Quick Update

Still waiting on some insurance paperwork to clear, so we can get in the space and get classes rolling. News posted here as soon as we have it.


  • juan g.

    ready and waiting.
    is they’re going be a cool black box t-shirt available? so we can be cool like CFHQ.

  • juan g.

    some black box facts just in case ideas are needed.

  • Great link, Juan! To clarify: for CF purposes, the idea of a ‘black box’ speaks to the empirical nature of our approach. If certain training inputs reliably yield measurable results, we happily embrace them, even if the causative physiological underpinnings are still unclear. In short, we find what works, and we do it.
    Also, yes, definitely, we’ll be making some cool, urban schwag (t-shirts, hoodies, etc.), with an eye towards being even cooler than those hippies at HQ. 😉

  • kim graves

    Insurance – the bane of our existence! Arg!
    On “Black” clothing: http://www.rockclimbing.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=1255909;
    Personally I’d prefer something in color: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2005/12/09/arts/fash.1450.jpg
    Best, Kim

  • dude, counting the hours. seriously.

  • sarena

    counting every moment of every day! cant wait to be in….meanwhile best holiday wishes and new years to all. lets make it one to rock!

  • andy

    Come all ye faithful to the Black Box where you can meet the wise men of CrossFit.

  • David Aguasca

    gosh darn you, insurance people!!! let us have our fun!
    and by fun, i mean push-til-you-drop-on-the-floor-and-puke fun…

  • Steve Lobotsky

    Good luck guys.
    Looking forward to the seminars.
    To bad I’m 2 hours north of you guys so regular classes are out.

  • ooooh yeah, training cert. let’s get the hippies out here!

  • juan g.

    …how do certs work?
    i mean , i get crossfit as far as the sweating and the pain and the sore muscles…
    so how do certs come in to play?

    i have to do pennance for all the stuffing i ate.

  • wheeee

    is there an email list i can sign onto so that I know exactly when this new joint is opening up? I’ve always wanted to check you guys out, but five points was way out of my price range, even at 10 bucks a session

  • Eric

    is there an update on the box opening?

  • juan g.

    happy new year crossfit nyc!

  • Brett_nyc

    Hey what gyms are you folks working out at currently. I go to NYSC. The one at 23rd Par Ave South.

  • i’m at the dolphin gyms in the east village.

  • it was all just a big tease, wasn’t it 🙁

  • Brett_nyc

    Well I was thinking there’d be another NYSC person so we could do a group workout. Maybe we’ll just have to wait for the black box to open next week. The suspense is killing me.
    or did you mean the Black box was a big tease…ohhhh.

  • heh yeah the latter.

  • saggy

    yo fellas,
    i got a small clan of crossfitters at the NYSC in forest hills (queens, geniuses). and there is no way possible we can get thrown out – i am the boss!!! come by any time.

  • saggy

    yo fellas,
    i got a clan of crossfitters at the NYSC in forest hills (queens, geniuses). and there is no way possible we can get thrown out – i am the boss!!! come by any time.

  • Justin

    When I was at NYSC in Astoria, we got yelled at all the time for doing Crossfit. Guess we should have hit up FH.

  • w00t i got yelled at last week while doing those 225lbs deadlifts for time on a rubber mat-covered floor. “stop putting those weights down so hard! you’re going to break the equipment!”

  • I can’t wait to do at least a 1x a week WOD at the black Box and not at Equinox. Best of luck guys and see you SOON!