February News

It’s February and that means we are going to have to start charging you. Your first class at the Black Box will be free but after that here is how the pricing structure works.
$40 month membership fee. Every class is $20.
You can buy an unlimited monthly membership which is $150 month. That includes all regularly scheduled classes and the $40 membership fee.
You can still sign up to be a founding member through paypal or by bringing us $750 that will give you an unlimited membership through December 31, 2007.
Please bring Cash or Check made payable to CrossFit NYC. We will have a PayPal button online shortly to process Credit Cards.
Yes, we have ordered some more equipment. The Box is slowly taking shape.
Thank you for your support and patience and sweat.


  • http://www.dammit.com dammit

    it’s worth it, kids. in the deathless words of white goodman, “DO IT.”

  • sarena

    what no thanks for us making the place black from all our handstands on the walls!!!??

  • Leslie

    Food poisoning since Friday night — no weekend Crossfit for me :( What did I miss?

  • michelle

    weighted burpees! consider yourself lucky to have had food poisoning! :)

  • sarena

    Hope youre feeling better. Food poisoning on the zone! Wow! Workout was great-for time:
    25 weighed burpees
    50 KB swings
    75 situps
    100 squats

  • michelle

    josh-when are u posting the schedule of who is teaching when?

  • Leslie

    So, it wasn’t food poisoning, it was a stomach bug. And I gave it to Justin. I might be well enough to come back tomorrow….. watch out Keith!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarena

    Glad ur feeling better Leslie. Send my best to Justin!
    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks–your ingenuity is awesome all of you CFNYC coaches. Your creativity in finding ways to torture rocks! I didnt think it could get worse yet you continue to surprise me! kudos

  • Kim

    We’re in Vermont housesitting for friends for the week. Today I went X-country skiing for the first time since 1978?!!! Climbing those hills was, well EASY, compared to CrossFit. My heart rate, which regulary goes over 100% at XFit never went above 85%. I skied for 2-1/2 hours and am going back for more tomorrow. Cats and Kittens, this shit works. I guess that’s why they call it “CROSS FIT.” 😉
    Back to class next week.
    Cheers, Kim

  • dan

    ***** SCHEDULING NOTE******
    Court stated on Monday night that all 8pm classes are canceled, leaving the 7pm class in tact Monday to Friday. If this is true, please adjust the side bar to reflect this change. thanks– dan

  • sarena

    Kim where are you? We’ve been waiting for you to join us!

  • kim

    Hi Sarena,
    Thanks for looking out after me. You haven’t lost me yet!
    I wrenched my knee taking a fall skiing. ARG! Keith agrees I should rest it until I can bend and straighten it without pain. It’s better this morning. Hopefully Thurs/Fri I’ll be back.
    You all ever been to Vermont? It is SO beautiful. We’re ready to move.
    Miss you guys.
    Best, Kim

  • Pat

    Hey folks,
    Can anyone here provide me with a phone number for the gym? I’m down in NC, but I’ve got some questions I’d like to ask…
    Thanks in advance,

  • sarena

    I think it would be best to email them. go to the home page for this site, on the lower right hand corner under “odds and ends” you will find a contact link for email. Hope this helps…. Will I get to meet you in Raleigh at the cert?

  • Pat

    Thanks for the tip Sarena, but Keith actually beat me to the punch. Nothing like some quick and friendly customer service to make me want to recommend this place to everyone I know in NY.
    As to the cert in Raleigh, I’m afraid that no, I won’t be there. Unfortunately it sold out before I was able to get in. One of these days…

  • Michael

    Hi, I’d like to stop down this week and start. Is the $150 month membership (‘all you can eat’) available as a pay as you go or does it require a contract/annual commitment?

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