Keep ’em coming!

I like the slogans and the discussion that started on the other thread. Let’s keep it up.
I have been thinking of adding some testimonials to the website like:
“I wish I’d known about CrossFit sooner.” Tyler Durden
“Thanks to Josh and Keith for helping find my inner strength.” Anakin Skywalker
“If you think that’s impressive, you should see my girlfriend’s snatch.” Joshua Newman


  • Sarena

    All I can think of is the incentive CF gave me, even with Keith’s humiliation. He def pushes buttons but it sure is worth it! Have a great T-day all!

  • sarena

    I’m all for giving thanks to what CF has given me, even with major humiliation and the rough and tough Keith! Thanks lets keep it goin! Great T-day to all crossfitters!

  • Andy

    1. Home of the WOD
    2. It’s WOD’s happenin”
    3. WOD’s Up?
    More important: Any news about the new joint?

  • andy

    Anyone out there interested in a post- turkey day workout in the Park on Sunday at 10:00? It has really been beautiful in there the last two days.

  • sean manseau

    “Crossfit – It Probably Won’t Kill You”

  • mr. gonzalez

    hey whats the word of the day?
    any new info on the CF locale?

  • Keith W.

    Funny you should ask. Check this site in the morning. 🙂