Happy new year! We had, per our last post, hoped to already have the Black Box open by now. However, winter vacations on the part of apparently everyone we needed to talk to in the insurance, leasing, equipment, etc., worlds set us slightly back.
Nonetheless, we’re now on schedule to open the Black Box next week.

As a lead-up to that, we wanted to provide a bit more information on two topics that a slew of folks have emailed to ask about: schedules and fees.
From the get-go, CFNYC will be offering classes at:
M-F 7am
S, Su 10:30am

Each class will follow one of two different formats: “WOD” classes, which will be full-blast group work outs, and “On-Ramp” classes, which will focus more on form, and on scaling up to CrossFit intensity.
Everyone coming in the door will be obligated to start with On-Ramp classes, and graduate up to WOD classes by trainer permission. For the first week or two, therefore, every class will be an On-Ramp class. Depending on the mix of folks that have accumulated by then, we’ll break the schedule down into a mix of WOD and On-Ramp classes starting in week three.
Two other notes about scheduling: On Saturday afternoons, we’ll shortly be adding in a standing RKC kettlebell focused class, as well as a CFNYC league, where people will have the chance to form up into gender-mixed teams of three, then compete against other teams on WOD times, weights, etc.
Then, for Sunday afternoons, we’ll be announcing a series of seminars – Eva T.’s CrossFIt for skiers, olympic lifting, nutrition, etc., etc.
For further info on that all as it comes together, check in here, as the site will be evolving over the next month or two to something that makes tracking schedules a bit easier.
Next up, how much does it cost? This was a tough one for us, because we wanted to balance our desire to keep the Black Box accessible to anyone with our need to cover overhead on space in a city with some of the world’s highest real estate prices.
So, in short, if you’re totally broke, talk to us about financial aid. Otherwise, please look at the cost as you chipping in and helping to build the institution.
We’ll be offering two fee plans: an ‘all you can eat’ that allows you to hit as many classes as you want, and a ‘pay as you go’ that has a small overhead fee and then charges by class. More precisely:
A La Carte: $40 / month + $20 / class
All You Can Eat: $150 / month (this includes the monthly fee plus unlimited classes).

Since our ‘beta’ month of December got lost, we’ll be offering all classes in January for free instead.
However, during this month, we’re also offering / begging you to take a special year-long membmership deal for ‘founding members’, to help underwrite the cost of opening the gym – something we’ve, thus far, been paying for out-of-pocket ourselves.
Founding Members: $750 / year
That’s 11 months of all-you-can-eat membership for the cost of 6. Plus, your name on the wall and a Founding Member hoodie.
Yes, we realize that’s totally cheesy. But hopefully in a good way. And we could really use your shows of support, because GHDs sure as hell ain’t cheap.
So, that’s that. We’ll be posting shortly to announce the first day of classes (which, again, should be some point next week). After that, check in on the website for information on scheduling, events, etc., etc.
We can’t wait.
Josh, Keith, Court & Mike
CFNYC / The Black Box


  • Brett_nyc

    Is there going to be a system that allows people to come in and just do the WOD as posted on the main site? ie, not do the whole class thing at a set time?

  • josh

    Not yet. We’re in a strange position, as no other CF affiliate that we know of offers such a thing. But NYC also doesn’t allow for the same home gym opportunities that many CF’ers would pursue elsewhere.
    Hopefully we can figure out something as we move forward.

  • Brett_nyc

    I guess I’d prefer to pay 800$ a year and just get a key :)
    It’d till cheaper than NYSC. See you next week!

  • Leslie

    I haven’t been this excited since Ben & Jerry’s lauched Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream.
    Count Justin and me in as founding members — I’m in desperate need of CF!!!!!!!!!!

  • dammit

    i second brett about the headquarters WOD. maybe in the afternoons before the 7PM class? i’m definitely down for classes but hopefully there’ll be space for extra oly work, heavy bag stuff, and etc.

  • Brett_nyc

    yeah 9:30am-10am is the ideal time for me…Muscle ups! I want muscle ups!

  • juan g.

    so next Monday is D-Day..
    oh happy day.
    (i can make 7 or 8)
    when will most of you be going??

  • dammit

    also i’m wondering if anybody might be interested in training some martial arts stuff too (that is, if it’s cool with josh et al). i was an instructor at fairtex muay thai in san francisco (admittedly, that was oh, seven years ago) and i’d love to start training again, or picking up some BJJ, or whatever. that crosspit stuff seems pretty cool.

  • Keith W.

    Hey everybody!
    As of now we are trying to keep it pure CrossFit and we are trying to make sure ALL training sessions are monitored by a coach: either one-on-one or group classes. We know many people just want to work out on their own, but part of CrossFit is the competition and community. The group workout fosters a greater effort and posting your scores on the white board is a motivational tool that cannot be matched by just working out with your ipod on. Therefore we are encouraging everyone to start working out in group classes or to book privates.
    Most people will still have there NYSC or Equinox memberships and they can still go there to do workouts on their own, but we want to run this more like a dojo. The Black Box crew will train like a team and kick butt as a team. You wouldn’t go to your dojo expecting just to walk in and do your own thing whenever you want. Don’t expect that here.
    I think we will get some heavy bags and we would love to get some mats and do some grappling eventually. However, that’s further down the line. Once we have everything up and running and have the essential CrossFit equipment, we will try to expand into more fun stuff.
    We are extremely excited to get up and running. Please make an effort to get the word out and bring your friends to train with us.

  • Cesar

    Well said Keith……..

  • Brett_nyc

    8pm for me.

  • Cesar

    I have a couple of 45# plates that I’m sure you guys can use. I can drop’em off later this month….
    Looking forward to seeing the new place……..

  • Justin

    Cant wait, Leslie and I are so excited!!! I will probably be doing 8:00pm as I will attempt to do crossfit and BJJ on the same days sometimes. Also Excited about the possibility of adding some crosspit stuff down the road as, well I pretty much suck. But at least I’ll be well conditioned to get my ass beat.

  • sarena

    Am so excited…midcity was getting boring already. CF rocks!