Gassy Helen

After a chilly Tabata Squat warmup, we did a version of Helen that replaced KB swings with burpees:
3 Rounds for Time:
400m Run
21 Burpees
12 Pullups
After, we played around on a few sets of rings, both with ring-support l-sits and muscle-up drills.
As things were cold cold cold this morning, a bit of news for those tuning in for CFNYC gym updates: I pick up (hopefully final) lease paperwork tomorrow, and we should have things locked down – and therefore announceable – by mid-week.
Current leading contender for a name: The Black Box. Also, with a home of our own, we may be due for a new slogan. Current leading contender on that front: Because your gym is for pansies.
It is indeed.


  • Justin

    Now I remember why I hate Crossfit…Cant wait to get into the friendly confines of den of pain known as crossfit nyc.

  • dan

    … because you can grunt all you want in our gym…

  • andy

    Slogan Ideas:
    1. Because it hurts so good
    2. Hurts only for a little while
    3. Enter at your own risk
    4. It’s just what we needed

  • Sarena

    Slogan input:
    1. I think I am gonna puke!
    2. Remind me why.
    3. Can’t get enough.
    3. And you did what?

  • Leslie A.

    1. Crossfit NYC — because who doesn’t want a power snatch?
    2. Crossfit NYC — you say jerk like it’s a bad thing.
    3. Crossfit NYC — The Empire Strikes Back
    4. Crossfit NYC — The gym you will love to hate.

  • Andy

    More Slogans:
    1. Let’s get animal!
    2. Crossfit NYC– You’re just what we needed
    3. It Ain’t Heavy- It’s Crossfit

  • juan g.

    1. Keep it moving.
    2. an east coast affiliate
    3. no kipping allowed.
    4. BYOB

  • dan

    More slogans:
    Crossfit NYC:
    Pain is just weakness leaving your body.
    No whining allowed.
    It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.
    Our happy place. (this one is very Josh-esque)
    Why not?
    Grunt all you want.
    No spandex allowed.
    I would also suggest naming the gym Crossfit NYC to make it easier for people to find on the net. The black box sounds cool, but that name fails to reveal the nature of the building. People looking for a gym will not know the black box is a gym as they would know Golds Gym, New York Sports Club, LA Fitness, ect….

  • juan g.

    “most people” wouldn’t know what crossfit means unless they already knew about it. A regular person might think Crossfit was a transgender apparel store.
    Im sure the crossfitters would know of the site no matter what it was called. I think something different like “the black box” would be a breath of fresh air from all the other crossfit gym names, which is usually just whatever city or state it’s in. It might even encourage other crossfit sites in this area, i mean if it got that big, (which would be awesome.)
    but what do i know i live in jersey.

  • a crossfit gym in new york! such great news. will you guys be needing volunteers for construction labor and etc? i’d be glad to pitch in.

  • dan

    Juan, Crossfit: a transgender apparel store. Funny.