So Far, So Good.

Wow! What a great week it has been. Thanks to all of you that came down and trained so hard with us this week. We want to especially thank all of those people that already signed up as founding members. Thanks for bringing your friends and thanks for helping us to grow this community.
Keep sending us emails and posting your comments. We appreciate and need all the feedback so we can continue to improve and grow.
Enjoy the photos:


  • Bin Love

    That is so awesome. I’m sick that I moved away from NYC last month. Congrats guys!


  • michelle

    hey we need a picture of Sarena who made it in from outside of nyc for a 7am class this week!

  • sarena

    How do you know my schedule Michelle?

  • michelle

    the crossfit police told me. when I came on Friday I asked if you were coming and I heard you made it at 7am!!!! Unreal!! Will I see you MOnday?

  • sarena

    Monday 1230. c ya then! sounds like ur hooked already!

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