptoms of over training, I wouldn‚Äôt just take one day off. I‚Äôd take a week. Get yourself a heart rate monitor and use the time to establish your resting heart rate. Go for walks in the park (active recovery). See a movie or two. Have lunch with friends. I‚Äôll even let you take me to lunch. 😉
    Best, Kim

  • kim

    For heart rate monitors check out http://www.polarusa.com/. You can get all the models at Paragon. The one I use is the F6 which is plenty for my needs.

  • Jeff

    Ever since I’ve been doing those L-sits, my hip flexors have been really tightening up, especially when I’m skating/playing hockey. Any advice on how I can fix this?
    I’ve still been doing hip flexor stretches (correctly, I think?).

  • Jeff

    Ever since I’ve been doing those L-sits, my hip flexors have been really tightening up, especially when I’m skating/playing hockey. Any advice on how I can fix this?
    I’ve still been doing hip flexor stretches (correctly, I think?).

  • Jeff
    Here’s what I recommend for tight hip flexors.
    Stretch them before and after workouts.
    Ice them.
    Use a foam roller or The Stick.

  • Kevin

    Hey everyone just to give a heads up.I dont know if class was cancelled but I got there for the 1230PM class and the door was locked. I knocked and waited for a few minutes. Hopefully you guys will be there tomorrow at 1230.

  • As Court was coming in from Brooklyn to teach, odds are he got slowed down by the snowy mess of the subway system.
    I’ll be teaching tomorrow, and can walk down from my office, so the suffering is on, rain or shine.

  • Brett_nyc

    Where do you play hockey? I’m in d4 over at Chelsea Piers.
    I need to get myself back over to the black box.

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