Monthly Archives: November 2006

Keep ’em coming!

I like the slogans and the discussion that started on the other thread. Let’s keep it up. I have been thinking of adding some testimonials to the website like: “I wish I’d known about CrossFit sooner.” Tyler Durden “Thanks to… Read more »

Gassy Helen

After a chilly Tabata Squat warmup, we did a version of Helen that replaced KB swings with burpees: 3 Rounds for Time: 400m Run 21 Burpees 12 Pullups After, we played around on a few sets of rings, both with… Read more »

Almost There!

Stay on target! We are very very close to getting our own space. (Finally!) Stay tuned. Check back often. We will be having some inaugural workouts in the next few weeks. Thanks for sticking with us as we enter this… Read more »

Sleep In

With the craziness of the NYC marathon, and the cold weather, we’re taking tomorrow off. Keep your eyes on this site, however, as we should have news in the next week or two about finally, finally, finally getting a home… Read more »