Bring The Pain!

We had another awesome week of classes. So many new faces and aching thighs. Here are some pictures of people getting some. Enjoy.
There are only a few more days of free classes. Sign up for the founding membership before it’s too late.


  • Jim

    How do beginners go about starting up? Do we need to fill something out beforehand? Or just show up at any class?

  • sarena

    Two weeks through! Hell has never been more fun! Keep it up and many more will keep comin…

  • Keith W.

    First, you must undergo a thorough psychological exam. Assuming you pass, then you must show up and sign a waiver. Only then can you work out with us. :)

  • sarena

    I don’t remember that exam or I woulhve surely failed!

  • michelle

    and you must sign an additonal waiver granting Wittenstein all rights to post humiliating photos taken of you either during or immediately after a workout.
    I think I must have signed that particular waiver immediately after a workout– because at that point I would sign just about anything.

  • dammit

    is the pull-up mount up yet? it’d be nice to have some company for “angie.”

  • dammit

    err, bar. mounted yet. you knew what i meant!

  • Jeff

    Hey, if you look at the bottom picture of the bridges, the guy in the front has a huge tent in his shorts!

  • Jeff

    Hey, if you look at the bottom picture of the bridges, the guy in the front has a huge tent in his shorts!

  • Jeff

    Yeah, I needed to say it twice. Shut up.

  • kim

    Keith is just playing with ya. You can just come in and join us. (you will have to sign a standard waver – but that’s like any other gym)
    It’s only after your first work out that you’ll wish you had your head examined before signing up. 😉

  • josh

    We just put in the order for the pullup ‘contraption'; should be here shortly, though not quite yet.
    Also in the mail: barbells and bumpers, more flooring, and C2s.

  • Justin

    So does this mean no more damn burpees!?!?!

  • Keith W.

    You owe me 20 burpees just for asking that stupid question!!!

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