CFNYC Opens “The Black Box”!

New York CrossFitters-
After a too long wait, it seems the dream has finally come to fruition: CFNYC is about to open a gym of our very own.
CFNYC’s The Black Box, an 1800 square foot dedicated CrossFit space, chock full of the equipment and toys (bumper plates! permanent rings! kettlebells! etc., etc.) that we all know is sadly hard to find elsewhere in our fair city.
1026 Sixth Avenue at 38th Street, 4th Floor. Easily accessible from pretty much every single subway line that passes through Midtown.
We’ll be launching in Beta early next week (!!!), watching additional shipped equipment trickle in over the course of the month, and publicly launching January 15th.
During the ‘beta’ ramp-up, The Black Box will be holding seven or eight group classes weekly.
By January 15th, we should be up to a full three (one morning, two night,) group classes each and every day (in a combination of beginner and ‘open’ classes), with private training available in between, and with more classes to be added (lunch time!) over the following few months.
Additionally, we’ll be announcing a range of seminars (KB’s, O-lifting, nutrition), and launching a weekend CrossFit League (where teams of three will compete against each other on WODs).
Classes will be free, free, free through the ‘Beta’ month, and we’ll be looking for your feedback as we set membership rates for the public launch (balancing our desire to bring in as many new CrossFitters as possible with the need to cover overhead). As a thank you to all you friends of CFNYC, however, we’ll also be offering heavily discounted memberships prior to that public launch.
As you’d expect we’re thrilled to get this going. CFNYC is a labor of love for us, and we hope that some of you will be happy to help as well. In addition to forging elite fitness, we are trying to forge an elite community. There will be many opportunities for you to help forge this community by getting involved and spreading the word. Additionally, we are looking for funding, equipment, labor and people dedicated to the cause. Please let us know if you’re willing to help by getting involved, or just getting fit.
As ever, if you have questions, feel free to shoot them our way. Also, look for an email this weekend with times and dates for the first few weeks of classes, as well as for our beta launch party.
Get some, go again,
Court, Keith, Josh & Mike


  • Leslie A.

    Santa came early — Josh and Keith every day of the week!

  • Justin

    Sounds great!!! You know Leslie and I are there to do anything to help (that is unless it involves tabatas then something else probably has come up).

  • this just made my day.

  • dan

    It’s a Christmas Miracle!!!!

  • Brett_nyc

    Whoa, my heart rate just skyrocketed. ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod.


    thanks thanks thanks. this is awesome. whatever i can continue to do to help….i am so there!success in the new year.

  • clay Enos

    congrats gentlemen
    see you soon

  • Kevin

    Congrats. Cant wait to get started. Any way I can help just let me know.

  • kcs

    Awesome! Let me know if I can help out as well.

  • Nichole D

    Great to hear and congrats! I wish you all well and have fun with your new space – it is well deserved!

  • Will

    beta schedule will be posted soon?

  • woo hoo hoo!

  • Cesar

    This is what I call a Christmas Gift!!! Congrats guys!!!!